March Favourites

If feel like every time I do a monthly favourites post I always talk about how fast the month has gone, but it honestly feels like yesterday that I was writing the February post!! March has been such a good month, with my birthday, finishing Uni and Easter all rolled into one - it's actually been quite a busy month, and although I do sometimes love to relax and take it easy it was nice to actually get up and do things! The weather is also starting to pick up which I am so excited about, I can't wait for more sunny walks and sunglasses and ice creams! As usual, I left writing this post to the very last minute, but I hope you enjoy!!

Lemon Drizzle Cake

When I think of spring bakes, I think of lemon drizzle cake - the colours and the smell is basically just spring all mixed together in one delicious cake! I very almost did a rocky road instead of this bake, but I thought we might all need a bit of a chocolate break after Easter!! (Don't worry though, if you're a chocoholic like me - the rocky road post is on it's way very soon!!) It's also a super super easy bake, so if you fancy channeling your inner Nigella, carry on reading!! Also, thank you to the lovely Tanya Burr, who insprired me to do this bake! I was browsing through her old videos and this one that she did with Zoe really made me chuckle (as they all do!) I mean, it's not quite up to their standard of presentation, I need a little (?!) bit more practice, but I'm getting there - and at the end of the day, it still tasted delicious and honestly, it was polished off in no time! I hope you enjoy this super easy bake! I also hope you are all had a lovely time off over Easter and enjoyed the nice weather (?) and ate way too much chocolate - I definitely did! If you give this bake a go yourself be sure to take lots of pictures and tweet them at me (@jemmasimplelife) I would love to see! Or you can let me know how the bake turned out in the comments below!! 

Haul | A Teenie Tiny Lush Haul

On my trip to London with my Mum I was lucky enough to go into the Oxford Street Lush, it was my first ever time in that store and as a huge Lush-aholic it was complete and utter heaven! We spent probably about an hour in there and I only really got to look at a few areas of the shop - I mainly stuck around the bubble bar and shower gel sections! But I honestly could have spent all day long in there! There was so much to look at, and all the displays are just amazing! My Mum wanted me to pick out a few bits for my birthday so after browsing the bubble bar section for around 40 minutes I chose two bubble bars that are both Oxford Street exclusive so I had never seen before anywhere else and I was definitely excited to show you guys!! Also, I haven't gotten around to using either of them yet, so I can't really give you much of a review but I will be doing a review post on both of these, with pictures - so if you're interested in picking these up yourself you can get a proper look at them!

Update #3 | Finished With Uni!

I thought I would write another quick update now that I am officially done with my second year of university! *internal scream with both excitement and anxiety!* I'm so happy that I'm finally done because this uni year was most definitely a stressful one, (I bet everyone who's been through second year is nodding in agreement right now!) even though I didn't even have any exams I just seemed to constantly be writing assignments and I never really had time for anything else!

What I Got For My Birthday | 2016

Once again thank you all so much for your lovely birthday wishes, I had a really lovely day - actually, a really lovely week! I'm staying at my Mum's and Dad's houses this week and I was lucky enough to go and see Mamma Mia in London and Little Mix in Bournemouth all in the same week, so it's been a bit jam-packed but amazing nonetheless.. and to be honest a much much needed break from stress and worries! (I need to come home more often!) 

Of course, I couldn't have a birthday without doing a 'What I Got For My Birthday' post - personally, I love reading these posts myself and seeing what people are into and what they got for their birthday, I'm just a really nosey person basically! But, I was lucky enough to receive some really lovely and thoughtful gifts for my birthday, so I thought I would share that with you guys!

Anxiety Attention Seeking..?

Stigma is a huge aspect of any mental disorder and it can actually cause so many more problems for people with mental health, to the point where they feel like they can't tell anyone about what they are feeling. Having suffered with anxiety and stigma in the past it also happens to be something that really grinds my gears when it comes to anxiety and mental health in general and is something that I am really passionate about preventing, so I just knew I had to do a post on it sooner or later... I guess I'm hoping that this will help to change the minds of that one person out there who is reading this with a negative view of mental health! Because I know 99% of you are completely positive when it comes to the subject, perhaps you can help to spread this positivity with me?! Because lets be honest, we're in 2016 now, let's just stop stigma already!!

Review | Firmoo Sunglasses*

Being a self proclaimed sunglasses addict (and a wannabe glasses wearer with perfect eyesight!) I jumped at the chance to review a pair of glasses for the company Firmoo. As someone who works in a opticians and is around glasses a lot of the time I like to think that I know a little bit about glasses and the like - I have to say the service I received from Firmoo was spot on, so I was very excited to give you guys a review!

