Christmas Nail Polish | Barry M

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would do a short blog post about my favourite nail polishes for Christmas. So as everyone is now starting to think about Christmas day outfits I thought this would be good inspiration for Christmas day nail colours! I chose to feature Barry M as they are probably one of my top favourite nail polish brands and have the best christmas colours in my nail polish collection! (Unfortunately, I'm not going to show these nail polishes on my actual nail because my nails are horribly bitten down at the moment! and I just feel like they wouldn't do the polishes justice!) *I review the nail polishes as in the picture from left to right! 


I couldn't not include this colour in this collection because it is by far my favourite nail polish colour that I wear all year round! It is a gorgeous deep red colour that is absolutely perfect for Christmas! Pair this with a red lip and you have a glamorous festive party look! 


Red glitter is obviously the perfect choice for any Christmas look! The nail polish is red and has tiny spec of red glitter so just pop this on your nails and boom - you're instantly festive! I will most certainly be wearing this for the rest of the Christmas period! I feel like this polish is so versatile, because it's a glitter polish is can be used on all of your nails or only on an accent nail with the rest of your nails painted a simple red or a more adventurous gold perhaps?!


Another glitter choice, however this one is slightly different as it is a clear polish with specs of pinky salmon coloured large glitter! This is perfect on its own with a clear nail, on an accent nail or it looks really gorgeous over the top of white nail polish - the perfect look for winter!


This polish is from their textured nail range as it leaves your nails feeling rough and textured - in a good way!! This gold colour is perfect for Christmas and again, it does have specs of glitter (the more the better during Christmastime!!) I feel like this nail polish would also be perfect for a night out for New Year's Eve also! 

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