Behind The Blog | 50 Facts About Me

As I mentioned in my latest post it's my birthday tomorrow! (I'm so excited - I can't stop telling you this!) So for some reason I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you a little bit about me - don't ask me why, I just do! I've always loved reading these posts in the past because I love to get to know the person behind the blog a little bit, and build up a picture of what they're like and who they are. So, if you want to learn a little bit about me, stick around, get comfy... and maybe grab a drink or something, because there are 50 facts! Also, yes. That is me as a baby! (featuring my gorgeous Mummy!) I wasn't sure what picture to use for this post.. so there you go!

  1. I love a good bath - you probably knew that already, but yeah. 
  2. I was born on the 16th March 1996. 
  3. My favourite colour is pink.
  4. I think white nail polish is GORGEOUS!
  5. I break shoes all the time - ballet flats only last me like 3 weeks (at most!)
  6. I have 2 half siblings (that are younger than me), and a step brother (who is older than me.)
  7. I hardly ever wear lipstick because I can't find a shade that suits me! 
  8. I want a dog so badly, but we live in a flat... *sad face*
  9. I am in my second year of University.
  10. I am studying early childhood studies.
  11. I hope to become a reception class teacher when I leave University.
  12. I hate wearing high heels... and avoid them at all costs! 
  13. I refused to wear jeans for 6ish years of my life.
  14. I used to have a hamster called Father Christmas, when I was younger! 
  15. My best friend's name is Zoe, her nickname is Chummy or Chum-eh.
  16. My younger sister is a like a mini version of myself, even though we don't have the same Mum.
  17. Brussels sprouts are my favourite vegetable!
  18. Roast dinner is my favourite meal.. nom!
  19. I am obsessed with YouTube - I need an intervention!
  20. I live on the 7th floor of our block of flats!
  21. I live in Portsmouth, UK
  22. I can see the Spinaker Tower from my bedroom window!
  23. I have been with my boyfriend for 3 years.
  24. I love to listen to songs on repeat so much, until I get sick of them!
  25. As a child I was addicted to Sims (I still am..) I used to play it for hours and hours!
  26. I got a perm when I was 11 because I wanted curly hair... it looked horrendous!
  27. I really want to ombre my hair.. but I am literally too lazy to organise it!
  28. I am the laziest person I know.
  29. During the summer I work in an opticians and also as a waitress!
  30. Carbs are my biggest weakness.
  31. I have only just gotten over my fear of the dark.
  32. Coffee is my life - I literally have the hugest mugs because I drink so much coffee.
  33. I like my coffee really really milky, so I can drink it straight away! 
  34. Zoella is a huge inspiration in my life - I literally love her to bits!
  35. I am a huge jynx with technology - and will end up breaking everything tech-y that I own...
  36. When I was 8 I convinced my friend that I could ring fairies and talk to them, through my hairbrush...
  37. I once had a Twitter account dedicated to the TV series Glee... (no regrets!)
  38. Lea Michele is my girl crush! 
  39. I use a hula hoop to stay fit! 
  40. I have never broken any bones, but I have sprained my ankle
  41. I had braces for 2 years, then never wore my retainer.. so my teeth have moved back! 
  42. I had 4 teeth taken out.. bleugh.
  43. I am weirdly flexible, especially my back! 
  44. I am super shy.
  45. I have been on holiday abroad for over 5 years!
  46. I took French and Spanish at school.
  47. I was friends with my first ever best friend from when we were 1 and 1/2 until we were 10 (Until I moved house, really far away *sad face* 
  48.  I was once stung on the thumb by a wasp when I was spinning around with my arms out... 
  49. My boyfriend's name is Ethan (I actually don't think I've ever put his name on my blog before!) 
  50. My first ever pet was a cat called Sammy, who I tormented so much by holding onto her tail while she ran around the garden!
Anywho, there you go! 50 facts about me! I hope you enjoyed that little insight into who I am... I'd love to know a little bit about you too, so maybe leave a few facts about yourself in the comments! It's my birthday tomorrow so I am super duper excited! Thanks so much for reading! 


  1. This was so cute, I love getting to know bloggers I follow a little bit better! I'm still scared of the dark, ugh and me and my sister are really similar too

    Steph -

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! :) Don't worry, you'll get over your fear of the dark - now that I live with my boyfriend I'm not scared anymore!! x

  2. I love reading these posts! It's so nice to get to know the writer behind the blog :) I love using hula hoop too! It's a really good way to stay fit. Also, Father Christmas is an interesting name for a hamster, haha! :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I'm really glad you liked it! :) Hula hoop is so fun, right?! It really hurts though - but at least it works!! x I was around 4 when I named that hamster haha!! x

  3. I loved reading this :) they were all really interesting facts as well :) coffee is my life as well, i'm always drinking it haha, I used to love the sims and I still do as well, it's literally the best game! :)

    Angie xx
    Silk and Sapphire

    1. I'm really glad you enjoyed this post! :) Coffee is everything right!! x

  4. Great post! It's always lovely to know more things about the person being the blog x happy early birthday!
    Paula |

  5. My favourite colour is pink too! and white for nails is for me the most beautiful and elegant colour ever. (even more if you are tan haha) It's great to know more about you! love the post :)

    1. I couldn't agree more with the white nails and tan thing!! :) Thanks for your lovely comment as always!! x

  6. Fab post! I too love pink, loved Glee but missed last couple of series. Was gutted didn't go to the live tour. I love sims too but am ocd about my house building so always starting again lol. Need to make sure have time for it really as neglected my little virtual buddies

    Stacey xxx

    1. I missed the last couple of series of Glee too, I sort of went off of it! I didn't go to the tour either - but I did watch it in 3D in the cinema!! I couldn't agree more with sims, I swear I spent more time on the houses than the actual sims! x

  7. I really do love these kind of posts!! First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY gorgeous!! I always have white nails done before I go on holiday...makes your tan look amazing and it goes with every colour so it is perfect! Everything in my room is either hot pink or baby pink so I agree with you that it is the best colour! I do that with songs too. As soon as its finished it's rewinded back to the beginning, but once I'm bored and hate it, it's like arghhh!!


    1. Thanks so much lovely! :) Having a great day so far!!
      I couldn't agree more, white nails + a tan is pretty much the best thing ever (wow, I live a sad sad life haha!) Your room sounds like heaven!! xx

  8. I love "50 facts about me" you get to know someone a bit better hehe
    I really like the one about the hamster called Father Christmas haha I'm sure it was adorable!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed this post, I agree its such a good way of getting to know the person behind the blog! P.S. He was rather adorable!! x