Spring Wishlist

Being a poor student, I don't really have any funds.. it is purely my own choice though since I don't actually have a job at the moment.. I usually say it's down to the fact that I have a blog and a lot of uni work to do, but let's be honest I am super lazy! Well that's all about to change soon since I will be entirely finished with uni assignments very soon - so I have to do that dreaded thing called 'get off the sofa' *sad face* but that does mean one thing.. I will actually have some spare money to spend which mean I can actually start adding to and buying things from my wishlist! (yes this little spiel does have a purpose...) So! I thought I would share a few of the bits from my wishlist with you guys and since the weather is finally starting to pick up and the blue skies are now starting to break through I thought it would be a great opportunity to start picking out some spring essentials.. even if Spring has already sprung! I just feel like it's still to early to start shopping for Summer?! This post will also be a great motivator for me when I don't want to wake up early for work.. since lets be honest I'm going to have to work my bum off to be able to buy all of these bits!

1. OLIVER BONAS FRAMED VINTAGE WALL ART // Can we just talk about Oliver Bonas homeware! I could decorate my entire flat completely in Oliver Bonas.. if money was no object of course! In fact, most of my wishlist bookmark folder is full of Oliver Bonas homeware and I regret nothing..! The thing is we've been living in this flat now since September and the only room we really put much thought into decorating was the living room, which was always blue and yellow.. which I loved for a while, but now I'm kind of over it! I feel like I need to update or at least add to the homeware-y bits I've got in order for me to love it again. Also! There's always been one spot above our sofa that is absolutely DESPERATE for wall art - me and my boyfriend always look for wall art everywhere and we can never agree one anything that we actually really like.. however, now that I have found this vintage style world map I am IN LOVE! It fits in with the blue and yellow theme since it's that greeny blue colour that I love so much.. and lets be honest it's bloody gorgeous! The problem is, now I am so set on it, and for that price tag, I better put myself down for more hours!

2. ASOS VINTAGE ROSE SLIM CLUTCH BAG // Yes, I realise we're going for a vintage-y theme.. that wasn't intentional! I just feel like vintage colours tend to scream spring to me and I am rather loving more vintage items recently! Although I normally only tend to take clutch bags out with my on a night out I feel like this is such a cute daytime clutch bag that will go with any cute sunny outfit! The colours are also so gorgeous and I am in love with the floral pattern! 

3. URBAN OUTFITTERS GET HAPPY BOOK // I have lusted over Urban Outfitters cute books for a pretty long time now.. I just haven't got round to actually getting one! I used to be all about the 'Calm' book that everyone and their mother is always raving about (and to be honest, I still do love it rather a lot!) But this 'Get Happy' by Dr Anthony Gunn book is so so cute and honestly perfect for spring... (I can sense my boyfriend rolling his eyes right now!) How adorable would it be though as a cute coffee table book that can spread a little positivity whenever guests come over.. from what I can tell it's basically full of facts about happiness, which I think is such a good idea and definitely something that I would be totally interested! Oh and let's not forget, it matches my living room theme... I am sold!! 

4. ASOS STRAW HAT COLOUR BLOCK // Floppy hats are a must for spring and honestly, I would live in them if I didn't live right by the sea where it's so windy and  I can't walk 2 steps before it blows off my head! I do actually own a few floppy hats, but I'd say they're more Autunm style floppy hats so I've had my eye out for a lighter coloured one for a while now - since I think light coloured floppy hats looks so classy and are definitely gorgeous in spring! This one from ASOS is perfect in every way and I love the sand colour mixed with the subtle hint of white - it definitely screams beach walks and blue skies!! 

5. TOPSHOP BELTED SLEEVELESS JACKET // I am so loving the sleeveless jacket trend, in fact I actually own a fair few now, which I will 100% be breaking out for spring - I feel like you can't really go wrong with a sleeveless jacket for Spring especially at the moment where the weather here in the UK isn't quite as nice as it could be! I absolutely love this jacket from Topshop, mainly because of the colour since I absolutely love grey coats - despite never actually owning one!! I feel like this would look so gorgeous with a black or white long sleeved top underneath! 

6. YANKEE CANDLE FRESH CUT ROSES // One thing that I love to break out at springtime are the floral scented candles - Ah! There's nothing better than a floral scented house on a gorgeous sunny spring day! And now that it's time to get rid of the cinammon and spice scented winter candles, I've realised that I actually don't have any ready for spring - so I will definitely be making a Yankee Candle order. One that I have loved in the past is this Fresh Cut Roses scented candle, it smells so pure and fresh! 

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  1. Cute wishlist, the yankee candle is usually on my wishlist when i go shopping, i have to have one! xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  2. I love that wall art! I need it in my life!!! Also, I am planning on buying few Yankee candles as well :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. I love it too! Oliver Bonas is everything! x