4 Summer Struggles All Girls Will Understand

Since my last relatable girl struggles post '8 Struggles All Girls Will Understand' went down so well, I thought why not do another?! Being a girl is pretty hard during the summer months and we go through so many annoying little struggles from shaving to the illusive bikini body to boob sweat.. yes boys who have stumbled over this post you heard me right... boob sweat. So I hope you can laugh along with me in this post while I share some of those relatable things that we definitely have all struggled with at some point during the summer months! Let me know in the comments if you relate to any of the things that I mention and feel free to share your own summer girl struggles, if I've missed anything! Also, if you're looking for more summer struggles you can click here to read the '6 Things I Hate About Summer' where I talk about some of the worst things about summer - I sound like such a summer hater.. I promise I do love summer really, haha!

1. BIKINI BODY... OR LACK THEREOF // Okay.. starting on a bit of a bummer serious note.. Who can genuinely put their hand up and say they are 100% happy with their body... let alone their body in a bikini?! I'm guessing only a small handful of you lucky people! The rest of us are far too in love with food for any of that nonsense - trust me I know this far too well! Well as we all know, summer is the season of the bikini body and for us girls this can be a little daunting to say the least..Girls everywhere all over social media, magazines, movies in their cute summer bikinis with their perfect figures it's no wonder we all feel so insecure! The only advice I can give for this is just rock it - at the end of the day it doesn't matter what other people think, so wear what you feel comfortable in and just enjoy the sunshine! 

2. BOOB SWEAT.. WELL, SWEAT IN GENERAL // You can pretend that you don't sweat and only sparkle all you like but if you can seriously say you've never suffered from boob sweat, you're lying to yourself! I'm pretty sure it's something that all us girls have experienced at some point in our lives, and let's face it.. it's up there on the list of uncomfortable and annoying things! Sweat in general is just a huge pain in the bum, particularly for us girls.. especially us girls with a lot of thick hair that covers our necks.. There's nothing more annoying than hair sticking to the back of your neck on a boiling hot day! 

3. COSSIE (SWIMSUIT!) COMPLICATIONS // I feel like swimming costumes are getting more and more strappy and more and more complicated as the years go on.. as it's now fashionable for all your bits and bobs to barely be covered by straps the actual 'art' (?) of putting on your swimsuit/bikini can be a bit of a task, to say the least! We've all been there, it looks so cute on the hanger but the second we take it off to try the thing on, the head hole is completely gone and we don't know where to put our arms..  before you know it your foot is coming out of one of the cut out sides and you can't get out! Honestly, I've been there and it can genuinely take around 10 minutes just to figure out what goes where!

4. TAN LINES FROM SAID CUTE STRAPS // Going on from my last point all these straps and cut outs are an absolute nightmare when it comes to crazy tan lines.. it's all fun and games when you're out in the sun, you've got your cute swimsuit on, you're looking good - then you go home for a quick shower and you realise that you actually look like a zebra.. swimming costumes aren't the only culprit either - I have plenty of cute strappy tops that make me go full zebra too!

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  1. Boob sweat & tan lines are aweful, haha! Another thing is when you take your sunglasses off, and they get caught in your hair... So painfully annoying, haha! This post gave me a giggle :) xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty