Winter Pamper Routine

The lead up to Christmas can be stressful so run a bath, stick a bath bomb in and relax! Winter is my favourite time of year for pampering and I find myself in the bath at least 3 times a week! I love pampering my skin with body scrubs and moisturisers too because it's important to keep your skin feeling soft, especially in the winter when your skin does tend to dry out! 

I start off my winter pamper routine by running a bath and choosing a bath bomb! My collection has gone down extensively since December started and I can't wait for Christmas to come around so I can go to Lush and stock up again! I also ran out of the more Christmas-y bath products, so I opted for Lush's Big Bang Bubble Bar instead. (as I am a big fan of bubbles!) It was actually the first time I've used this bubble bar and it was AMAZING! It turns your bath a gorgeous light blue colour, and the pink star melts into your bath and moisturises your skin beautifully! With citrus-y scents of tangerine and grapefruit its the perfect refreshing blend for any pamper evening! 
I also love to light a candle whilst I am in the bath, for extra relaxation! At the moment I am loving Matalan's Spiced Orange candle (which I can no longer find on their website) because orange has got to be one of my top scents for Christmas-time! 

Before I get in the bath I remove all of my makeup using the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water which leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft and then I apply a face mask! I love doing face masks before I get into the bath because it really does help me to relax and de-stress! Origins Clear Improvement has got to be one of my favourites! It's a charcoal mask that helps to clear your pores and you can really feel the difference after you've used it! This mask leaves my face feeling so soft and fresh and visibly reduces my pores after every use! It can also help to give back that healthy glow we all seem to lose in the winter! 

Whilst in the bath my favourite thing to do is watch Youtube videos, especially at the moment as I am loving Vlogmas! Some of my favourite Vlogmases are Zoella and Tanya Burr's as they make me feel so festive and happy! I usually tend to watch something that makes me feel relaxed or happy because that makes for a better bath! 

My favourite body washes to use during wintertime are Snow Fairy by Lush or Olive Shower Gel by The Body Shop. Snow fairy is such an amazing body wash during Christmas with bubblegum and candyfloss scents its a must for any one with a taste for sweet smells! The Body Shop's Olive Shower gel is just as gorgeous but less sweet smelling! It leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and makes the perfect gift for any bath lovers! 

I then break out the body scrub. (which I definitely don't use enough!) I love to use Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush as I must say their Sugar Crush scented range is probably one of my favoruite smells! It's definitely again for those with a sweet tooth (as the name implies...) but has more of a citrus tinge with hints of lemon and lime! This body scrub is perfect for any one with dry legs or elbows.. highly recommend! 

So, after relaxing for just a tiny bit longer...! I get out of the bath and apply my favourite moisturiser Nivea's Body Firming Lotion. I bought this moisturiser to combat cellulite and to firm up my skin particullarly on my thighs and calfs and you can noticeably see a huge difference once you've been using it for about 2 weeks! It is also great and giving you smooth and radiant skin so is the perfect after-bath pamper product! 

After my bath I stick on a pair of Christmas pjs and make my way to the kitchen! There, I make myself a cup of hot chocolate and sit down on the sofa and get under the blanket! I will then usually put on a Christmas movie or check my twitter until I get too sleepy to keep my eyes open! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my winter pamper routine! Let me know if you have a pamper routine too or if you have any favoruite products you like to use in the wintertime!

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