Top Three Thursday | Highlighters

I'm going to be honest, I've lost all blog post motivation.. and I am really not in the mood to write any posts.. so please bear with me! I've finally just handed in my last University assignment for Year 2 though, so I hope to spend a lot more time blogging, which will hopefully get me out of this slump! And to start me off I've decided to start a new series on my blog called 'Top Three Thursday' where every other Thursday I will go through a different section of my makeup drawer and review my top three favourite bits! This week I decided to show you my highlighters since its been so so warm and sunny recently and I love to wear a gorgeous highlighter when the sun in shining to give that full-on strobe effect! Also, be sure to let me know in the comments what makeup category you would like to see next and I'll make it happen!

1. Top Shop Glow Highlighter (Gleam) // In true Top-Shop fashion this adorable little highlighter comes in a gorgeous and expensive looking (for it'd price!) frosted glass jar with a screw top and the packaging is super pretty! The size of the little jar is perfect for anyone, whether you choose to apply your highlighter with a brush or with your fingers, and even though the product comes across as being super tiny trust me when I say one small pot will last you a lifetime! A little goes a long way with this product! (I've had mine for quite a while already!) I adore the 'Gleam' shade in this product, it is definitely a more golden tone than what I would normally go for as I tend to usually pick up the more pink-based shades, but it's still a gorgeous shade no less! This highlighter is cream based formula which is perfect for a build-able look, although this product doesn't need much building since it is quite pigmented and one swipe can give you amazing results! I would say the formula feels like more of a mouse than the traditional cream based formulas you see, which although makes it more difficult to apply with a brush, doesn't make application with your finger any more difficult!

2. Illamasqua Gleam (Aurora) // Well, what can I say?! Everything about this highlighter is gorgeous to me, which is why is most definitely takes a well-deserved spot in my top three. First off, as always the Illamasqua packaging is so sleek and gorgeous with an amazing twist on the traditional square packaging that you usually see on most makeup products - I really love the uniqueness of this, it just makes it look so sexy to me.. (can packaging be sexy?!..sure!) The actual product itself is a cream product, which I do love as I find this formula so much easier to apply to my face, it also makes the product easily build-able if you want to flaunt highlighter that could outshine a disco ball! The product also doesn't dry on your face and stays 'wet' meaning you can get a really healthy dewy look - I also find that these 'true cream' highlighters that don't dry seem to give the most natural look to me. However, I will say that the product is quite noticeable on the face because of this 'wetness' (ew?!) and can become quite uncomfortable throughout the day, so I definitely recommend it for a short use or use powder on top if you have to wear it all day long. Aurora itself is a gorgeous pale champagne colour with more of a warm pink undertone, it is also so light reflecting which definitely adds to that glowy look. I love warm pink colours for highlight, especially during the warmer months as I just find that they look so healthy and gorgeous!

3. Sleek Highlighting Palette (Solstice) // Now, if you've read my recent posts, you'll know that I have been obsessed with this highlighting palette for quite some time now and I somehow manage to squeeze it into every single post where I can! In fact, if you would like a more in-depth review of every shade in this set, I did a full review post that you can find right here! But anyway, for the sake of this quick little review I will do a short and snappy 'Spark Notes' type of summary. Basically this palette consists of 4 gorgeous GORGEOUS highlighting shades that are all designed to go on different areas of your face! Some of the shades are cream based whereas others are powder based making it easy to mix and match depending on the situation or mood you are in! My favourite shade of them all is by far 'Hemisphere' which is the pink baked highlighter, I find this shade to be so gorgeous on the skin and honestly one swipe on your face is more than enough because the pigment is super strong! 

(Swatches from top: Top Shop Gleam | Illamasqua Aurora | Sleek Highlighting Palette in Ecliptic | Hemisphere | Subsolar | Equinox) 


  1. I hope you find your blogging mojo soon! I've never tried a proper cream highlighter but now I want to try that topshop one! The color is absolutely gorgeous :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. I'm trying my best and I am starting to get my mojo back! The Top Shop one is super gorgeous, I definitely recommend it! x

  2. That Illamasqua highlighter looks gorgeous! Might have to go and check it out!