Christmas Gift Guide | Stocking Fillers Under £15

If you're still looking for some Christmas gift inspiration, you've come to the right place! 
Buying Christmas presents is like marmite.. you either love it or you hate it! Personally, I actually quite enjoy buying Christmas presents but if you're one of those people who suffers from bad present anxiety I've got you covered! Here's a list of 5 different stocking filler gifts - all under £15, for all of the favourite people in your life! 


Any Christmas-y themed mug is perfect for that coffee lover or hot chocolate obsessed friend in your life! But to be honest, who doesn't love a good mug! Especially when it's covered in Christmas! There are so many lovely festive mugs out there but these are some of my favourites!
#1 Novelty Penguin Mug from M&S - this comes ready packaged! (as you can see in picture #2) so its perfect for my lazy shoppers out there who don't have time to wrap their presents! Just stick it in the stocking and you're good to go! 
#2 Novelty Polarbear Mug from M&S - This is the penguin mug in the alternative design which is equally as festive and cute! 
#3 Cath Kidston Christmas Mug from John Lewis - can we just take a second to discuss this Cath Kidston design.. it is bloody gorgeous! Personally, I want this style on everything I own! But the mug does look rather pretty!


Diaries are the perfect stocking for any overly organised friend who likes to make lists! They come in all shapes and sizes and can suit both men and women alike! You can also get the smaller ones that fit perfectly in a stocking! 
#1 Busy B Weekly Planner Pad - Desk organisers are perfect for any one who spends a lot of time at their desk! This one shows all the days of the week and has space to write a to do list under each day! The best part is, you can rip off the week once your done and start all over again! 
#2 Nordic Nights A5 diary - Diaries are the perfect stocking filler for anyone really, because I don't know anyone who would't want a diary for Christmas ready to start the new year! 
#3 Set of 3 A6 Notebooks - Ohh Deer do an amazing selection of stationary so it's worth looking there for more christmas present inspiration! But these notebooks are perfect for a stocking! They come in a set of 3 so you get a lot for your money and there are so many different style and designs to choose from! 


These gifts are perfect for that baker in your life! Any lover of baking can never have enough baking supplies in their me! 
#1 Cath Kidston Utensils - in this set you get a wooden spoon, a spatula and a patterned tea towel all with this gorgeous gorgeous print! What more could you want?! They also come wrapped up so nicely you could almost just pop this in their stocking as it is! 
#2 Little Baker's Gift Box - These pre-made gift boxes make the perfect gift for any newbie baker that has just started out! All the ingredients come pre-packaged and ready to go! The best part is you could actually make this yourself for even less money! Just grab a jar and pop all of the dry ingredients inside, then make a label! The perfect thoughtful gift! 
#3 Mug Cakes book - This book is perfect for any baker or lover of cakes! It features 40 cake recipes that can be made in a mug in under 10 minutes. 


If you have a friend who loves a good bath Lush is the way to go! They do some amazing gift sets that come pre-wrapped in gorgeous packaging that is perfect for any stocking! You don't have to spend a fortune either, many of their gift sets are under £10 and you get a lot for your money! 
#1 Secret Santa - In this gift set you get one bath bomb and one bubble bar! So not only do you get 2 bath products for your money, but this gift set is wrapped in a festive green knot wrap that can be reused! 
#2 The Juggler - this one's perfect for any lover of bath bombs as you get 3 in the set! You also get a fun box that can also be reused! 
#3 Santa's Belly - This gift set features shower jelly and red Fun which is a playful bath product that can be used again and again! This is perfect for any Lush fan that usually tends to stick to the more normal bath bombs and hasn't yet been more adventurous and tried their fun or shower jellies! (basically me...) 


No stocking is complete without chocolate and to be honest, if in doubt, it is the best thing to stuff a stocking full of! I mean, who doesn't want chocolate for Christmas! (I most certainly do!) 
#1 Thorntons Gold Coins - Gold coins in the bottom of your stocking is a tradition that my family has stuck to since I can remember and I'm sure many other families also do this too! Gold coins are the pefect stocking filler for anyone! (and Thorntons is by far my favourite...!)
#2 Chocolate buttons tube - Chocolate tubes are another stocking winner in my books! No stocking is quite complete without one of these stuffed into them! You can also opt for sweets if your friend has more of a sweet tooth! 
#3 Chocolate spoon and marshmallows - Hot chocolate gifts are also perfect for any chocaholic in your life! Whittards do this chocolate spoon and marshmallow duo for the perfect tasting hot chocolate! Yum! 

There you go! I hope you now have enough inspiration to go and do some last minute shopping! Dont worry, you've got plenty of time! Just done leave it too late!!

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