So Much To Be Thankful For

I've been having one of those days today, you know the ones where you just feel a bit empty and alone for no particular reason, but you stick on some James Bay and sit feeling sorry for yourself for a few hours. Yeah I'm in one of those slumps, I don't know if it's just because I'm tired or what, but I thought the best way to get out of it is to blog, since blogging does really do a good job at cheering me up - so I've got my coffee at the ready, I'm going to put on some Ariana and start writing a new post! Today I thought I would take a moment to talk about things I'm thankful for because I really do have so many things that I don't appreciate enough in my life and also I'm hoping this will do just the trick at cheering me up a little bit! Feel free to share your own things that you are thankful for in the comments so that we can all share a little appreciation for these things whether they be big or small! Also, side note - obviously this is only a short list and I'm thankful for other things like my life, clothes, food, netflix (lol) etc, but I chose to leave them out, since I thought they were a bit obvious and I couldn't think of anything to write about them, haha! 

THE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE // I feel like this year is the first year that I have been completely happy with the everyone that is in my life, mainly because I recently got rid (that sounds a bit suspicious.. but you know what I mean!) of everyone that wasn't making me happy anymore and all the people who were just making me feel negative and not happy at all - honestly, if you're not happy with the people in your life I urge you to do the same, it's so refreshing and honestly life changing! The first lot of people in my life that I am super duper thankful for are my beautiful friends, being a complete introvert I only have a very small close group of friends but that's just the way I like it! These friends are honestly the glue that keeps me together at times, especially when I'm feeling anxious and could honestly just go and sit by myself for weeks - they are always the ones that convince me to get myself back out there and conquer the world! In particular my gorgeous gorgeous best friend is honestly my world; she's always there for me (even when I go awol for a few days!) and even though we've literally only been friends for less than 2 years I feel like I really could trust her with anything - she's the one who got me through 2 years of uni and I wouldn't have it any other way! My family are the other amazing people that I am so thankful for and I feel like since moving out I've reached a whole new level of appreciation and love for all of them that I didn't realise I had when I spent every minute of my 19 years with them! They all did so much for me, not only physical things like cooking my tea and helping me out with money but also mentally by providing me with the support, love and advice whenever I needed it! My mum in particular is who I should be most thankful for since she has literally been my rock forever and I love her and miss her to bits! Last but not least I am also thankful for my lovely boyfriend Ethan; the past 7 years of our friendship and 4 years of our love have been EVERYTHING, I honestly can't thank him enough for everything that he's done for me - being there when no one else could be, supporting me when times get tough or even when I'm just PMSing and loving me through everything... (even when I come in from a night out.. I'm a really annoying drunk, haha!) I just love the fact that I have someone that I can literally just share every thought and feeling I'm having with, I can just be completely uncensored and not have any fear of being judged, which is super difficult for me with other friendships! Ours is the longest friendship I've ever had and it means everything to me, I can't ever imagine my life without him. I'm not only thankful for everything that my gorgeous boyfriend does for me but also I'm thankful for the fact that I even have a boyfriend at all because I definitely would not be able to do the whole dating thing nowadays.. I've grown into such a shy little introvert - I would definitely just become a crazy cat lady, haha!

MY HOUSE // I'm also so thankful for my little house.. it's nothing special, just a tiny one bedroom flat with absolutely no storage space and a broken toilet, but it's mine and it's home! I'm literally so thankful that, at the age of 20, I've been able to move out of my family home and start a proper 'adult' life with Ethan - it's been everything I've wanted and more! Some people may think that I'm not getting to do the 'proper' university, student experience, but trust me, I tried that last year and absolutely hated every second of it, my mental health was at an all time low and I never truly felt at home in old student home, which is why I'm so thankful for this little flat where I get to be comfortable, where it actually feels really homely and where I can sing as loud as I want and no one is going to hear me, haha! 

SUNSHINE // I've literally been saying for years that I swear sometimes that I'm solar powered.. haha! Honestly, when the sun is shining I always feel so uplifted and happy - I guess that's why I love summer so much, as much as I love getting cosy with a hot chocolate in the winter, you really can't beat a good beach walk in the summer time when the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky! Not only does it put me in a super happy mood but I swear everyone else around me is just really chirpy too and obviously that just adds to the glorious mood! I really can't wait to get out in that sunshine this year, I have so many plans for day trips and little events that me and Ethan can go to - I'm getting so excited just writing this! But yeah, as you can tell; I'm so thankful for the beautiful sunshine.. can you tell that I'm British, haha?! 

MY MENTAL HEALTH // Obviously I have my ups and downs when it comes to mental health and I feel like anxiety will always be a daily battle for me - I'll always have bad days, but that's just life I suppose! But I am really thankful for my mental health at the moment, not only for those good days but also for the fact that I have learned how to deal with my anxiety and get through it, I've learned how to really make the most of those good days and celebrate them and also how to get through those bad days and not just spend all day feeling sorry for myself! I'm also so thankful for the position that I'm in with my anxiety at the moment, I only truly found out that I had anxiety last year and it really was a tough year; especially when my parents and my friends didn't know and the only person who could really be there for me was Ethan. But now that my family know, I feel so supported and in a good place, they've all been so lovely about it and now I really feel like I have such an amazing relationship with them because of it! Although mental health is viewed in such a negative light I'm actually so thankful for the person that my anxiety has made me become, I feel like I'm a much stronger person for it - I face my fears on a daily basis, even if those fears are just walking to the shop or going to a job interview or talking to a stranger I've conquer so many things and the feeling after I've done these things is so rewarding, I really do have my anxiety to thank for this!


  1. It is such a good idea to write down things you are thankful for as I think alot of us forget/take it for granted. It is horrible when you feel down and in a slump, hope you feel better soon.

    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

    1. Definitely! :) It really did help to cheer me up a little bit! x