February Favourites

I've literally left writing this favourites post till the very last minute, because I genuinely couldn't think of anything that I've been overly loving this month.. so you might have to bear with me on this one! I did eventually manage to think of a few little bits that deserve a mention. And by the way, I know February is such a short month, but who else feels like the year is already going so fast?! I swear it was only Christmas like yesterday! It's scary to think that I'm almost done with my second year of university and I will actually be graduating next year! But anyways before I get too deep, and without further a-do here is are my very short favourites!

Advice For A New Blogger

Since I've only been blogging for about 4 months, I wouldn't say I'm a pro or anything but I have learned a thing or two that I thought I could share with anyone who's thinking of starting out! I remember when I started out, I feel like I trawled through every corner of the internet looking for advice and tips for new bloggers, so I thought I would bring together everything I've learned so it's all in one place for you!

Social Anxiety & University

Social anxiety can be tough at any stage of your life, you're expected to have a large group of friends  that you hang out with a lot, and can be seen as awkward or shy when in social situations. You're always trying your best but social situations are extremely intimidating and you're constantly worried about what other people might think. Try adding all this to University and you've got yourself a mess right? ... It doesn't have to be that way! There are so many ways of dealing with social anxiety at University that don't include therapy and you really can have the best University experience despite your social anxiety!

Strawberry Brownie Skewers

Skewers are quite possibly one of my favourite deserts to make, they require little to no effort on your end and can actually turn out looking rather delicious. I don't know about you, but I think that strawberries, brownies and toasted marshmallows are like the best things separately, so you can only imagine what it tastes like when they all come together - it's pure magic! This skewers are perfect for a buffet style party where people could put the skewers together themselves. With chocolate fondue. YES. Someone please invite me to that party! Or you could just eat them all yourself like me..  Be warned, just one of these skewers is never enough!

Update #2 | A Rainy Day Out

I've just got in from a miserable rainy day out and I've got my coffee at the ready, so I thought it's about time for another update post! The day wasn't actually miserable in terms of how good it was, it was just one of those horrible rainy days where you seem to get really soaked.

My Pamper Evening

We all need a little down time every now and again. Particularly now that I am in my second year of uni, I feel like all the little stresses are beginning to take a toll on my stress levels and it's so important to get in a little pamper session at least once a week. Also, since my anxiety has decided to come back hard, I find a little 'me time' can be really helpful and relaxing on bad days.

How To | Be More Organised

Being an adult is difficult - I can vouch for that! Having moved out of my family home in September and into a house of my own, I soon realised that being independent is super difficult and in particular organisation is not my strong point! (It doesn't help that the storage space in this flat is practically non-existent.. ) But clutter isn't the only problem, being in my second year of University I've also had to figure out how to organise my time better! So I thought I would do a quick 'How To' and give you a few tips for getting organised, hopefully I might learn a thing or two as well!



Yes, I'm talking about that top that doesn't fit you anymore, but for some reason you are holding on to..! And that mascara that is so dry you should really have thrown it away months ago! I'm a culprit of this too, but it's a great start for turning your organisation life around! Grab some bin bags and throw anything away that you can no longer use, or you haven't touched in months.. be ruthless - the more you throw out, the more tidy is will be! I great tip for cleaning out your closet in this way is by turning all of your clothes hangers the same way and every time you put back an item of clothing you turn the hanger to face the opposite way - anything that is still facing the original way after around 6 months should really be thrown away, because you haven't worn it!

Valentines Day Tag

Happy Valentines Day all you love birds out there, I hope you're all having a lovely day spent with the ones you love! (I'm not really doing much today read my last post to find out why - link here!) so, in the spirit of the most romantic time of year I thought I would grab a few questions together and write a quick tag post for you guys - so grab a quick cuppa and a few heart shaped biscuits! I hope you enjoy!

1. What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?
Now, I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day and as hard as I've tried, I really can't decide what I think about it. One one hand I'm with the people who think that we should love our partners as much on Valentines Day as we do every other day of the year, but sometimes I do get a bit lovey-dovey-cheesy and think that Valentines Day is the best holiday because its just so romantic and lovely! I feel like now that I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years I kind of think its a little bit overrated (don't hurt me!!) and we don't really get all romantic anymore, but I like it that way. Ahh well... at least all the chocolate is 1/2 price tomorrow!

