June Favourites

It's that time again and oh my god has it gone fast.. as ever, haha! No, honestly though it makes me so anxious to think about how fast the months are going and how quickly September and University will come back around.. gah! This month has been a weird one, I've spent pretty much my entire month at work or napping because of long early mornings at work so really the only fun I've had is going back to visit my mum, step dad and brother for a weekend! It was pretty nice to just to chill out though, just play board games and eat good food without any worries... *sigh* Speaking of worries, as per usual I've left writing this up to the last minute again so bear with me on that one.. as I am a sleepy mess at the moment, haha! Anywho, here are my favourites for this month! 

6 Things I Hate About Summer

Lets face it, you knew this was coming right... my last post which you can read here featured 6 things I love about summer and yes, while summer is nearly my favourite time of year (close second behind autumn because you can't beat berry reds, scarves and pumpkins!!) it does still have a few downfalls that we all suffer from! I'm pretty sure that we can all relate to a lot of these so be sure to let me know in the comments if you agree with me, also let me know if I missed anything that you also hate about summer! 

6 Things I Love About Summer

Despite working my bum off at my new job and the few rainy days we've had recently (Yes, on the first day of summer here in the UK it was completely pouring down with rain.. but let's just overlook that!) ...I am absolutely loving summer so far! I've had a few little days off here and there so I have spent a little time out in that sunshine and I am over at my Mum's this weekend so I am praying for good weather! I decided to do a quick post today about all the things I love about summer, because call me a stereotypical British girl all you like but I really do love the heat, the sun and all things summer! Be sure to let me know in the comments if you agree with any of the things I mention in this post and let me know what things you love about summer, I would love to know! ... bonus points if you can spot the amount of times I say 'absolutely love' in this post... ugh I annoy myself. 

Midsummer Manicures | feat. Barry M

It's the time again where we can break out the brightly coloured nail polishes and just go ham with our fingernails and toenails! I must admit I live for darker colours on my nails so winter and autumn are definitely the best times for me where I can play it safe with the dark purples and berry reds, but I do love to sport a bright colour, especially on my toes, every now and again! Clearly, when I do rummage through my nail polishes for those summer colours I always always pick out my beloved Barry M shades - I absolutely love all things Barry M! I've literally used their makeup and nail polishes since I started getting into all things beauty, I mean what is there not to love! I almost went out and bought the new coconut infusion range that Barry M have brought out recently, however I decided that instead I would show you some of my favourite classic Barry M shades that I have worn and loved over the past years during summer.. so yes, a few of these are quite vintage haha! and there are a few, so get comfy and enjoy, haha! *I review each colour from left to right as shown in the picture

What My Boyfriend Thinks Makeup Does

I've come across quite a few posts like this recently and I always love reading them because they honestly do make me laugh so much, it's so funny to see what boys actually think each makeup product does because it's knowledge that us girls take for granted! I thought it would be funny to jump on that bandwagon and write my own little post with my boyfriend Ethan who I've been with for 4 years now - so you'd think that he'd have picked up on a few little bits of makeup knowledge.. maybe?! I don't know, but I guess we'll find out! I honestly really do recommend you doing this post with your own boyfriend/partner/brother/dad because it really is super fun to do - if you do write your own, be sure to link me to it in the comments!

Summer Getaway Essentials

My summer holiday has just been booked *cheering* ...finally!! Granted, I'm (once again) not leaving the UK - can you believe I haven't been abroad for like 7 years! Instead we're staying in a super cottage-y cottage in Cornwall and I'm still excited as ever and anways it's not where you are, it's the company you're with.. (I swear that's not how the saying goes.. but whatever..lol) and I'm going with my lovely family and boyfriend (not that Cornwall isn't lovely! I love it there, but let's face it, it's not the Caribbean!!) so I am super duper excited! So excited in fact, that I've already started to think about what I'm going to pack.. bearing in mind we're not going until the end of August.. lol! So I thought I would share with you guys some of the things I would normally pack for a Summer getaway - whether it be a staycation or flying halfway across the world here are a few necessities you definitely should pop into your travel bag!

