How To | Be Motivated To Workout

Motivation is always something that I struggle with when I decide to work out. I can keep it up for maybe 2 weeks at a push and then I just get bored or tired and eventually give up.. until I decide to start again in a few weeks time. So I decided to scour the internet in the hope of finding some tips for workout motivation and I found a fair few ideas that I'd like to share with you guys - since it's not too late to start working on that summer body.. as long as you have the motivation to workout right through till that summer holiday! I would love to know if you have tried any of these in the past and if they worked for you. Also, if you guys (particularly you fitness lot!) have any more ideas on how to gain motivation when it comes to working out please feel free to share them in the comments - I need as much help as I can get, haha!

GOALS // Setting goals is possibly one of the most important aspects of workout motivation since you need to know what you want to get back from all your hard work! Make sure that every goal you make is realistic - so don't go in with the expectation to have instant abs.. lets be honest, we all know this is going to happen! Instead set goals like 'be able to do 10 pull ups' or 'lose a bit of stomach fat' these will be easier to achieve making you feel much more successful and then you can progress from there! Also, never set a weight goal since if you really put everything into working out and eating right your fat might turn into muscle causing you to weigh the same or even put on weight.. (muscle weighs more than fat!) this can definitely make you feel discouraged!

FUN // Be sure to make every workout fun, I know that the words 'fun' and 'workout' don't normally work in the same sentence but trust me on this one! Find a hobby that you actually really enjoy doing and that makes you fitter at the same time, don't force yourself to do a certain type of workout that you really hate doing - If you don't enjoy running, don't force yourself to run just to get fit! There are plenty of hobbies out there that you can take part in locally that also help you to get fit and this can also be a good opportunity to meet some new people who share the same interests as you. All of these little things can really help to make you more motivated to work out and enjoy your new hobby! 

REWARDS // When it comes to setting goals you should always also set rewards! Be sure to reward yourself every time you hit a new goal as this will keep you wanting to achieve more and more. Whatever you want the reward to be - those shoes that we're a little on the pricey side or that new lipstick that was eyeing you up, anything that will make you determined to keep going until you hit that goal. 

GYM - BUDDY // Having a friend to workout with is another huge way of getting motivated to workout, since you can motivate each other and keep each other on track to achieve your goals - it's like having a personal trainer for free! It's even better if you have the same goals because you can really work on them together and compare progress - this helps if you are both naturally competitive since you will strive to achieve more than the other and that in itself will keep you motivated! 

BLOGS AND VLOGS // I don't know about you but I'm always the most motivated after I've read a fitness blog or watched a fitness YouTube video.. there's just something about seeing people's progress and seeing how much they have achieved that really makes me want to do the same and be as successful as them - instead of just sitting there reading their post! Not only do you read some really helpful tips and tricks but you can also see the journey they have had with all of it's little ups and downs and you can really learn from their experiences. It's also a really great motivator to see what working out can really get you - whether it be an attractive body, a healthier lifestyle or a positive attitude, it's great to see these traits 'in person' to show that they aren't just an impossible goal that can never be achieved. 

PLANS // Having something planned that you want to look your best for is probably one of the best motivators around - just seeing that date get nearer and nearer is really all you need to get off the sofa and away from the chocolate! I've got a holiday planned at the end of August which is just barely keeping me motivated but I feel like now that we're pretty much into summer and August is just around the corner I'm starting to worry a little and the motivation is beginning to kick in! 

ROUTINE // Having a weekly workout routine can really help you to keep on track of how much you are working out and can also be a great motivator too! Writing out a weekly plan on your phone or even in your diary of what you're going to do and when is a brilliant way of nor only reminding yourself to actually workout but it also helps to enforce a routine that hopefully you'll stick to as the weeks go on! I have definitely found in the past that crossing days off on a calendar every time I worked out really helped me since I could see how far I've come and it made me not want to quit.

BALANCE // Last but not least, you need to strike a balance between pushing yourself but not too much! Be sure to allow yourself a few days off here and there when you're tired or busy, but always make sure that you go back to working out as soon as possible! If you push yourself too hard you will inevitably just give up anyway because it will become too hard and tiresome - so be flexible and don't be too hard on yourself for taking a day off!!


  1. I'm literally here on my computer searching for excuses to not go to the gym but this totally motivated me. Thanks for doing the post, they are always so great!!

    1. Awh! I'm glad you found this inspiring!! :) x

  2. It's great that you have your ways to stay motivated :) Sometimes I lack motivation and these tips will definately help me stay on track :) X

  3. These are some really awesome tips. I've been trying to get back into pilates for a while but just can't find the motivation - definitely going to keep these in mind the next time I try to get out of it! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. I love pilates so much - it's definitely one of my favourite ways to workout!! I'm glad you found my tips helpful! :) x