My Vanity Table

Another great thing about moving into my new house was the fact that my room doubled in size, this meant that I could stop living out of a makeup bag and move onto bigger better things...!

To be honest the first thing I did when I moved into this house was set up my vanity table... After watching countless makeup storage videos on Youtube, I knew before I'd even moved out of my old house that I 100% NEEDED one! So, if you're looking for inspiration, or like me, are just rather nosey when it comes to seeing how other people organise their things.. sit back and enjoy!

First off, the desk that I am using as a vanity to store all of my makeup is the Ikea Micke desk it is a BRILLIANT storage space with 2 huge pull out drawers perfect for organising makeup.. (or just using as a junk drawer - I have to admit one of my drawers is begining to resemble this...!) The desk also has a hole in the back right corner, ideal for running cables through - I like to keep my docking station cables tidy using this! Unfortunately the desk doesn't come with a mirror, however the mirror I am using is the Ikea Stave Mirror which looks perfect propped up against the wall!

Next to my desk I have these 2 typography prints that I bought from Etsy. I am OBSESSED with Etsy typography, they just bring a lovely touch to any room and go with any colour theme! - to be honest I would gladly cover my walls with these prints if it were up to me! The frames are actually from a charity shop, my mum actually purchased them a while ago and somehow I have ended up with them! (not complaining!)

I love us print - shop here
BeYOUtiful print - shop here

This corner of my desk sits my book nook and displays all of my favourite books (no doubt featuring some of my top Youtubers!) On top of the books is where my gorgeous ballerina ornament perches! She is from Sainsburies, which means unfortunately I couldn't find a link for her, however, I didn't purchase it too long ago so she may still be in stores! The candle holder and tall candle which I LOVE is also from Sainsburies! Also, the print behind (I told you I have an obsession with these typography prints...) I believe is from Matalan.

Everything Eyes by Bobbi Brown
Brunette Ambition by Lea Michele
Grace's Guide The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown-up by Grace Helbig
Girl Online: On Tour by Zoe Sugg (Zoella)
Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

Unfortunately, I cant find a link to these pots anywhere but they are from Ikea! They are PERFECT for storing small makeup-y things such as hairbands, q-tips, bobby pins and I like to store buttons in one of them! They come in a pack of 4 and are so cheap! I actually have another set of them which I use to store small stationary items in.. Obsessed.

My 'War Paint' makeup bag if from Lush Stuff and is absolutely gorgeous if I do say so myself..! I was actually convinced to buy this when Zoella showed it in one of her YouTube videos. Its a GREAT size and can fit so so much makeup in, making it great for traveling. I actually sometimes store my hairbrush and makeup remover in their also - for easy access! This design also comes in a few different colours and lush stuff have a variety of different designs for this style of makeup bag - you should check them out! Overall, LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I store my small makeup brush collection in these pots on top of my desk. My eye/smaller brushes are stored in this tin pot from TK Maxx and my larger face brushes are stored in a clear glass pot which I bought from Ebay - I actually DIY-ed this pot and added the sand (which was also bought from Ebay) in myself, which helps the brushes to stand up in the pot. TIP: if you are thinking of doing this yourself I would go for something slightly larger than sand, (such as small beads etc.) just because the sand has a habit of getting EVERYWHERE any time you need to use a brush! 

So that's that for my vanity organisation! I hope you enjoyed this post - if you spot anything that you'd like to know a little more about or have any questions for me, let me know! Also, I will probably be doing a makeup drawer storage blog post if that's something you would be interested in. I only have a small collection but I would still love to show you how I organise my makeup!

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