10 Things I Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

Saying 'sorry' is such a British thing to do, right?! Someone bumps into us on the street.. we apologise.. when we don't understand what someone is saying.. we apologise! Sometimes we even apologise for apologising.. but you get the idea! In the same way, there are so many things that we (not just British people either..!) do on a daily basis that we feel unnecessarily guilty for, things that we really shouldn't apologise for, because a lot of the time we need to do these things to give ourselves some down-time and feel human again! I feel like a lot of the time we are forced to feel guilty because these things aren't necessarily helping us to be successful, or helping us to get anything out of life - so I'm here to remind you that you can do these things every once in a while and you really don't have to feel guilty about them! Just like I didn't feel guilty for eating a fair few of those profiteroles...lol! Let me know in the comments if you agree with my list of things you shouldn't have to apologise for and also share your own ideas with me - I'd love to hear some of the things you do that you admit you need to stop feeling guilty about! 

Get To Know Me | The Beauty Blogger Tag

I wouldn't necessarily pop myself into the 'beauty blogger' category of the blogger community, but I do dabble in a few beauty reviews here and there.. I'm just no expert, haha! Regardless, I decided to do another tag post, since I love writing these so much... (especially when I'm super tired.. like today, haha!) and today I decided to do the beauty blogger tag because I'm in a bit of a makeup-y mood recently and I've loved experimenting with new styles and colours rather than just sticking to the same boring routine every single day. I'm also loving sharing a bit about myself recently as I did in my last post which you can read here! Anywho, let's get onto those questions and remember to link me to your own answers in the comments! 

Get To Know Me | A-Z Of Me

I recently saw this cute little post over one of my gorgeous blogging friends' blogs, she's called Hannah and you should check her out - right now, Go! You can go and read her post here! I really enjoyed reading her post because although it was short and sweet and I loved getting to know her a little more and I thought that it was such a good way of sharing a bit about yourself! So I thought I would jump straight on that bandwagon and write a little A-Z of me too, just to share all the little things that come together to make me! I also managed to somehow write something for every single letter believe it or not - so bonus points for me! If you've written a similar post please feel free to link me to it in the comment, because I always love reading little facts about you guys too! 

So Much To Be Thankful For

I've been having one of those days today, you know the ones where you just feel a bit empty and alone for no particular reason, but you stick on some James Bay and sit feeling sorry for yourself for a few hours. Yeah I'm in one of those slumps, I don't know if it's just because I'm tired or what, but I thought the best way to get out of it is to blog, since blogging does really do a good job at cheering me up - so I've got my coffee at the ready, I'm going to put on some Ariana and start writing a new post! Today I thought I would take a moment to talk about things I'm thankful for because I really do have so many things that I don't appreciate enough in my life and also I'm hoping this will do just the trick at cheering me up a little bit! Feel free to share your own things that you are thankful for in the comments so that we can all share a little appreciation for these things whether they be big or small! Also, side note - obviously this is only a short list and I'm thankful for other things like my life, clothes, food, netflix (lol) etc, but I chose to leave them out, since I thought they were a bit obvious and I couldn't think of anything to write about them, haha! 

My Plans For The Summer

Now that we're starting to see signs of the warmer weather here in the UK, it's making me super excited for the summer and since it's my first year staying down here in Portsmouth over the summer it definitely feels more like a beachy summer compared to past years! Last year I feel like I worked way too much and didn't really make it out into the sun as much as I had hoped (but you can read more about this and other ramblings here!) so this year I am definitely making it my mission to get out in the sunshine and enjoy myself as much as possible - despite working pretty much full time and then sleeping the second I get home, ahh well! I have faith in myself! So I thought I would share some of my summer plans with you guys, to not only give you some ideas but also to motivate myself to tick everything off - since writing something down definitely helps me to get it done! Feel free to share some of your summer plans down below, just don't make me really jealous by saying that you're going to some boiling hot exotic country somewhere because I will not be leaving the UK this year.. *sobs* 

