Bula Batiki Raw Fiji Coconut Oil*

So, I have something really amazing and heartwarming to share with you guys, basically the lovelies behind Bula Batiki reached out and sent me some of their amazing coconut oil and I really have to share this stuff! You may be thinking, coconut oil is just coconut oil right...? But this coconut oil is kind of special because of the whole story behind it (how many more times can I say coconut oil...) - and it's something that I seriously love so I had to share it! So, there's a beautiful island called Batiki Island (which I am told is a 3 hour boat ride from the east of the Fijian mainland by the way) and there are four villages on this island. These villages make the coconut oil using the island's natural coconut trees (in fact, it takes six coconuts to make one jar!) Basically Bula Batiki makes it possible for the villagers to sell their coconut oil and all of the money goes back into the island in order to give the island a sustainable source of income to provide developments in education, healthcare and housing - how amazing is that! I absolutely love everything about this and I feel like it just makes the coconut oil that little bit more special knowing not only where it has come from and the amazing story behind it but knowing that your money is going towards a good cause!

Update #15 | Life Lately

I thought it was about time that I did another little update posts since it's been a bit of a whirlwind month with so many highs and so many lows so ya' know... thought I might as well share! I love writing these because I can literally just spill everything and get loads of my chest - I feel like it especially helped after writing my last update post because I just poured all my stress out into the post and I could actually take a step back and see that the stress wasn't as bad as I thought. So yeah, honestly if you have worries or just something you need to get off your chest I definitely recommend writing it all down, it doesn't even have to be this public, you could write it down in a personal diary that only you will see - trust me, you'll feel much better afterwards! But yes, this update post won't be quite so stressful because I actually feel a little bit more on top of everything now which is good, well I'm on top of work but unfortunately that does mean my social life is lacking a little bit and annoyingly I've had to prioritise my dissertation over seeing friends.. which is never good! Honestly, have you ever seen that picture where there's a triangle with 'social life' 'enough sleep' and 'good grades' and it says 'choose two'?! That picture basically sums up university for me... so I've become somewhat of a recluse, but a happy recluse because I'm such an introvert, so it's okay for now, haha! 

Things I've Been Loving Lately

As you may have noticed, I've kind of ditched doing monthly favourites... I guess I just never really enjoyed writing those posts because I'm such a fan of routine that I could hardly ever think of anything new that I've used and loved each month - I just tend to stick to using the same products which, let's be honest, would make a very very boring monthly favourites, haha! So I did it for a year and now I've decided to just ditch it completely. It's pretty nice not having the pressure of trying to think up some new things that I can write a bit about the night before it's due to be published! But naturally, I now have some new things that I've bought recently and want to share *rolls eyes*! So I've decided to start a bit of a new 'thing' on my blog called 'Things I've Been Loving Recently' where I share anything that I've been loving recently - so it's like favourites without the pressure of it being monthly, I suppose. But yes, I hope you enjoy - let me know if you want to see more posts like this and also please share some of the things you've been loving recently in the comments, I would love to know! 

February Book Haul

I'm back with another book haul and that makes me so excited! I've honestly become a little bit obsessed with books lately and that's definitely not like me at all, but it's a good hobby right.. so I'm not even sorry! I actually wrote a January book haul last month where I said I wanted this to be a monthly thing, so that took away a bit of the guilt from ordering these - I must admit I haven't finished the others yet because I don't have as much time to read as I would like at the moment, but having a bit of a collection makes me super happy! I realised the other day actually that I find it really difficult to remember what books I've read which I mentioned breifly in one of my recent posts in fact I've pretty much forgotten 80% of the books I read over Summer - so I've decided to start writing them down in the back of my five year diary and keeping that list has motivated so much to read more and read as many books as I can - hopefully in five years once I've finished that diary my list will be pretty long and I can go back and see everything I've read! But yes, I hope you enjoy my book haul, let me know if you've read any of these books in the comments below and also, let me know what you're reading at the moment because I always love recommendations!