Update #7 | Candyfloss, Cats & Cocktail Sausages

I've actually had such a good summer, despite the stress - the weather has been amazing and I've finally got a bit of a tan, woo! I'm definitely starting to get the uni blues again and I'm in denial that I have to go back to referencing and lectures in a few weeks so I thought now would be a good time to reflect; and since I've always loved reading 'my summer in photos' posts I thought I would do one big update post for a few of my favourite things that I got up to this summer! Although I didn't take as many photos as I would've liked to, I had some really beautiful and enjoyable days out in the sunshine and as I promised in my last post there are a fair few pictures of cute kittens.. so that makes up for it right?! Let me know in the comments some of your favourite things that you got up to this summer as I would love to know and I hope you enjoy these cute and also really cringey pictures from my summer! 

My first proper day off of the summer and luckily it was also a glorious hot day! I say luckily because it's forecast to be super cloudy later on in the week and it would usually be just my luck that it would tip down with rain on my only day off! I somehow managed to drag my boyfriend away from his computer long enough for a quick picnic on the common near the beach and also for a little adventure up Portsdown Hill! First off we made our way over to the beach, (with a cheeky shop at tescos for all the picnic food.. hence the epic picture of the cocktail sausage.. yes you saw that right, haha!) we opted for a picnic mainly so that we could make use of our new picnic blanket! We found a great space in a the lovely green area near the beach called 'the common' which was surprisingly empty for a hot day as it's normally bloody packed there, lol! We spent way too long there and only decided to leave when my hayfever was getting a little too much and my eye makeup had run the entire length of my face, haha! (Probably wasn't the best idea to sit in a field...) We then made our way over to the beach to take a few cheeky pictures of the sea - ahh I love living near the sea and I really don't appreciate it enough sometimes! Then we went for a little adventure up Portsdown Hill where you can see for miles over Portsmouth - we could also see our flat from all the way up there which was a little cute, haha! Obviously we took way too many photos and selifes.. which Ethan wasn't overly pleased about... as you can tell from the top middle picture, lol! - I swear we can never get a good photo of the both of us!! 


 Yes, it had genuinely been an ENTIRE month before I was actually able to enjoy another gorgeous day out in the sunshine (to be honest, I did have a lovely weekend at home with my Mum some when in between but I decided not to take many photos because most of them would've been of me napping or eating.. lol!) But anyway, once again I dragged my boyfriend to sunny Brighton since it has literally been my dream for so so long now to go and visit 'The Lanes' and have a look round all the cute little shops there - as you can tell, I didn't take my photos, actually I only took one of my lush mocha that I had when we first got into Brighton, but trust me it was a lovely day, haha! First off we went and had a yummy breakfast in a cafe that I can't remember the name of.. oops! Then we had a quick buzz round all the shops in the lanes and had a nosey at all the cute trinkets and quote plaques that are in most of the shops there! We also made out way over to the actual town and decided to stop in Tiger first, which is definitely up there as one of my favourite shops - I absolutely love all the random things they sell in there, (you should definitely go if you haven't been! It reminds me of Ikea but for trinkets and random things!) if you want to see what I actually ended up buying you can click here for a full haul of everything I bought on this day! We obviously also went into Lush where I managed to control myself and only buy one bubble bar, okay fine it was because a huge crowd of tourists came into the tiny shop.. but I like to think it was because of my amazing self control, haha! Then we made a little trip to the beach, because you can't really go to Brighton without going to the pier, right?! We had a look around the few trinket shops on the beach and swooned over all the amazing art that they were selling for stupid prices and then I made the unfortunate mistake of buying candyfloss on a stick... (I've been craving it for ages!!) for some reason little sticky bits of sugar kept flicking off and landing on my white top and black leggings so I was pretty much just an entire sticky mess by the end of it - It was so worth it though!! (to be honest that was better than the entire thing just flying off in the wind and landing in someones hair like I thought it would, lol!) We then made a rushed trip back to the car before we had to pay a crazy amount of money for the car park and made our way back home!! 

Then after spending two gorgeous days in the sun with my Mum and Dad it was time for me and Ethan to go and look after our mangers pets! I think I had forgotten exactly how many animals he was asking us to look after and when I walked in the door I was reminded that we had two dogs, two cats, four kittens and chickens to look after for these next two weeks! Honestly though, I had the best time the dogs were the most welcoming and cuddly dogs I have ever met in my life they were definitely the kind of dogs that never leave your side which I seriously love (I didn't actually get any pictures of them on my camera only on my phone, so that's why they're not in the collage! *sad face*) and the kittens we're absolutely adorable as you can see - it was actually so interesting to see how they grew over the two weeks we we're there. It started off that they barely left the little bed they had and would only ever wonder over to the food bowl at meal times but by the end of the week they had gotten super adventurous, they'd figured out how to get on top of the dining table and even how to get through the cat flap and out the back door which wasn't quite so funny, haha! But obviously as you can see they spent most of their time sleeping and being cute, so I managed to snap plenty of pictures... I mean I just had to share the cuteness! The cats we're also just as adorable of course, we actually didn't even know their names whilst we we're there so they adopted the names Tea-cosy and Johnathon for two weeks (sorry cats, haha!) we named the girl Tea-cosy because whenever she lied down, she would tuck her arms in and look like a tea-cosy and the boy was called Johnathon.. because why the hell not, haha! I was actually pretty sad to say goodbye to all these animals but we had to leave for our own holiday to Cornwall (which I will writing and update post about soon!) and I definitely have missed their cute little faces but I hope to go and visit them all soon for more cuddles! 


  1. Great post! I would love to visit Brighton it looks so nice! And those kittens are adorable 😍 Xx

  2. I had a bit of a tan as well, but amazed by how quickly mine faded! *cries a little inside* Those kittens are honestly so cute- I don't think I could ever get nicer shots than the ones you have here :)

    Kyia at http://wanderlustgirl-kb.blogspot.ca