February Favourites

I've literally left writing this favourites post till the very last minute, because I genuinely couldn't think of anything that I've been overly loving this month.. so you might have to bear with me on this one! I did eventually manage to think of a few little bits that deserve a mention. And by the way, I know February is such a short month, but who else feels like the year is already going so fast?! I swear it was only Christmas like yesterday! It's scary to think that I'm almost done with my second year of university and I will actually be graduating next year! But anyways before I get too deep, and without further a-do here is are my very short favourites!


1. OPI - My Very First Knockwurst 
I have literally been in love with this nail varnish for months now, but I've especially been loving it this month since I can't really be bothered with my nails at the moment. I feel like this is a great subtle colour that you can literally wear all year round. And honestly, if it chips it's hardly noticeable - perfect for when your nail varnish seems to chip after only a few hours like mine!! (I know, I'm so lazy!) I've tried a few nude nail varnishes, and although there's hardly any difference, I always tend to grab this one - the name is super cute too! 

2. Lush - Prince Charming Shower Gel
So as you know Lush brought out their Valentines Day range this month and oh my god, I actually fell in love with everything!! (You can read my review on this range here) Other than the Unicorn Horn, which was a huge favourite of mine, I really fell in love with the shower gel Prince Charming! I can't even begin to describe to you the amazing scent that this has and of course, the scent lingers for hours honestly - whenever I use this in the shower, I spend hours sniffing my arms after!! One of the lovely ladies in my local Lush shop also recommended that I use the shower gel on my hair as a shampoo, which honestly I had never even thought to do! I actually just used it alongside my normal hair washing routine as I only bought the small bottle and didn't want to use it all on my long hair! Bur obviously it made my hair smell amazing and the scent lingered on my hair into the next day too!


1. Luther 
Me and my boyfriend have spent a lot of time watching TV series this month (I hate watching loads of series at the same time because I get so confused) but honestly, they are all SO SOO good! One of my personal favourites that we actually managed to finish last night is Luther. We became so addicted to Luther and we pretty much watched it all in about 2 weeks.. oops! If you have Netflix I highly recommend Luther to you! As long as you like murder mysteries/crime series and you don't mind a bit of gore! 

2. Call The Midwife
Call The Midwife is another series that I am completely addicted to! (it's pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum to Luther) I actually find is so fascinating to see what Midwifery was like in the 1950's, and it's so fascinating to see the poverty in London at the time! It also really makes me want to go back in time to the 1950's or just cut my hair into a bob..! (I also really want to wear the midwives hats - you'll know what I'm talking about if you've watched it!) 

3. Crispy M&M's 
Honestly, these have been a favourite of mine for years, but they don't sell them ANYWHERE! I always keep a look out for the bright blue bag wherever we go and I've never been able to find any in our local shops! But I've managed to track them down and I am now addicted again, possibly even more than before! (Trouble is, they don't last too long, so I have to stock up!!) If you haven't tried these you should! Like go out, right now, and get some - you won't regret it!


  1. Ooo crispy M&M's! I loved these when they first came out. ^_^


    1. They're so good, aren't they?! I think I'm addicted! x

  2. I love OPI, I have one in that shade too and it's so pretty! And the series you saw in netflix seemed really good, I'd have to give them a try :)


    1. OPI are so good, but I only have 2 shades - definitely need to buy more! x

  3. Crispy M&M are the babes! This reminds me that I need to buy some of those tomorrow, haha :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I couldn't agree more!! :D I need to stock back up! x