Good Bedtime Habits

Getting into bed is one of my favourite parts of the day - especially after a long day, I might even go as far as to say it's better than a good bath... and that's saying something for me! Because I have to wake up at 5am some days for work, it's so important that I get a good nights sleep so I'm not walking around like a zombie the next day. This is why I love having a little bedtime routine filled with good habits, in order to make me feel relaxed and ready for a perfect nights sleep! So today I wanted to share with you some of these little habits that I think are the perfect addition to any night time routine -  of course we all have our usual skin care routines before bed and I hopefully don't need to mention the obvious like brushing your teeth, haha! But these are the little things you should add in order to not only have a good nights sleep, but also feel better when you wake up in the morning! Let me know in the comments what habits you've added to your night time routine - I would love to know!

The A-Z Book Tag

It's literally been like a year since I did a tag post (I can't figure how to go back check easily.. but I'm pretty sure my last tag was my 'spooky halloween tag' back in October last year - so yeah, almost a year!) But yeah, I always have so much fun doing tag posts and since I've been seriously into reading recently I decided a bookish tag was the way to go. Needless to say, I've been pretty obsessed with booktube recently too and after coming across the lovely Maddie and Bee from Heart Full Of Books I've pretty much watched every single tag they've done religiously! Anyway, long story short they recently did the A-Z book tag and I loved hearing all their answers so I wanted to give it a go myself! Feel free to answer some the questions yourself in the comments below or tag me to your own A-Z book tag blog post - I'd love to see all your answers too! But yes, let's get into the questions... 

Things I've Been Loving Lately | #4

It's that time again where I share some of the things I've been obsessed with lately... I actually don't have that big of a haul to share this time (probably because I've been way to engrossed in trying to finish Stephen King's IT (yes, I'm crazy enough to try and tackle this 1156 page book!) I literally haven't had time to get into anything else! I'm still very excited to share my little list with you lot though, I always love doing these because I want everyone else to go and also become obsessed with these things too.. lol is that weird?! But yeah, stay tuned to hear all about the song I've had on repeat for hours, what my new tattoo means and my eczema - woo! Let me know in the comments what you've been obsessed with this month and your thoughts on the things I've shared - I would love to know! 

Update #21 | Wales Holiday Snaps

I feel like its raining today just to make me feel some serious holiday blues because almost a week ago I was on holiday in Wales enjoying the sunshine and having a great time! The end of our holiday kind of marked the end of the summer, which is a bit sad - although for me that doesn't mean I have to go back to school or uni anymore (woo, thank god!) it does mean that I have to start some serious job hunting.. ugh boring. I'm also taking this rain as a sign that it is now socially acceptable to put up my Autumn decor, lol.. so I'm definitely getting my Autumn decor box out at some point soon! We actually tidied ou the cupboard under the stairs the other day and I found the box and it literally smells like last Autumn it brought back so many memories - I cant wait to get those candles out again! But yes, I had a really amazing week away with my lovely family and I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures from the and Ethan took literally a thousand, oops! I actually did the same thing last year where I shared pictures from my holiday to Cornwall if you want to go and have a read of that one you can find it here!