Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cake is the PERFECT little pick-me-up! It lasts forever and is so so simple to make.. it really is a must for any baker, pro or amateur! 

Here's a little bake I tweaked from a Nigella Lawson recipe to make it... well.. more chocolatey! But, if you've eaten way to much chocolate over the Christmas break and are actually need an intervention - you can click here for the SLIGHTLY healthier option by Nigella! 

(Also, dont forget these are only the ingredients I decided to use! You can use any chocolate you like as long as you can crumble it into a mixture!)

• 1.5l Vanilla ice cream
• 150g Boubons biscuits
• 10-15 Cadbury Fudges
• 2 Crunchies
• 15 Matchmakers

1. First, get your ice cream out of the freezer and leave out for around 10 minutes to soften. Whilst you're waiting you can wrap the bourbons up in cling film and beat them carefully with a rolling pin until they're crushed into small pieces.
2. Next, pour the icecream into a mixing bowl and add in the bourbon pieces. Then chop up you fudge and matchmakers and add this to the mixture. Then break up your crunchies into shards and add those! Use a wooden spoon to carefully combine all the chocolate with the ice cream (you can also use your hands if you don't mind numb fingers!!)
3. Grab a round tin (preferablly with a pop out bottom) and put cling film inside (to cover the bottom and sides!) make sure there is enough overhang to be able to wrap the cake up once inside! Then carefully pour in the cake.
4. Next, you need to flatten the cake as much as you can with the back of a spoon. Then, you can either break up more chocolate to put on the top, or leave the cake as it is! Wrap the cling film over the top of the cake and pop in the freezer overnight!
5. To serve, pop out the cake onto a cake stand or plate (...but not for too long or it will melt!!) I advise popping it back in the freezer as soon as everyone has their piece or the cake will quickly lose its form!


  1. Mmm this looks so yummy! I have never made an icecream cake .. and you have made it look easy!


  2. This sounds amazing! I need to try ice cream cake for sure. Maybe for my birthday? :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. You should! It's so easy so why not?! :) x

  3. I saw the words ice-cream and cake and had to click on this! Oh my goodness! This looks amazing, i'm going to have to try it!

    1. It super easy and tastes AMAZING! Worth a go! :) x