An Apology and A Q&A

Ugh. I so wanted to be the blogger who could say she never missed a post day. But it was inevitable, the stress was too much and I just needed that day out in the sunshine to revive myself! But I'm back, at least semi back.. my laptop is still broken, but I miss you guys so I'm doing my best! (You can read the broken laptop story and other stresses here if you really want to, haha!)I probably won't fully be back until September, but we'll just see how it goes from now really! Anyway, so if you follow me on twitter (which you should @jemmasimplelife - lets just ignore that shameless promo, haha!) you'll know that I've been asking for questions for my next Q&A and now that I've compiled a fair few I've decided today would be the best day to answer your questions! Thanks so much to everyone who tweeted me, once again your questions were fabulous! (You can read my first Q&A here) And if you missed out do be sure to keep updated with my tweets so that you can have your question answered next time! 
Anyways... on to the questions! 

I've probably said this a million times and I know it sounds completely cliche but my favourite thing about blogging is 100% the people and other bloggers that you get to meet along the way! Honestly, the blogging community is just amazing, I've met some seriously fabulous people through this hobby! Also, whenever I hit a blogging slump and I don't really know if I can keep writing posts I always go straight over to my comments and reply to them all, seeing all the lovely comments seriously motivates me to keep going because if I stopped writing posts I wouldn't get to talk to all you lovely lot.. okay I'm stopping before this gets really soppy! My least favourite thing about blogging (especially at the moment!) is the stress and pressure it puts on me sometimes. I guess because I'm a perfectionist, I feel like I have to post something good every other day without fail and sometimes it really just isn't possible alongside other work! I need to remember that at the end of the day it is still just a hobby so I can take the pressure off a little!

Honestly I spent ages trying to think of a good place I would love to live that was made up but I guess I'm such a fuss pot that I genuinely can't pick one! See, my quick answer would be anywhere in the city, I absolutely love the busy-ness of London and I've always wanted to visit somewhere like New York. But when I actually think about it I don't think I could put up with a city for too long, as an big introvert I would seriously much prefer a secluded cottage in the middle of nowhere (but nothing too creepy, haha!) so maybe I could have my secluded cottage and then my London town house on the side for when I'm feeling like going to the city.. haha! Okay I'm stopping! 

If I were to match my personality up to an animal I would probably end up being something boring like a fish.. so I'm happy that this is my choice, haha! I think if it were up to me I'd probably be a cat. I thought about being something like a bird which would be pretty amazing, but then I realised I'd definitely miss cuddles and being pampered occasionally.. lol! So I think a cat is definitely the answer, that way I can still be my introverted self when I want to, but also come back for food and cuddles when I need it, haha! 

It's going to sound so cliche again but ahh well! My family and friends and obviolsly my boyfriend are what genuinely makes me happy! If I had answered this question a couple of years ago I probably would've said something like chocolate or whatever TV show I was addicted to at the time (probably Glee.. haha!) I mean obviously I still loved my family and friends just as much but I think because I haven't seen a lot of them in a while it has really made me realise how happy they make me when I'm with them! Now that I've moved away from home I cherish all the time I get to spend with them and it's so much more real and happy! 


  1. I really enjoyed reading this Q&A and finding out more about you, thank you :) I also don't think you should be hard on yourself about missing a post day! Life happens! :)

    Alice | Whiskey Jars Blog

  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I am new to the blogging community but from what I have experienced so far everyone is so motivated its great :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great Q&A! Sometimes a break is needed. It's best to take care of yourself first! Happy to see you're back though :)

    xo, Liz