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If you know me you know that I am OBSESSED with Soap and Glory and have been for years! I remember going into Boots with my wage packet from my first job and buying all of their moisturisers and body butters! So when I saw people getting this AMAZING (to say the least) gift set, I must admit I was a rather jealous bunny... But! When I saw a square shaped box under the tree I couldn't help but get my hopes up! Long story short, my Dad bought it for me and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Dad!!
The Whole She Bang features all of the best products and so is PERFECT for anyone who is obsessed with Soap and Glory like me! I also think it's perfect for anyone who has never tried Soap and Glory for the same reason, because it has such a range of their products its perfect for testing everything out.. and anyway who doesn't love it once they've tried it?!

However, I should probably mention that this gift set is unfortunately limited addition (Booo!) And I'm 99% sure it only becomes available at Christmas...? But anyway, I thought I would give you a quick rundown of all the products in this lovely box, in case you're a Soap and Glory virgin or if you just wanted to try out some different products!


This is a product I have been using for over 2 years now, I fell in LOVE with the scent after receiving it for Christmas and I am NEVER going to stop buying it! I am so happy this particular body wash is included in the set because I'm not too keen on the other scents (specifically Sugar Crush - which is way to sweet for me!) and I ran out of Clean On Me a few months ago and was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms! I wouldn't know where to start with describing the scent but Soap and Glory describes it as "orange leaf, lemon, peach, sweet strawberries, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine." and this is a scents that I just LOVE! Honestly, it lingers for hours and leaves your skin (and bathroom..?) smelling sweet and delicious! Overall, yes, just YES!


Another one of my personal favourites this mosturising hand cream works wonders on dry, chapped hands! I would recommend this to anyone who wants smooth and soft hands (...everyone?) My only downside is it does tend to leave your hands feeling quite sticky and you do have to have a little of bit of patience when waiting for it to dry! (which I don't have) but honestly its worth it for the touchable softness it gives your hands!


So, although I'm not a huge lip gloss fan.. mainly because of the long hair! This lip gloss is so fun to play with..? (I even got my little brother doing it) It's designed to plump up your lips and you can feel your lips tingling after about 2 minutes. I remember going into Superdrug with my friends when I was about 12-14 and we all tried this on. you should've seen our faces when our lips started tingling! I honestly don't know how it works (magic? witchcraft?) but it actually does plump up your lips quite considerably and you can actually see the difference. 


This is a classic that I've used for years and have loved.. it does leave your skin feeling soft and is perfect for after you've shaved your legs. However, I must admit I have gone off of the scent and smelling it just now made me feel a bit sick! It isn't a gross smell I just think I've used this body butter so much that I don't like it any more! Saying that, I would recommend this product to anyone who love smooth silky legs and arms.. and I will definitely still be using it despite the smell!


This is pretty much the exact same as Hand Food.. just for your feet! I've never tried this before and I actually can't wait to test it out because to be quite honest, I don't have the softest heels in the world! (I blame ballet pumps!) I have no doubts that I will fall in love with this product supposing it's as good as Hand Food!


I tend to stay away from tinted body lotions.. Since the day when I was walking through school and looked down at my orange feet in surprise! (I didn't realise it took a while to actually colour your skin..) However, I am actually quite excited to try this on my pale pale winter legs! It says on the bottle that it provides an instant tan that goes on evenly, so I do have high hopes that this will actually work for me.. and if not I can always cover my legs up again.. This also has a gorgeous scent that I (again) can't describe.. but it is nice!? (wow.. great adjective)


Now honestly I just pulled this out of the box expecting it to be a body wash and just stared at the label for about 10 minutes because I never knew Soap and Glory did a face cleanser. On the bottle it says it 'melts away makeup' which is hard to believe considering the amount of scrubbing that comes with most of the cleansers I have used! (I usually tend to stick with cleansing water) But I am super excited to try this later when I get ready for bed! It also says that its a 'daily detox' so it'll be interesting to see the results of using it for over a week! I may have to let you know how it goes..?
UPDATE: Just used this to take my makeup off! I have cleanser in my eye.. but my face smells like peaches! (Honestly! If you're ever near this cleanser give it a smell its FREAKING GORGEOUS!) Overall, I would say it did an okay job at getting my makeup off. I did have to go over with a makeup wipe just to get my eye makeup off properly (namely mascara) so I would recommend using this specifically for face makeup in the future - as it did a good job on that front! and the peach smell is completely worth the hassle!!


Exfoliators are my life because I was unfortunately blessed with dry everything (elbows, legs.. you name it!) So I really can't wait to try this one! I have tried the Sugar Crush one in the past.. but as I said I'm not a fan of the scent so I must say I do prefer this one! The reviews also say that the scent lingers on your skin too.. so I can't wait to feel like a silky smooth delicious smelling goddess (too far...? haha!)


I have used this mascara before and to be honest I was quite disappointed with the outcome.. it sadly didn't give me thick lashes and seemed to hardly coat my lashes at all! However, their makeup isn't all bad and I have actually be using their One Hell of A Blot powder which I ADORE! So I will definitely be giving this mascara another try because I do really want it to work and I mean for an affordable mascara it really wasn't that bad! I also have to say the packaging is gorgeous as it is on all Soap and Glory products, this is a huge selling point for me because I love reading all the cute, funny captions while I'm in the shower!

So there you have it! Oh! It also comes in a gorgeous HUGE box! That I will most definitely be storing my lotions and potions in! Soap and Glory will ALWAYS be on my list of favoruite beauty brands for SO many reasons. I mean, I love the scents, the packaging and the prices - you can't really go wrong! 

(P.S. I've finally got my camera back working! So if you notice a difference in the quality of my pictures that why! I'm still learning how to use it again though.. so just bear with me while I try and get these pictures to be perfect!) 


  1. I am gutted that I didn't get one of these packs as I have tried and love every single S&G product in there!

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

    1. Awh! That's rubbish! I'm loving them all too so far! x

  2. I really want to try something from this range it looks and sounds really nice ♡
    Sadiya Hearts

    1. I highly recommend Clean On Me shower gel! It's by far my favourite product! It smells AMAZING!! x

  3. We don't have this brand in Australia, but I always hear great things!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. That's a shame! Their products are amazing! x

  4. Oh everyone loves a bit of soap&glory! It's so amazing and it'll never get old, I love the lipgloss so much but I've got long hair too so only tend to wear it when my hairs up as its sooo sticky haha! And I need to try the mascara, I'm not too sure if I've had it or not haha!
    Demi xxx

    1. I completely agree about the lipgloss thing!! I also highly recommend the mascara - its so good and afforable! :) x

  5. I got this for Christmas and it's amazing x

  6. I got one of these for Christmas and got a similar one last year too! This year I was surprised when I opened it up to find the Sunkissed tint body lotion! I hadn't even heard of it and I really love it! I think I'll be using it as more of a touch up rather than main tan though!

    By far my favourite product is the peaches and clean cleanser! I have recently posted about my Soap & Glory favourites along with other products in my 'What I Got For Christmas' post if you'd like to check that out!

    Great post!


    1. I still have yet to use the body tint (still a bit nervous after turning my arms orange last time I used a body tint!!) That's what I was thinking, it'll be good to use as a touch up, just so I'm not so bloody pale!!

      I am also loving the peaches and clean cleanser! I use it every day now, the smell is just so delicious!!

      Thanks so much lovely :) x