Valentines Day Tag

Happy Valentines Day all you love birds out there, I hope you're all having a lovely day spent with the ones you love! (I'm not really doing much today read my last post to find out why - link here!) so, in the spirit of the most romantic time of year I thought I would grab a few questions together and write a quick tag post for you guys - so grab a quick cuppa and a few heart shaped biscuits! I hope you enjoy!

1. What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?
Now, I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day and as hard as I've tried, I really can't decide what I think about it. One one hand I'm with the people who think that we should love our partners as much on Valentines Day as we do every other day of the year, but sometimes I do get a bit lovey-dovey-cheesy and think that Valentines Day is the best holiday because its just so romantic and lovely! I feel like now that I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years I kind of think its a little bit overrated (don't hurt me!!) and we don't really get all romantic anymore, but I like it that way. Ahh well... at least all the chocolate is 1/2 price tomorrow!

2. Have you ever had a Valentine before?
I obviously have because me and my boyfriend have spent 3 Valentines together, and before we met I had boyfriends before who we're always my Valentine's. Other than that though I've never had a secret Valentine or anything sweet like that!

3. What is your favourite Valentines Day memory?
I know I should probably say that my favourite Valentines memory is from one of the years I've been with my boyfriend.. but it's not! (shh... don't tell!) Actually the best Valentines day I've ever had was when I was single.. strangely! Me and my best friend at the time (bearing in mind we were about 13 or 14) bought a load of fake roses from the card shop and started handing them out to random people in the town we lived.. to this day I can't decide whether this was sweet or really really creepy! But we had fun and that's all that matters!

4. If you were to get a gift on Valentines Day what would you wish for?
I'm going to be cliche and say that I would never expect a gift on Valentines Day, in fact me and my boyfriend have decided that we aren't doing gifts this year. Last year, we decided to give each other funny and thoughtful gifts; I bought him a mug that said 'I don't need to write that down, I'll remember it' (he has a terrible memory) and he got me a tiny half teaspoon (to remind me that he likes half a teaspoon of sugar in his coffee!) So to answer the question, I would wish for, either a thoughtful gift like that, or even just a choice of film to watch on Valentines evening!


  1. Loved reading this tag! I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day as I don't find it very special, it's like an ordinary day to me :) And that's so sweet of you and your friends to hand out roses to strangers! I would find it cute :) x

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Thanks lovely! :) Yeah, we don't really celebrate it much either - it's better and less expensive that way! haha x