100 Little Things That Make Me Happy

In spirit of the New Year one of my goals for 2016, is to be happy more often. I tend to focus more on negativity and positivity doesn't usually come naturally for me all the time. So I've decided to make a list of 100 things that make me happy, because I think it's important for us all to step back and have a look at what actually makes us smile - instead of focusing on the stresses and worries of life and taking the little things for granted..

1. Deep baths filled with a cocktail of Lush bath bombs and LOADS of bubbles!
2. A tidy house.
3. Successful shopping trips.
4. When your winged eyeliner matches on both eyes!
5. Thin crust pizza.
6. Long walks and chats with one best friend. 
7. Lie-ins!
8. Waking up and feeling fresh.
9. Epic car song playlists on a long journey.
10. Singing throwback songs with your friends.
11. Coffee with just enough milk.
12. The feeling after you've had a productive day.
13. Warm showers on a cold day.
14. Green wine gums.
15. Getting lost in a good book.
16. Finding a stray hairband.
17. Snuggling up with a blanket on the sofa.
18. Having confidence.
19. Freshly painted nails.
20. Long phone calls with your Mum/Dad.
21. The smell of my bathroom when I've restocked my Lush collection!
22. Being able to wear sunglasses instead of doing your makeup!
23. Receiving compliments.
24. Using new makeup.
25. Dressing up on a night out.
26. Fresh bed sheets.
27. Adding new clothes to a tidy wardrobe.
28. Getting really in to a T.V series.
29. Making lists...!
30. Sticking your hair in a messy bun.
31. Looking through photo albums.
32. A full fridge.
33. New pyjamas. 
34. Burning a candle.
35. Fresh flowers.
36. The smell of baking.
37. When you bake something and everyone loves it! 
38. Sitting down after a long busy day.
39. Wearing new clothes.
40. Oversized t-shirts.
41. Wearing your boyfriends clothes.
42. Wearing your boyfriends boxers..!
43. When you wake up from a good nights sleep.
44. Eating a food that you've been craving.
45. Eating a really really good meal!
46. The feeling when you complete a goal. 
47. The feeling when you've actually done exercise. 
48. When you're with someone you feel really comfortable with. 
49. Making people laugh.
50. When you start to feel better from having a cold.
51. Not having a cold..
52. A warm coffee mug on cold hands. 
53. Belting out songs by yourself.
54. Getting food delivered.
55. Waking up early enough for McDonald's breakfast!
56. When someone says 'put your hands out and close your eyes' 
57. Receiving compliments on how you smell.
58. Receiving gifts that are something you need! (eg. dishwasher tablets..) 
59. Getting engrossed in a hobby.
60. Watching your favoruite movie.
61. Microwave popcorn.
62. Ben and Jerries cookie dough icecream.
63. Cosy socks on a cold day.
64. A huge glass of cold water on a hot day.
65. Cracking an achey joint.
66. The feeling when people are impressed at your talent.
67. Finishing a picture in an adult colouring book. 
68. Discovering a new song that you love.
69. Terry's Chocolate Orange.
70. Ordering something online
71. When your order arrives!
72. Being active and marking off the days on a calendar.
73. Being able to stick to a hobby/activity for a long period of time.
74. Buying someone something on a whim. 
75. Surprising people.
76. When your hair looks good!
77. Having a blog!
78. Having a clean out of your things.
79. Watching a throwback movie you used to watch as a child.
80. Receiving compliments from children. 
81. Making a new friend. 
82. Not worrying about money.
83. Using new things.
84. Being hugged.
85. Speaking your mind.
86. Getting home after a bad day.
87. Getting inside from the rain. 
88. Listening to the rain from inside your house.
89. Chocolate.
90. Christmas tree smell.
91. Evening walks.
92. Having plans.
93. Not having plans.
94. Scheduling blog posts! 
95. Finishing an assignment.
96. The first day of summer/winter break.
97. Arriving on time.
98. Getting the perfect photography shot.
99. Making memories. 
100. Being with people you love. 

Phew! I just wrote that in one sitting...! But anyway, I do sometimes feel like I take a lot of these things for granted, so now I'm going to try my hardest to focus on these little things, because as I was writing them I realised that a lot of people can't have/do a lot of the things I mentioned. I would love to see a list of the things that make you smile, maybe write a few in the comments below?

P.S. Do you like the new domain name?! I decided to give my blog a little boost in the right direction and go ahead and buy a domain name! I am really loving it so far! So don't forget you can now find me at jemmas-simple-life.com 


  1. Such a cute post! So many of these ring true for myself as well. Definitely makes you appreciate the random little things.
    Shona x

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post and can relate to my list! x

  2. Congratulations on new domain! And I loved reading this list, Jemma! Full fridge makes me very happy too, haha. x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  3. This post is so relatable! I share so many of these things in common! I love doing all blog related things! They make me so happy! Great post x


  4. I love the concept of this post and ordering something online definitely makes me happy!! xx


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Ordering things online is great for happiness.. but not great for my bank account!! haha x

  5. Hi dear :) I love this post. It's so simple but sometimes we forget these things. I'm happy and I enjoy all the little things in life: a rainy day with my cat and a cup of tea; fresh flowers; cookies (a lot!).. and more and more ;)


  6. How did you manage to come up with that many things??? Nice list :)

    1. Thanks very much! :) I'm glad you liked it! x

  7. Absolutely love this. It's the little things that count :)

    em xx


  8. This is such a lovely post! It's important to appreciate the little things we have and not take them for granted :)

  9. I love posts like this they are so simple but so nice to read, It's really cute and a nice insight into who you are and what you love most! :)


    1. Thanks so much :) I'm really glad you enjoyed my post! x