September Favourites

I say it every month, but honestly September has been and gone in a complete blur! Like, where did it actually go!? I had to honestly double check to make sure I wasn't actually supposed to be writing my August favourites instead... I've moved house, started uni and now I'm starting to get back into the swing of things with blogging again and I'm so excited for things to get back into a relaxed routine like it was months ago, haha! I honestly haven't had much time to sort out what my favourites are this month (but let's be honest, when do I ever plan my favourites in!) and I've obviously done a lot of homeware shopping for the new house, so I haven't really bought or loved anything else this month. Speaking of which, if you're interested in seeing more homeware bits and bobs let me know and I'll do a homeware haul of some kind, probably featuring a lot of autumnal bits as I am definitely now starting to get into autumn and everything burgundy and orange and cinnamon and pumpkin!! Anywho, here is my very very last minute September favourites, I hope you enjoy and let me know what your favourites are this month down in the comments!! Oh! Also! Apologies if the quality of the pictures looks any different, new house and new lighting definitely took its toll.. also I have a new editing programme so I don't know what that's like... also, I think I messed around with the settings on my camera.. so yeah! Let me know what you think, haha! 


1. Ghost Eclipse perfume
I have absolutely worn this fragrance to death for the entirety of September... well to be honest the entire Summer, I feel like I was really making the most of it before we go into Autumn because it's such a Summery scent to me that completely reminds me of holidays and just everything about summer. As much as I don't want to put it down I think I'm going to have to go back to my well loved Chanel No. 5 now that it's stating to get colder...I know for a fact that the second the weather starts to pick up again next year though I will 100% grab this perfume straight away! I absolutely love the scent, it's very citrus-y which is definitely why I love it so much - I've found recently that I tend to go towards citrus scents more than anything, but it does also have a slight spice to it that I also love!

2. Soap & Glory Hand Food
Now that we're getting into cracked skin and rough hand season I've broken out one of my favourite moisturising products and I've been using it religiously! I've particularly loved this product all through September because where I've been busy moving house and working 5 days a week my hands have for sure been working over time and they definitely needed a pick-me-up! As all Soap and Glory products, this hand cream smells delicious with strawberry and mandarin giving it a gorgeous fruity smell! Not to mention, it also works absolute wonders on dry hands - I've had so many evenings when my hands are seriously struggling and I just pop on a bit of this and they feel super duper soft and nourished! Definitely a must-have for autumn/winter! 

3. Loreal Elivive Nourish and Shimmer Highlights Conditioner
This conditioner has been well and truly loved this month and I've pretty much used the entire bottle to be honest...oops! I don't know what's wrong with my hair right now, but I'm really not loving it, I pretty much wear it in a bun 24/7 and I don't really like the look of it down, but this conditioner has seriously saved it by making it so soft and feel so nourished! I absolutely love the scent of this conditioner too and I love how it's definitely a scent that lingers on your hair for a while - so be sure to get EVERYONE to sniff your hair, lol! Obviously this conditioner is for highlighted or coloured hair like mine, so it has for sure kept my hair looking healthy and definitely brightened the blonde in my hair! Speaking of which, I have literally just booked another exciting hair appointment to go and get my hair dyed back to my natural shade!! If you read my Hair Saviours post or followed me on twitter around 6 months ago, you'll know that I got my hair drastically dyed with bleach blonde highlights.. I never really loved it, I mean I liked it, but I never loved it - so now it's kind of reached that point where I want it back the way it was and I thought the best time to do that was as we go into autumn, since I love the look of burgundy and orange with brunette coloured hair! Don't get me wrong, it was nice being blonde for the summer but I definitely can't wait to get it dyed back now! I'm getting it done in October so if you want pictures as soon as it happens definitely follow me on twitter - I will for sure be updating you with nervous tweets all day long there! 


1. Chesapeake Bay Pumpkin Something Candle
As you will see in my upcoming autumn homeware haul I took a long awaited trip to a little place called Homesense.. or as I like to call it 'Heaven'! For those of you who have never heard of homesense (first of all... you're completely missing out!) but it's basically a massive version of TKMaxx's homeware section where they have so so so many furniture items, decor bits and bobs and stationery.. basically my dreamland, haha! But anyway, enough about Homesense since I know for a fact I will be gushing about it in my homeware haul post... This candle smells bloody AMAZING. annoyingly I took the label off in a moment of excitment to light it, but I remember it was something like pumpkin cheesecake or creamy pumpkin or something like that... basically it smells like all things Autumn and I love it! I actually bought another one to go with it, that smells so good too, but you'll have to wait for the autumn decor haul for that one (ooh.. cheeky, haha!) The best thing about this candle is that you don't actually have to light it for it to make a room smell nice - I've just got this sitting on my coffee table and my living room smells like an autumn wonderland or like I'm constantly baking pumpkin pie which I don't hate, haha! So if you're every routing through the tonnes of candles in Homesense or TkMaxx I definitely recommend Chesapeake! 

2. The cutest notebook from TKMaxx
Another cheeky find from TkMaxx was this super cute notebook.. with this obviously very suiting quote on the front! Now that I've started uni back up again (ew!) and I've started writing my dissertation (double ew!) this thing has got some serious use...  oh by the way, I'm not sure if it's too late now since everyone is already back at uni but I will definitely be writing some sort of uni post to go up soon, so if you're a fresher or you're just interested in some tips for university and my experience with university then definitely check that one out! I actually have quite a few little note books from TKMaxx since I am a definite stationery hoarder and they always seem to come out with the best stationery, particularly their cute notebooks.. so if you're looking for new cute, affordable stationery definitely make TKMaxx your first stop, just don't blame me when you end up buying everything, haha! 

3. Primark Slippers
I feel a bit like an old woman for putting slippers in my favourites.. but I couldn't not mention them to be honest, since these have been on my feet pretty much since the day I got them, yes I am embracing my inner Grandma! I honestly can't put into words how comfortable these slippers are, but they're memory foam so you can just imagine the foot heaven for yourselves... and they're Primark so super cheap and affordable! Honestly, if you're after a comfy pair of slippers to keep your feet toasty now that we're going into Autumn, I 100% recommend these! They have so many other cute colours too! 


  1. That notebook is so cute! This post reminded me that I definitely need to make a trip to Homesense - I forgot all about it but now that we're rolling into Autumn, I think its a great time to pick up some new home decor! :) xx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Awh thanks lovely! :) Yeah definitely make a trip to Homesense, all their autumn bits are so cute!! x

  2. The look of the Ghost bottle alone has made me want to smell the scent! I love all things Soap and Glory and I've just won a Soap and Glory giveaway which is just as well because I always get through them so fast! I also love candles and that one sounds amazing 😍 Totally agree and love TKMaxx notepads, they always have so many that I want ALL the time! Those slippers look sooooooo snug! I think I know where I'm heading this weekend! Great post!

    Shannon //

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment! :) Ghost smells as amazing as it looks trust me, haha! x

  3. I'm obsessed with S&G hand food! I keep a tube on my desk at work. That notebook is so cute! TKMaxx do the best stationary!