A Ramble About Milestones | 100th Post!

When I was younger, I used to think that a 'milestone' meant something really big that you aim for, I guess it was something that felt really out of reach at the time - like getting married or achieving a degree. I suppose I didn't really appreciate the smaller milestones as much, like walking to ballet for the first time by myself (which was a bit traumatic if I'm honest, even at 12, haha!) or even just completing that homework that was super difficult! I guess looking back, I was super caught up in the present and the worries and stresses of what is coming next and I didn't really take a step back and look at all the little things I had achieved in life, that should really be celebrated! This is something that I still do nowadays if I'm honest, as I definitely tend to get distracted by the stress of my to-do list and often forget to look at all the things I've actually crossed off! But I'm trying my hardest to really appreciate the little things because they do need to celebrated, and I feel like we can often forget this! 

But anyways, the reason why I'm rambling about milestones is because I recently hit a couple of blogging milestones, that I definitely wanted to share with you guys! The first being that this is in fact my 100th post! How I got to 100 posts is beyond me.. that's 200 days, yet it only feels like 2 weeks, but at the same time it feels like 2 years..! I'm still a far way off some of you bloggers out there who have been doing this for years, but this is still a big deal for me! Mainly because I've never really stuck at anything in my life, pretty much any hobby that I've taken up I've quit within weeks... gymnastics, girl guides, knitting - you name it! (A bit of a bad habit when you also love to buy all the 'essentials' when it comes to every hobby.. oops!) In fact, the only thing I managed to actually stick at for a few years was ballet and now that I look back I'm so annoyed that I quit! So blogging is a bit special to me and I think that this just proves that - I mean somehow I've managed to stick at it for around 7 months now and I still love everything about it! I actually went back and read my first post (and had a huge cringe, haha!) and I remember exactly what motivated me in the moment to start blogging, mainly I was just bored all the time - because I'm such a socially awkward introvert, I definitely prefer my own company and having no uni at the time since it was Christmas meant that I just had nothing to do basically! So much has changed since then though and I do feel like I've come really far, not just as a blogger/writer/photographer (let's be honest, I've come pretty far as a blogger have you seen that first post..haha!!) but also just as person in general, since I've found that blogging is definitely good for boosting your confidence! I obviously hope I can stick at this for a hundred more posts and even further than that - I already have tonnes of ideas for Summer so watch this space!! I can't wait to see my blog grow and grow.. I mean, it's already grown so much from the first few months when it was called my-simple-life and was on wix.com! (I tried my best to find this so I could reminisce laugh at my past self and I can't find it anywhere.. I may have deleted it DAMN!) But so much has happened since then; I moved over to blogger, joined #thegirlgang, totally redesigned my layout.. multiple times.. got my own domain name, shared my personal life with my anxiety post, had a blog button designed for me, did my very first review for a product that a company sent me, reached over 20,000 page views, started advertising other blogs, dyed my hair blonde, finished year 2 of uni. started a new job, given you all some advice with my how to series, tweeted over 4,000 times, published 5 favourites posts and read 1077 lovely comments! So much has happened and it makes me so so happy, even looking back now to make that list has put a huge smile on my face - blogging truly is such a rewarding hobby to have and I don't care how cliche it sounds but it really was the best decision of my life to start rambling about my life... because, turns out, I'm kind of good at it! 

I've also 'met' so many lovely bloggers and friends along the way! I say it all the time, but the blogging community is really a loving place to be - everyone is so supportive and lovely and they genuinely are what keeps me going sometimes, especially when I'm super busy or tired and don't really feel like blogging; even just reading the lovely comments you guys leave gives me the motivation to finish writing and publish a new post! Twitter has obviously been a huge part of these friendships and has also allowed me to reach another milestone which is 3,000 followers! I used to have an old account (shamelessly dedicated to Glee.. my account name was @ohsowanky if you want to go and laugh at 15-17 year old me getting overly excited about the release of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer.. ugh so cringey!!) where I managed to somehow reach 1,000 followers and I remember thinking that I'd never ever be able to get more than that because it seemed like so many at the time and now here I am at 3,000 followers (without ever tweeting anything about Glee... lol) so I just wanted to be very cliche and thank everyone for all your lovely comments and support because it truly is what keeps me going sometimes!

But yeah, this is turning into a genuine ramble and I'm not really sure how I want to conclude it, haha! But I guess I just want to say thank you again, thank you if you've read all 100 of my posts or even if you've read just this one (although you should totally read more!! *wink*) you guys are all so lovely and gah I just want to hug you all! I love seeing my little space on the internet grow and grow so heres to many more posts!


  1. 100th post! Congrats! :-)
    I'm close to my 500th haha :D

    <3: Jasmin N
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    1. Thanks gorgeous! :) Omg! Early congrats for 500! x