Review | Lush Little Dragon Reusable Bubble Bar

I have now tried, tested and loved my newest addition to my Lush collection, so here I am, as promised, giving you guys a review! This lovely reusable bubble bar is of course Lush's Little Dragon which as I have mentioned in the past is an Oxford Street exclusive that you can only buy from the Oxford Street Lush! I've been a bit silly and actually ran a bath and used the bubble bar before taking any pictures of the whole dragon... (yeah, I know *face palm* I got a bit carried away with the cool action shots..) but if you want to see the bubble bar in it's gorgeous whole-self form (?!) you can click here for a recent haul post where I mentioned it - and actually took a picture of it.. 

As you guys all probably know by now, I am such a huge fan of Lush's reusable bubble bars because I am such a cheap skate and I love the amount of bath's you can get from one bar! So when I saw this cute little bar I was so excited to try it out! It is obviously inspired by the Chinese dragon and the bright red, orange colour with the thin layer of glitter on top all works well together to create a really beautifully designed bubble bar! Obviously I was very much drawn to the glitter on this product, as I usually am with all glittery Lush products (I'm looking at you sparkly pumpkin!) However, you do need to consider the fact that your bath will look like a unicorn has bathed in it for around 3-4 days.. The way that this bubble bar is designed is so different from anything I've personally ever seen in Lush before, the fact that there are 2 bubble bars, connected by cardboard to make a cute dragon, makes it such a unique design and one that I really really love! It also takes me back to Reception Class where I am pretty sure we would've made something similar out of paper and lolly pop sticks for the Chinese new year!

The scent of the bubble bar reminds me a lot of a something you would buy at Christmas, which I am not against at all - bring Christmas back please!! It features quite a spicy kind of scent - which hints of ginger, clove and cinnamon, it's definitely a comforting scent that is maybe not perfect for Spring, but definitely a winner on those colder, stormy nights when you need to warm up your toes in a nice hot bath! (Quite the opposite of the other bubble bar I picked up on this shopping spree - you can read about that one here!

I opted for holding this bubble bar under running water since this usually produces A LOT of bubbles for me - it made a fair few bubbles which I was very happy about! I've only used this on the one occasion, however I have read from other reviews that the bubble bar tends to last around 5-6 baths which I definitely agree with, since I hardly used any of it and managed to have a fairly bubbly bath that smelt lovely! It also turned the bath water a gorgeous warm, orange colour that really suited the scent it was giving off! After sitting in the bath for around 30 minutes though, I did notice that the bubbles started the disappear and I was beginning to feel a little bit sticky - this is something that tends to happen when I use bath bombs, which I why I usually opt for bubble bars instead! However, I wouldn't say that I was disappointed with the bubble bar since it still made a really good comforting bath - I would definitely recommend using this in a cocktail with a mixture of other bath products, perhaps with a Lush shower gel or a similarly spicy bath bomb like Fizzbanger. 

Overall, I definitely recommend this bubble bar, for the price you get a beautiful bubble bar that smells absolutely delicious! However, I definitely would pair this with a shower gel of some kind if you want silky smooth skin, just to bring back some of that mosturising quality that this bubble bar lacks! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick review! Let me know if you have ever or would like to try out this bubble bar! And as always, thanks so much for reading! 


  1. It looks beautiful! I love the color it is and I bet it colors the water in such a nice shade :) Love that it can be used many times too.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Definitely! This bubble bar is lovely all round really!! :) x