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There's nothing better on a cold day than soaking in a cosy hot bath...Since moving into a new house and acquiring a brand new bath I feel like I have really tried to make the most of it! I have spent many hours soaking in a spa of gorgeous scents and colours. (with many more candles than is really necessary!) In fact, my bath collection has gone way overboard and I am starting to run out of space to put them all neatly in the bathroom. 

Especially since we're now getting into the colder, wintery months, (and the fact that we still haven't mastered how to work the heating!) there's nothing I like better than relaxing in the bath with a great Christmas movie!
Obviously, Lush is one of my favourite brands, espeically around Christmastime they sell the best bath products ever... this does not help my HUGE Lush obsession. It was difficult to choose my favourite Lush Christmas bath products, but I've managed to just about narrow it down to a top 3. So, if you are new to Lush and are wanting to try out some of their bath products, these are the ones I highly recommend for the Christmas months!

1. Magic Wand Bubble bar 

If, like me, you enjoy a bath of the bubbly variety I can highly recommend any of the Lush bubble bars! However, I have to say this is easily one of my favourites! Filling your bath with gorgeous sweet candy-floss scented pink bubbles you can't really go wrong! And, as this wand lasts forever (well more like 6-10 uses but still...) you can enjoy its magic all throughout winter and christmastime!

As I LOVE bubbles so so much I couldn't do a top 3 without mentioning another favourite Lush wand! The Magic of Christmas is a heavenly cinnamon scented bubble bar that I would say is perfect all the way through autumn AND winter. (which is the perfect excuse to buy at least 3 of these...!) Turning your bath a gorgeous orange colour it relaxes you with all its goodness!! (this is making me want a bath...) 

Although this product may initially go overlooked, as it is one of the more muted bath products you can find in Lush (despite it's gold glitter!) this bath melt has a fragrant sweet scent of marzipan that is perfect for Christmastime! This bath melt slowly disolves in the bath leaving a layer of foam on the surface (yes! it looks like snow!!) Did i mention this product is also full of cocoa butter that gifts you with silky smooth skin! So, if you aren't a fan of the more candy or spice scented Christmas bath products I highly recommend this lovely purchase!

Although this is not a bath product I feel like this needs an honourable mention! Again, scented with the fragrant candyfloss smell of the Magic Wand this shower gel fills your bathroom with a gorgeous sweet smell and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and smelling great! 

So, with these recommendations in mind I hope you enjoy the run up to Christmas and treat yourself to loads of relaxing, cosy bath sessions! Also, don't forget that these products make brilliant Christmas gifts and stocking fillers!

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