2. Have you ever had a Valentine before?
I obviously have because me and my boyfriend have spent 3 Valentines together, and before we met I had boyfriends before who we're always my Valentine's. Other than that though I've never had a secret Valentine or anything sweet like that!

Valentines Bake | Raspberry Jam Heart Biscuits

With Valentines Day coming quickly around the corner, what better time to break out your apron and get your bake on! Calories don't count at this time of year anyway.. right?! So I was scouring all of my cookbooks and the internet to find the perfect lovey-dovey bake for your guys and I think I've found it! (Even if I did have to go out and buy heart shaped cutters specifically for this.. I have owl shapes but no hearts... typical!) Anyway, I hope you enjoy this simple bake, I love making biscuits because you need hardly any ingredients.. and it is my boyfriend's favourite after all, so I thought I would put a smile on his face!

Don't Be Cheesy This Valentines...

So, its less than a week until Valentines Day.. and no, you won't catch me getting all excited like I did before Christmas. Call us crazy but honestly, me and my boyfriend have no plans whatsoever for Valentines Day and I doubt we'll do anything at all! To be honest we've spent nearly 4 Valentines Day's together and we've never really done much (I mean, we went to go and see Fifty Shades of Grey last year.. I bet you can't guess who's idea that was..!) In the past we've been out for meals and stuff, but we're not really into all that cheesy 5ft teddy bears and 'to the man I love' cards, so the occasion is kind of wasted on us to be honest. Anyways, so for this post I thought I would give you a quick list of things you could do for Valentines day that are as 'non-cheesy' as you can get... (not forgetting all my single ladies.. or men! Who are very welcome to do all of these things with a group of friends.. or alone.. sorry guys!)

Beauty Hacks

Lets be honest, we're all a bit lazy at times - it's human nature! We're always looking for little ways to make life that little bit easier! Being quite possibly one of the laziest people I know, I am constantly on the look out for beauty and life hacks, anything that can help me save money or get 5 extra minutes in bed and I am sold! So I have decided to compile a list of all of the beauty hacks I have come across over the years - some of these I now live by, so hopefully they'll help you out too when you're having a bit of a lazy spell!

How To | Stay Positive, Motivated and Inspired

At times it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated, especially when nothing seems to be going the way you planned. It's easy to fall into a negative funk when this happens - but it's important to stay positive and happy in order to feel better, both physically and mentally! While you can't always control what happens to you, you can control how you react to it - reacting positively will help you to be a generally happier person! If you're currently in a funk or know someone who is in a funk, you can use this steps to become more motivated and you never know, it might inspire you to achieve your hopes and dreams.

Products I Can't Live Without

To be honest I'm not the biggest makeup lover and sitting down to do this post I realised that there are actually quite a few products that I own that I could honestly live without... I don't know if this is a good or a bad thing..? But nonetheless, I managed to pull together a few odd bits that I have loved using and that I tend to go out and buy again after I've used it all up!


When I'm not feeling lazy and decide to step away from makeup wipes and give my face the deep clean it deserves I love using this cleanser from Soap and Glory! It claims to be a 4 in 1 cleanser which purifies, dissolves makeup, energizes and smooths and to be honest I feel like it really does do all of these things. When I take off my makeup with this cleanser my face feels so refreshed and clean and also did I mention it smells like peaches - BONUS! If you are a regular makeup wipe user and you would like to branch out I highly recommend using a cleanser because it's much more beneficial for your skin and you can really tell a difference!

Be Yourself, No Matter What

On paper 'being you' seems like such an easy thing to do. But believe me, I understand that it's not always as simple as it sounds. There are so many pressures that we have to face in the world today - and it can be a really scary and daunting place to be! Whether it be someones physical appearance or their personality, the media paints an unrealistic picture of what it takes to be popular or good looking or desirable. Personally, in the past I never really felt like I fit in anywhere (having anxiety doesn't help) and this forced me to act in a way that is not who I am, in order to be accepted into a group. Despite these pressures its always important to remember to be who you are because this can help you to be happier and just be generally a more accepting person. So motivational, pep-talk Jemma wanted to write a blog post giving you a few helpful tips on how to be yourself, no matter what! I'm still learning to self accept myself and some days are harder than others but these tips helped me through my struggles of acceptance, so I hope they can help you just the same!