My Plans For The Summer

Now that we're starting to see signs of the warmer weather here in the UK, it's making me super excited for the summer and since it's my first year staying down here in Portsmouth over the summer it definitely feels more like a beachy summer compared to past years! Last year I feel like I worked way too much and didn't really make it out into the sun as much as I had hoped (but you can read more about this and other ramblings here!) so this year I am definitely making it my mission to get out in the sunshine and enjoy myself as much as possible - despite working pretty much full time and then sleeping the second I get home, ahh well! I have faith in myself! So I thought I would share some of my summer plans with you guys, to not only give you some ideas but also to motivate myself to tick everything off - since writing something down definitely helps me to get it done! Feel free to share some of your summer plans down below, just don't make me really jealous by saying that you're going to some boiling hot exotic country somewhere because I will not be leaving the UK this year.. *sobs* 

GO FOR A PICNIC // Picnics are like the ultimate summer pastime for me, being outside on a picnic blanket with cocktail sausages and strawberries just marks summertime for me and I can't go a whole summer without at least one picnic! I actually recently went out and bought a gorgeous summery picnic blanket so I don't have any excuse now, also in Portsmouth we have loads of lovely green areas and also a pebble beach to go and sit out on, so I can't wait to get out there in the sunshine with my homemade sandwiches! I also can't wait to actually get a tan and I feel like picnics are the best way to do this, I just have to be sure to slather myself in sun tan lotion, since I am one of those unlucky people who just seems to burn - particularly under my eyes which makes me look like a red panda, just a lot less cute! I just now have to convince my boyfriend to actually get outside and sit with me.. wish me luck, haha! 

SUNSET BEACH WALK // If you know me, you know I do love a good walk! Especially with my boyfriend I just feel like it's the perfect time to just actually have a good long chat which is something that we sometimes forget to actually do... (mainly due to the fact that we watch TV while eating our tea.. which is a naughty habit!) Sunset beach walks are like the ultimate type of walk for me especially in the summer where you can get that perfect temperature and it's not too hot or cold, I can't wait to get super romantic and go for a gorgeous beach stroll - maybe even get a few Instagram pictures in there too! 

GO ON AN ADVENTURE // One of the things I really did do a lot last year was go on little adventures! Actually, the picture above of the strawberries was taken back last year on one of these adventures when we stopped for a quick picnic - I was looking through all my old summer photos from last year and thought it was pretty much perfect for this post, haha! Me and my boyfriend loved just driving out to a little green-y area and going for a cute stroll! Luckily, he's very good with directions so we could pretty much walk anywhere we wanted and we'd always find our way back! (Personally, I'm terrible with directions, so you can tell I trust him, haha!) I always find that walking around with no intentions or destination is the perfect way to forget all your worries and stresses and just be! I will definitely be doing a lot of this this summer! 

READ A GOOD BOOK! // I hardly ever spend any time reading which is really terrible since I really do love just getting stuck into a good book - there are just so many other things that I should be doing all the time, and I just always seem to have an excuse not to read! But I feel like summer is the perfect time to start reading a new book, that way not only do you get really into a new book but you can also get out and enjoy the lovely weather - whether it be in your garden, at the beach or even fro m inside your house when you've turned into a lobster from being out in the sun for too long..! I personally love reading a good book on my balcony  since I don't actually have a garden- although I do have to make the most of the 2 hours of sun that is on it during the day, haha! 

VISIT FAMILY // Since this is my first summer away from my family I will definitely be making a few trips back home on the train to visit them and spend the weekend at home! Probably the thing I am most excited for back at home (other than seeing my lovely family of course.. hehe!) is having a barbecue, mainly because we can't actually have a barbecue here (well, without burning the people above us's balcony... wouldn't recommend that!) and I LOVE all things kebabs and hot dogs and coleslaw gah.. practically drooling just thinking about it! Another thing my family love to do in the summer is have a chimnea, which is basically a fire pit that we all sit around - I just love chatting with my family on a warm evening with a couple of drinks - sounds like a perfect summer to me! 

CRAZY GOLF // I feel like crazy golf is one of those things that needs to be on everyones summer to-do list! You can't deny that a quick game of crazy golf is so much fun and is the perfect way to feel super summery! We're quite lucky here in Portsmouth that the crazy golf is practically on the beach so I always feel extra beachy whenever I play it, haha! In fact, I actually have a free ticket that my brother won last year so I definitely have to use that - omg can you imagine me going round playing crazy golf on my own.. haha! I'd look a little crazy! 


  1. Love your list! Every summer I say, I'm going to walk along the beach and I NEVER do. I'm going to hopefully do it this summer as well!

    1. Hahah! I hope you get round to it - you really can't beat a beach walk!! x

  2. I love this list! I definitely want to go for a picnic with my best friend this summer as well. I mean there's nothing better than sunny weather, food & good company :) Since I live in Switzerland & there's no ocean here unfortunately I don't have the possibility to go on beach walks that often but I'll be on holidays for two weeks so then I'll definitely try to make the most out of it. The beach is such a happy place to me x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Awh! Picnics are so lush - it makes me feel so summery just thinking about it! :) I hope you have a lovely summer x