Update #9 | Saying Goodbye To My First House

First up, yes I am back again. Ugh, the struggle has well and truly been real. I'm hoping I'm now back for good though, since I now have my new laptop and every actually seems to be working for once!! Just know that you can definitely expect more posts from now on, if not every other day! Yay, that makes me so excited - I've genuinely missed the blogging life so so much! I am also back at uni tomorrow though so we'll see how excited I am once the reality of coursework and the dreaded 'd word' (dissertation!!!) sets in! But yeah anyway, it happened, I finally moved house! I've actually been moved for a few weeks now (it's a long, boring story that's consists of one broken computer and one empty bank account!!) and I'm definitely still unpacking all of these bloody boxes that just never seem to end! Everything is starting to have a home though and stress levels are gradually decreasing, thank God for that!

Moving house was actually quite bitter-sweet for me, I did seriously love the flat - how modern it was, the massive windows and the bath!! But I will definitely miss the views the most... looking out of your bedroom window and being able to see the sea in the distance will always beat this view that I get now of people's gardens any day! But anyways, we needed a change and the lack of storage space was starting to really get on our nerves (well... My nerves mostly, especially since Ethan refuses to throw away any boxes 'in case we ever need them'... hmph!) and we definitely needed somewhere with more room so we weren't always on top of eachother like we were in our tiny 3 room flat!

We're actually in a 2 bedroom house now which gives us so so much more room! Ethan is able to have his own office space (so you can imagine where all the boxes are being kept... haha!) and I have so many more rooms to decorate with knick knacks and make really cute! (As you can imagine I already have a long list of Autumn decor that I want to buy to make the place all cosy for Autumn... And I don't even want to talk about my Christmas decor list...*hides face* haha!!) We also have a little garden which I am super happy about, after squishing out on the balcony to try and get any sun during the summer this year - I can't wait to sit out in the garden next summer! The one problem though is definitely the spiders.. Some of the spiders we have seen out in thag garden are just ridiculous and obviously in our little flat we never ever had to deal with any bugs whatsoever so we're definitely not used to it! Let's just say I haven't put any washing out on the washing line for quite some time now... Let's just hope that none of them decide to let themselves in the back door because that would not be funny at all!

But yes, anyways I just thought I would give you guys a little update as to what's going on/what has been going on in my life! Obviously we're still settling in at the moment and I still want to buy a lot more for the house but let me know if you'd be interested in seeing a little decor post/ house tour where I go through some of my favourite autumn-y decor items that I've ordered recently... because there's A LOT. 

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