June Favourites

It's that time again and oh my god has it gone fast.. as ever, haha! No, honestly though it makes me so anxious to think about how fast the months are going and how quickly September and University will come back around.. gah! This month has been a weird one, I've spent pretty much my entire month at work or napping because of long early mornings at work so really the only fun I've had is going back to visit my mum, step dad and brother for a weekend! It was pretty nice to just to chill out though, just play board games and eat good food without any worries... *sigh* Speaking of worries, as per usual I've left writing this up to the last minute again so bear with me on that one.. as I am a sleepy mess at the moment, haha! Anywho, here are my favourites for this month! 


1. Lush Shower Jelly (Refresher)
Now, I've always been a bit skeptical about these shower jellies, purely because I much prefer a simple shower gel.. boring I know! But after my friend gave me hers (since it probably wouldn't survive her long journey back home from uni as it needs to be kept cold!) I was able to try it out without spending any money! I really shouldn't have beaten it before I tried it because I actually fell in love, haha! Basically what you do is pop this little pot into the fridge or freezer and then break off a little piece to take with you to the shower and I can't tell you how great it feels to have a little cold piece of lush smelling soap on a hot summers day after work, haha! It lathers up so so well, so you really only need the tiniest little piece ever meaning it will genuinely last forever.. BONUS! The refreshers scent is by far my favourite out of all the shower jellies I have smelt, especially for this time of year because the lemon refresher scent is just so well.. refreshing, haha! It's definitely a scent I would use for a morning shower to get me ready to start the day right! 

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo has been my best friend for many years now, without it my hair is super limp and lacks any volume - all it takes is just a few little sprays of dry shampoo and I'm good to go! I don't doubt that I've probably mentioned dry shampoo a while ago in another favourites, but I mean that just proves how much I love it, right! As I've tried and tested many different I can say for sure that Batiste is definitely one of my favourites, if not the best one I've tried! There's not much to say about it really as it just basically does it's job well - you can also buy a huge can for pretty cheap in most drugstores so they pretty much last you forever, which is always great, haha! 

3. Soap and Glory - Peaches & Clean Deep Cleansing Milk
I've 100% mentioned this on my blog... many a time.. before, but I recently rediscovered it as for some reason the makeup I've been using have been irritating my face more that usual meaning that I've been red faced for most evenings, haha! So I decided to revert back to the good old days where I used to use this cleaner religiously to remove my makeup instead - as it is definitely much more gentle than makeup wipes and has so many good qualities such as moisturising that makeup wipes tend to lack (well.. the cheap ones I buy anyway!) and probably does a much better job at removing ever little smidge of makeup! The best part is the smell though... It smells soo amazing like peaches and cream, so your face is left smelling so lush which is always a bonus in my books!

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1. Adele 25
Although I absolutely fell in love with this album and every song on it when it was first released I recently rediscovered it since it became available on Spotify.. woo! Adele is just so bloody talented and has yet to release a duff song that I don't really like that much, I seriously want to go and see her live at some point! This album is probably my favourite as I genuinely love every song and could listen to them all day long. If I had to choose a favourite though I would probably say Million Years Ago or All I Ask - I don't know what it is about those two but I have had them both on repeat all week long, haha! 

2. My foot spa!
This is probably a really weird thing to put into my favourites, but I honestly couldn't really leave it out since I've used it pretty much every day since I got it..haha! As I keep mentioning on this blog (I know, I need to stop!) I have a new job where I'm on my feet and walking what feels like thousands  of lengths of a huge store for around 5 hours.. so you could say I'm on my feet a lot! And I guess my boyfriend was getting fed up with me complaining about my sore feet so he bought me a foot spa and some lush smelling bubbles to put into it! This foot spa in particular was a good find on my boyfriends part not only does it soothe my sore feet so well with its massaging bars both in the bottom of the spa itself and (as you can see on the top) but it also has 3 amazing settings, the first being vibration, the second bubbles and the third BOTH.. you can probably tell which one I use the most! Honestly, if you struggle with sore feet a lot I definitely recommend buying one because not only do my feet thank me after a lovely soak but they also feel so so soft and it keeps them in good condition, haha! If anyone is interested in my particular foot spa it's from a company called Better Life and I'm pretty sure you can find it on amazon! 

3. Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris 
I don't very often talk about books on this blog, mainly because I don't actually read as much as I should and also I have always been so terrible at book reviews, haha.. so bear with me! My Mum actually lended me this book after she read it on holiday and couldn't put it down at all - to be completely honest I was slightly skeptical to begin with since I've not always been the hugest fan of reading and I never seem to have time nowadays, but I had a 2 hour train journey home so I decided to whip it out and give it a go.. and oh my god! It's bloody amazing! This book is probably the most gripping book I've ever read and I genuinely couldn't put it down for my entire train journey to the point where I was honestly considering just staying sat on the train once I reached my home station, haha! The basic story line (without giving too much away) is based on a 'perfect couple' called Jack and Grace who come across as almost TOO perfect, to the point where you become pretty suspicious about their whole relationship.. the story takes place both in the present time and also in the past before Grace met Jack and (without sounding too cliche..) Grace's entire world was turned upside down - lets just say there's a MASSIVE plot twist that you don't really see coming and their perfect relationship isn't all it seems! If you're into kind of mystery, psychological thriller type books then this is definitely the book for you.. trust me when I say you will not want to put it down! 


  1. I've always wondered about the shower jellies, I never imaged they would last all that long but if you need so little, maybe they're worth giving a go! They've always intrigued me!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

    1. I would say they're definitely worth it! I use a tiny tiny amount every time so they would last for ages! :) x