Update #6 | I'm Busy Until September?!

For once I really NEED to do an update post.. rather than just deciding to write a chilled out update about whats been going on in life lately, I kind of need to fill you guys in on what will be happening in the near (nearer than I thought!) future, as I'm not sure whether it's going to effect my posting on this blog - but I'll get into that later! So as you can probably tell by the title, I have a lot on my plate at the moment, I've basically just sorted out my diary and to-do list and realised that I genuinely am busy now until September and that thought scares me! I actually have one more week of peace before it all kicks off so I'm really trying to make the most of the lazy days! I actually had a really lush day at the beach today.. despite managing to burn my chest and nose... (always wear sun cream people!) So yeah, here's my quick update (/to-do list) if you guys are interested - I'm not entirely sure whether my blog will suffer from my busy schedule, but I am really going to try my best for you! 

So, to start off my crazy month and a bit, I've got both sides of my family (mum and dad) down for a couple of days - obviously I'm super excited about this one as I haven't seen any of them in so so long, especially my little sister who I miss loads! My lovely brother is also coming to stay for a few days so I'm getting excited about that too (I have to say that because he might read this... haha! Just kidding Jamie x!) I am so praying for nice warm weather because then I can start to actually tan... (yes.. starting to tan...at the end of July, I know - that's a British summer for you!) I daren't get my legs out until they are slightly more brown because they are so white right now, I could probably blind people, it's embarrassing! Then, after all that fun, I'm dog-sitting/kitten-sitting/chicken-sitting (yes.. chickens!) for my manager for 2 weeks! Luckily I don't have to do this alone and Ethan will be staying with me, as I may not survive.. he can deal with the chickens because I literally have no idea what to do with them, haha! I've actually dog-sat before for a friend and absolutely hated it, so I can't say I was too thrilled when he asked if we would dog-sit for him; but thank god these dogs are slightly more laid back so we should be okay! During the dog-sitting we are also actually moving house... yes moving house, I know! (Can you tell I wasn't the one planning all of this.. stress if my worst enemy..dammit Ethan!)  So we will be going between my managers house and the flat, packing all of our stuff up and moving it into our new house - it's all very exciting but oh my lord is it going to be a stress! I will definitely be doing a better update on the move and also probably some sort of house tour once we've moved, so if you're interested in that then watch this space. Then the day my manager gets back from their holiday we are actually departing for our own holiday! To be fair we're only departing a few hours to Cornwall, but I am still absolutely buzzing - we're going away for a week to a little cottage near the beach with my Mum, Step Dad and brother and I literally can't wait! I feel like it'll be just what I need come the end of August after all this stress, so I definitely can't wait to lie out on the beach and finally get my rays on, haha! Then when we come back from holiday we will have moved into the new house and I have one more week left of summer before I go back to uni - where the heck has the time gone! Summer has just disappeared honestly! Oh and did I mention, I will be working 5 days a work during all of this (obviously apart from the week in Cornwall!) so yeah.. stress city over here! But if I can get through this then I can get through anything right, haha?!

Okay, so this is where it effects you guys! Basically the plan was to bulk write a lot of posts, so that I can still post every other day (or near enough!)  as I do now... BUT! My laptop has decided to break at the most annoying of times.. ugh. This means that I need Ethan's PC to write blog posts.. which is do-able, I mean it's not quite lounging on my bed with snacks comfy-cosy blogging (in fact I'm squished up under a blanket on a the uncomfortable sofa right now trying to write this on the computer, haha!) But that's not really the issue.. the issue is he doesn't have an SD card reader so that I can upload photos from my camera.. which is a huge bummer, it's all gone a bit mad really! So I'm not entirely sure what will happen if I'm honest... Ethan is going to try his best to fix my laptop as soon as possible, so if that's an easy fix then we can get back to posting every other day and all will be fine but until then I'm not really sure! Obviously I will keep you guys updated on Twitter, so if you aren't already following me you should click here so you know what's going on, haha! 

But anywho, I'm both excited and nervous about everything that's happening next month! Obviously it's not really the summer I had dreamed of - tanning on the beach with a good book and an icrecream! But these things need to be done and at least I'll be keeping busy! I hope you guys didn't die of boredom reading this post, I just basically wanted to share my plans with you lot to keep you updated so you know what's going on! Let me know you summer plans in the comments below (I hope they aren't as hectic as mine!) and also let me know if you're excited for a new house tour - woo! I will also definitely see you guys soon for my next post on Tuesday! 

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  1. Oh wow that sounds busy but you should have a load of fun! We're looking to move in late August *fingers crossed* as well as both starting at new jobs, so I understand your stress! Hopefully you'll get plenty of time for a bit of r and r on holiday in Cornwall. I'm pretty sure you can buy external SD card readers - that might be worth a try?

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk