A Letter To My Younger Self

First of all, thank you so so much to everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! I've never had so many lovelies say Happy Birthday to me, you're all too lovely for your own good!! I had a really really great day, and ate way too much cake (calories don't count on your birthday - right?!)

If you've been reading my blog posts recently you'll know that it was my birthday yesterday, and as I said in those posts I've been feeling weirdly sentimental. So I thought it would only be right to do a 'letter to my younger self ' post - because I have so many things that I wish I could go back and tell my younger self and actually I have learned so many valuable lessons in  my life and I'd love to just give myself a bit of reminder as to how far I've come and of all the little things I've picked up along the way! Also, I tried so hard to find an awkward picture from my teen years, but I don't have any printed (unfortunately?!) but there's one from when I was around 8 years old... Anyways, this is my little letter to my younger self (.. that isn't actually written in letter form.. but whatever!)


I honestly wish I could go back to when I was around 8 years old and just tell myself to enjoy my childhood while it lasts! I feel like we spend a lot of our childhood's wishing for time to go faster, so we can become adults! But we often take the present for granted, and don't truly enjoy the moment while it lasts - this is one thing that I definitely was a culprit of anyway! I look back on things that I really really stressed about at the time like my SAT's or GCSE's and I get myself all worked up about them and now I look back and they just seem like small obstacles that are so far in the past! I feel like I got myself so worried about those things that I didn't fully enjoy myself as a child or a teen, I was too busy getting stressed to enjoy childish things! I bet in about 10 years time, I'll look back on my early 20's and be like - why was I so stressed all the time! I suppose I just need to learn to live in the moment and just enjoy the good bits of life,  there's always going to be stressful points and there's nothing we can do about that, but we can just get on with life and enjoy it - You only live once! (ugh, never saying that again - but it's so true!!) 


If you've been reading my blog posts recently you'll know that I did a post all about this (you can find it here) but I thought I would still mention it here because it's something that I know a lot of us struggle to do sometimes! As I mentioned in that post, it's so easy to want to be someone else, or even pretend to be someone else, in order to come across as a 'desirable' or 'attractive' person. The media does a great job at brainwashing us to want to become a different person and I feel like the sad truth is that we will never be truly happy with who we are. The best way to overcome this is to just cherish what makes you you - enjoy all your little quirks and the little bits of you that are unique and just enjoy them and celebrate them! This is something I struggled with a lot when I was younger, it sounds cliche but I never really felt like I fitted in and I never really felt like I was a specific 'type' (?) of person, so I used to pick out personalities from movies (which is always bad, especially if you look at the chick flicks I would watch at a young age - namely, Mean Girls!!) and I would also copy the personalities and fashion choices of my friends, but really that wasn't who I actually was on the inside at all. I honestly wish I could go back and embrace my weirdness and just be my crazy self because I would love to know if it would change the way I am today and the way I think.


Honestly, I still struggle with this one now sometimes, but if I could tell my younger self one thing it would be to not let my anxiety stop my from speaking up and saying what I want to say. I feel like I was quite a pushover when I was younger and I would let people control me simply because I couldn't find the words or the confidence to speak up and say no. I'm quite lucky that I have gained a bit of confidence and I don't struggle quite so much with this anymore, however, obviously some days are worse than others. I wish I could go back and tell myself to speak up, not only in terms of speaking up to bullies or just generally rude people, but also just giving my opinion on things - I kept a lot to myself when I was younger because I was afraid of the consequences if someone didn't like my point of view. But at the end of the day, we are all entitled to our own opinions and everyone deserves to have a voice and be able to use it to say what they want to say... annnndddd I'm going to stop rambling now, before this turns into the lyrics to Little Mix's 'Little Me'...


Let's face it, we can all look back to a time where our make up wasn't really the best, at the time we thought we looked great, but in reality... well! I was around 11 when I started to get interested in make up and my Mum kind of just let me do whatever I wanted with it... (not sure if I want to thank her for that or not..!?) It was great at the time, because I thought I looked so grown up. But in reality, it wasn't really the best, and I was probably a bit to young to be playing around with it! First of all, I was a culprit of really really clumping my mascara up - obviously when you first get into makeup, everything you buy is cheap, when you combine that with poor makeup skills, you end up with a huge mess, and my eyelashes looked ridiculous, but for some reason I thought it looked great! Then I started experimenting with eyeliner. For a long loooong period of my teenage life, I would wear a huge streak of black eyeliner under my entire eye! Why did people let me be seen like that - I don't know?! (I mean, this looks fine if you know how to do it properly and if you have other makeup on your face, but a lot of the time, I would just wear that - along with my clumpy mascara!!) Then, I discovered you could put makeup on your eyebrows and so my eyebrows looked like sperm for a little bit - I would also draw them really close together for some reason and obviously press way to hard so they would come out nearly black! I like to think I have gotten over my makeup mishaps now, and I actually have some skills when it comes to applying makeup...?! I hope that in 10 years time I don't look back to now and think what was I thinking?!!


Along with the makeup, I also had some hair fails too, so why not just completely embarrass myself and just tell you guys everything!! As I've said in the past, my hair tend to go really flat when it's freshly washed, nowadays I understand how to deal with that and I use things like dry shampoo, volumising shampoo etc. But in the past, I wasn't aware of all these products that could really help me and instead I only ever really had hairspray. (Bearing in mind this was during the time when back combing and really big hair was in style!!) Basically I used to really hairspray my hair, like a lot...  to try and get my hair to stop being so flat and I would hold the can soo close to my head, that it would make my hair really crunchy! I look back now and wonder why anyone let me walk around like that and how I thought that that looked good!? 

Anyways, I hope you guys liked this little post.. and my embarrassing hair and makeup mishaps! Let me know in the comments if there is anything you would love to go back and tell your younger self, I would also love to know if you have any hair or makeup regrets - just so I don't feel like the only fool!! 


  1. I loved this letter, Jemma! I think we all had embarrassing makeup fails when we were younger, it's inevitable. I sure had a great laugh reading about yours :) And although we all wish to say something to our younger selves, we learned and became the people we are now from not knowing those things. I guess we can only think and wonder what if, but in the end there is nothing we can do over than look back and smile at the beautiful memories we had :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I completely agree with you, all of our little mistakes made us who we are today and at the end of the day no one is ever perfect! :) xx

  2. Hahah I laugh at the last part, I know I said it like a million times but this posts are so fun! I totally agree with what you said about not letting anxiety forbid you to say the things you need to say. A lot of times I've struggled because I couldn't say to certain people how bad they were making me feel. This post made me a little emotional, but I loved it!


    1. I get exactly where you are coming from there - I've struggled with standing up to people too, but to be honest you should look after yourself more than anyone, and if something isn't right for you I say change it (Even if that mean speaking up to someone and being honest) I'm really glad you enjoyed this post! x

  3. Loved reading this post Jemma. I am too guilty of doing the whole thick black eyeliner thing underneath my eyes - what was I thinking? Hahaha. I need to try and live in the moment more, I know in years to come I will look back and think why I worried about such silly things! xo


    1. Haha! What were we thinking!! Exactly! I hate to say it but we only live once - so we better make the most of it! x