Midsummer Manicures | feat. Barry M

It's the time again where we can break out the brightly coloured nail polishes and just go ham with our fingernails and toenails! I must admit I live for darker colours on my nails so winter and autumn are definitely the best times for me where I can play it safe with the dark purples and berry reds, but I do love to sport a bright colour, especially on my toes, every now and again! Clearly, when I do rummage through my nail polishes for those summer colours I always always pick out my beloved Barry M shades - I absolutely love all things Barry M! I've literally used their makeup and nail polishes since I started getting into all things beauty, I mean what is there not to love! I almost went out and bought the new coconut infusion range that Barry M have brought out recently, however I decided that instead I would show you some of my favourite classic Barry M shades that I have worn and loved over the past years during summer.. so yes, a few of these are quite vintage haha! and there are a few, so get comfy and enjoy, haha! *I review each colour from left to right as shown in the picture

NUDE // I have to admit I am a huge sucker for nudes, (haha.. how wrong does that sound!) 9 times out of 10 I can be seen wearing a nude nail - especially in the summer since nude nails look absolutely gorgeous with a tan! You all know that I'm the laziest person ever, so nude nails are pretty much perfect for me, it keeps my nails looking neat with minimal effort... and if they chip no ones even going to know! (unless they look up close, haha!) To be fair Barry M always lasts much longer for me than other nail polishes, so I don't often have that problem! This nude is coming up quite orange/yellow on camera but on your nail it's much more of a subtle off-white, nude which I absolutely love! 

ROSE HIP // Rose hip is a light, baby pink shade and comes from Barry M's 'gelly hi shine' range that provides an extra glossy finish - which is my opinion makes your nails look so good and put together! Baby pink is another one of those shades that is on the safe-side, it gives you that little pop of colour without being too in your face and also looks gorgeous with a tan.. as do most of these shades to be honest! This particular baby pink is probably one of my favourites as it is on the whiter side and is just such a beautiful colour - I love it! 

MARSHMALLOW // This one is definitely the perfect ring finger accent polish - I normally tend to pair this with rose hip, since the baby pink in marshmallow highlights that colour perfectly but to be honest it looks beautiful over any other shade of nail polish since the confetti is more on the white side! I fell absolutely in love with this confetti range that Barry M brought out (I believe it was a few years ago now though!!) and Marshmallow was by far my favourite, the confetti just pairs perfectly with any other colour and you get so much out of only one coat! 

DRAGON // Another one from the 'gelly hi shine' range dragon is a gorgeous true pink colour that is perfect for any summers day! I do love a bolder nail colour every now and again when I am particularly loving my nails (which isn't often, haha!) and when I do I definitely tend to reach for this colour - since it's such a gorgeous pink that goes perfectly with long nails!

PRICKLY PEAR // I must admit I don't think I've worked up the courage to wear this purple shade yet, since as I said I don't tend to go for bolder colours and purple isn't really a good colour for me.. I don't think so anyways! But nonetheless it is still a gorgeous shade for summer and for anyone who loves bright nails! I love that its more of a soft lavender-ish purple which makes it slightly more wearable in my opinion, as it's more subtle., so you never know I might actually break this one out this year! Also, can we just talk about that adorable name.. I can bet that I picked this up purely for the name, haha! 

BLUEBERRY // This is another one that is a little bit out there, but I have actually worn this one a few times - it's one of those colours that everyone notices and compliments.. I mean it is a gorgeous colour after all! This is a true cornflour blue and to be honest if I had to describe summer is one colour this would be it - it's so bright and just summery! I will definitely be wearing this one a lot this summer! 

MINT GREEN // Yet another one that looks amazing with a tan, this is probably my favourite one to wear when I've been on holiday and actually got a bit of colour on me! Even though it's a bit out there I feel like this one is so summery that you could definitely get away with it this time of year! 

ROSE QUARTZ // This is one of my all time favourite nail polishes for definite! Glitter nail polish is just amazing and I love it so much (even if it is a real annoying piece of work to get off, haha!) and whenever I decide it's going to be a glittery day I love going for this one in particular - the colours are just beautiful with small silver glitter and larger rose gold hexagon glitter that compliments any other nail polish colour! I love love pairing this with white nail polish underneath as it shows off the gorgeous glitter colours, either that or I use it to accent my ring finger which looks just as fabulous! You can also opt for wearing this on its own as the glitter is super pigmented when you use a few coats! 

AQUA GLITTER // Last but not least is another one of my favourite glitter polishes aqua glitter, this is basically all things summer in one little bottle! The gorgeous turquoise glitter is the perfect colour for any summers day and I absolutely love wearing this glitter shade if I am feeling brave and want to go bright! The glitter is super pigmented that you don't really have to wear any shade underneath, but I usually tend to pop a blue shade under just to be on the safe side! 


  1. Rose Quartz is one of my favourite glitters too, its gorgeous!

    Parie x