A Letter To My Younger Self

First of all, thank you so so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I've never had so many lovelies say Happy Birthday to me, you're all too lovely for your own good!! I had a really really great day, and ate way too much cake (calories don't count on your birthday - right?!)

If you've been reading my blog posts recently you'll know that it was my birthday yesterday, and as I said in those posts I've been feeling weirdly sentimental. So I thought it would only be right to do a 'letter to my younger self ' post - because I have so many things that I wish I could go back and tell my younger self and actually I have learned so many valuable lessons in  my life and I'd love to just give myself a bit of reminder as to how far I've come and of all the little things I've picked up along the way! Also, I tried so hard to find an awkward picture from my teen years, but I don't have any printed (unfortunately?!) but there's one from when I was around 8 years old... Anyways, this is my little letter to my younger self (.. that isn't actually written in letter form.. but whatever!)

Behind The Blog | 50 Facts About Me

As I mentioned in my latest post it's my birthday tomorrow! (I'm so excited - I can't stop telling you this!) So for some reason I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit about me - don't ask me why, I just do! I've always loved reading these posts in the past because I love to get to know the person behind the blog a little bit, and build up a picture of what they're like and who they are. So, if you want to learn a little bit about me, stick around, get comfy... and maybe grab a drink or something, because there are 50 facts! Also, yes. That is me as a baby! (featuring my gorgeous Mummy!) I wasn't sure what picture to use for this post.. so there you go!

Things I Thought As A Child

It's my birthday this week and I feeling weirdly sentimental. Mainly because I am actually turning 20 years old, which marks the real real end of my childhood - I no longer have 'teen' at the end of my age, so it 100% counts! This has got me really thinking about my younger self and what I used to be like 10, 15 years ago - so expect a few sentimental posts this week! I decided to start with a 'Things I Thought As A Child' post because I love watching/reading these posts and videos and I find it so funny to read about the innocent things we used to think when we were little - that are really really not true! I also have a few funny stories to tell about things I did as a child - so if you're up for that, stick around!

Review | Lush Easter Collection

So Easter is fast approaching, and that can only mean one thing - chocolate! (Now that I'm thinking about it every occasion has chocolate involved, in one way or another... not that I'm complaining) But no really, Easter is on it's way and however you celebrate it, I feel like Easter is a great time for spending time with family and friends, and surrounding yourself with the people you love! Being at Uni, I don't get many opportunities to go home but we actually get time off at Easter (student win!) so I will actually be going home for Easter and I really can't wait!

Too Much Information!!

I love a good tag post, it's also about time that I told you guys a little more about me and I mean, what better tag to do than the 'too much information' tag! If you want to see the more personal side of me, then stick around! I would also love to know your answers to some of these questions - so leave a response in the comments below! Or even link me to your own TMI Tag post, if you've done one! But, without further a do.. here we go! (Sorry, the fact that there are so many questions and that I love to ramble meant it ended up super long! - so I'd grab a coffee and a snack if I were you!)

The Beauty Award

So, I was nominated by the lovely Elisha-Rose Rowley to do 'The Beauty Award Tag' (by the way, if you don't already you should go and follow her and give her loads of love because she is very lovely! *grin!* You know me, I love a good tag - so I was very excited to answer the questions and I can't wait to pass it on to the next lovely bloggers! I hope you enjoy this chatty tag, and you can learn a little bit more about me!

You're Doing Your Makeup Wrong

I wouldn't say I'm a makeup expert.. in fact I'd say I'm quite the opposite, and I still have quite a few things to learn about makeup and beauty in general. However, I have made my fair share of makeup mistakes in the past which I am not proud of - I feel like we can all look back on past looks and have a bit of a cringe attack.. But I like to think of these mistakes as little learning curves that help us to grow into the beauty gurus we all hope to be! So I thought I would write a post on some of these makeup mistakes that I see people making so often because I feel like sometimes we can fall into a bit of a routine with our makeup - and sometimes this routine isn't always the right way to do things! So, maybe you might learn a thing or two?

Haul | Recent Purchases

So I've made a few purchases recently, with my non-existent money... It's actually been so so long
since I actually went out shopping, instead of doing it all online from the comfort of my own bed. In fact it's been so so long since I went shopping at all - you know, being a poor student and all! But I was lucky enough to be treated by my lovely Mum and boyfriend recently so I could make a few sneaky purchases over the month - I must have been very well behaved haha! So, I thought I would do a quick haul for you guys!

Current Makeup Bag | 2016

I am a definite makeup addict, every spare bit of money goes towards makeup as I love trying out new products and adding them to my collection - you could say I'm a bit of a hoarder! Despite having enough makeup to last me years, I always seem to go back to the same products that I know and love, these are the products that sit proudly in my makeup bag! So I thought I would share these top picks with you!