7 Days Until Christmas!

So there's only one more week until the big day! (Holding back my crazy excitement!) This post if you all you people who like to keep busy during the Christmas break, I thought it would be a good idea to give you guys a few ideas for activities you could do this week in the run up to Christmas (to make the time go faster of course!!) 


What's that sound?! Oh! It's the gasps of all the last minute Christmas shoppers! I really hope I didn't make anyone's heart sink at the thought of all the presents they haven't bought yet! To be honest, I was more organised than I have ever been this year and I actually bought all of presents at the end of November! Usually I am a huge sufferer of Christmas present anxiety, and I am definitely not one of those 'buy everything for next Christmas in the January sales' types (if you are one of these people.. I salute you!) But for those of you who are not quite as organised don't worry, you still have time, trust me! Just don't leave it too long...


If you haven't already broken out the Christmas DVD's (in October... like I did....) now is the time to do it! Go and grab a nice cup of hot chocolate, a few marshmallows, switch on the Christmas tree lights and get cosy with a festive movie! This is personally one of my favourite things to do in the run up to Christmas (much to my boyfriends dismay...) Some Christmas movie suggestions are: Home Alone, Elf, The Holiday, Polar Express, Love Actually and The Grinch.


Christmas is the best time of year to break out that apron and start baking! There are so many Christmas-y recipes you can make and they don't even need to be that difficult! Perfect for a winter evening activity! 


Being with your friends and family at this time of year makes Christmas feel extra special and festive! One of my favourite things to do with my family is play board games, some of the best family board games are: Monopoly, The Game of Life and Don't Say It! We also love to break out Cards Against Humanity (once the under 18's have gone to bed of course!) So break into that box of Quality Street pop on those Christmas tunes and enjoy each others company! 

DAY 5 | GO OUT! 

One of my favourite Christmas activities is ice skating because its a such a magical and festive activity during Christmastime! Personally, I'm not the best at ice skating.. but even just scooting around the rink slowly whilst holding on to the edge can be fun when you're with you favourite people! If you don't have an ice rink that you can go to, I find that a winter walk can be just as lovely because for me, the best part is wrapping up warm with my scarf, hat and gloves and feeling all cosy! You could also go to a Christmas market, even if you don't have the intention of buying anything just looking around and being in the hustle and bustle of the people feels so Christmas-y! Again, be sure to wrap up warm and you HAVE to grab a nice cup of hot chocolate! You never know, you might find a bargain!


A cosy pamper evening is the perfect Christmas activity for those who love a good bath! So get out your cinnamon scented Lush bath bomb and relax in the warmth of the bath with a book or YouTube video! 


So, its finally Christmas eve and only one more sleep until the big day!! During my Christmas eve me and my Mum bake for most of the day, we prepare mince pies, sausage rolls and Christmas deserts ready for a feast on Christmas day! In the evening set out your stocking and don't forget to leave some milk and a biscuit out for Father Christmas! Oh! and a carrot for Rudolph, of course! I usually tend to get an early night too! Just so Christmas day comes a bit sooner! 

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