My Workout Playlist | 21 Songs To Get Fit To

I'm quite enjoying the 'workout' path that my blog has taken recently (you can read my other workout posts here and here!) - not only is it proving to motivate you guys a bit more, but it's also motivating me to work out more too... when I have time anyways, since starting a new job where I'm on my feet for 6 hours is enough of a workout on its own! Spotify and music in general has definitely been a huge motivator for me when it comes to working out and I have definitely found that having a good playlist can be exactly what is needed to help get you up and working out - whether that be going to the gym, or doing some at-home yoga! I can definitely always be found blasting music through my headphones whenever I'm working out! So I decided to put together a quick list of my top songs that I like to work out to with a few oldies thrown in there too of course and to be honest these always pump me up the most, haha! - I tend to work out using my cross trainer or hula hoop so these songs are definitely more aimed at this type of working out and are more on the upbeat side of things! Let me know if any of these songs are also on your workout playlist and also feel free to share your own favourite songs to work out to in the comments, I definitely would love to add more songs to my playlist! 

A Ramble About Milestones | 100th Post!

When I was younger, I used to think that a 'milestone' meant something really big that you aim for, I guess it was something that felt really out of reach at the time - like getting married or achieving a degree. I suppose I didn't really appreciate the smaller milestones as much, like walking to ballet for the first time by myself (which was a bit traumatic if I'm honest, even at 12, haha!) or even just completing that homework that was super difficult! I guess looking back, I was super caught up in the present and the worries and stresses of what is coming next and I didn't really take a step back and look at all the little things I had achieved in life, that should really be celebrated! This is something that I still do nowadays if I'm honest, as I definitely tend to get distracted by the stress of my to-do list and often forget to look at all the things I've actually crossed off! But I'm trying my hardest to really appreciate the little things because they do need to celebrated, and I feel like we can often forget this! 

10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die | Bucket List

At the moment I feel like life has fallen into too much of a routine. Don't get me wrong, routines aren't always bad, in fact I do really need a routine to function since my Mum has brought me up that way! But I just feel like at the moment, I get up, go to work, eat tea and then go to bed and nothing much really happens in between, which got me thinking.. what do I actually want to do with my life?! I don't want to be completely cliche and do the whole 'you only have one life, live it' thing (lol that's a lie, that was almost the name of this post, haha!) but it is really true and I refuse to get to 80 years old and look back on my life with regret for all the chances and opportunities I didn't take! The first step to accomplishing good things and getting off your bum is making a list so I decided to write a quick list of a few things I want to do/achieve in life - my 'bucket list' if you like! (Hence the 'beachy' picture.. ha, see what I did there?! I'm so funny..)  I hope you enjoy reading my list, let me know if there's anything on there that you also would like to do, or even if you have already done a few of these things! Also, share you own bucket lists down below because I'd love to have a read and gather more ideas!

Thoughts Of A Blogger

I've been blogging for around 7-8 months now (and I'm also about to hit a big milestone.. but more on that in an upcoming post.. so watch this space!) and although this isn't such a long time compared to others, I feel like I have learned so much and I'm still learning new things every day! Over this time I've also had my fair share of blogger struggles and also experienced all the little thoughts that a lot of us bloggers have on what feels like a daily basis! So, I thought I would share some of those thoughts all us bloggers tend to have whether you're completely new to blogging or whether you've been blogging for years really! (and also attempt to answer them, in my own opinion!) - so that you and I can feel like we're not the only ones.. because I'm pretty sure that a lot of you out there feel the same way every now and again.. at least I hope!! If you guys have any other ideas of any blogger thoughts that you would like to share, feel free to share them in the comments - I would love to have a read!