20 Things To Do This Autumn | My Autumn Bucket List

Autumn has been pretty hectic so far, trying to balance working 3 mornings a week with uni, a blog, writing putting off my dissertation and at least attempting to have a social life is proving to be pretty stressful actually and I haven't really been able to enjoy Autumn as much as I would like to.. I mean it is my favourite season after all! So I thought I would write out a quick Autumn to-do list to get me more in the mood for the season and spending time do more Autumn-y things...haha! Otherwise, it'll be over before I know it and I won't even have carved a pumpkin and that would be pretty terrible...omg imagine! I hope my list will also inspire you all to go out and do some of these things, let me know in the comments if you have any plans to do anything I hope to do! Also, let me know if you're doing anything that I haven't mentioned because I would love to be inspired too! 

1. Bonfire night - I love going and watching the fireworks every year so I hope this year I can go to a big event, as long as they do hot dogs or bacon rolls, I am sold!

2. Fright night - I've been toying with the idea of going to a fright night for a while now but I've never actually gone and organised anything. But me and my friend are definitely thinking of going to one this year.. so excited!

3. Carving pumpkins - Every year I have to carve a pumpkin, it's definitely one of those things that just puts me in such an Autumnal mood! Last year my best friend and boyfriend and I all did it together and we loved it, definitely planning on doing that this year! 

4. Autumn walks - Autumn, to me, is the best time to go for a cute walk! The trees look gorgeous and you can wrap up and be all cute and cosy, so I definitely plan on going on as many walks as possible! 

5. Loads of baths - It goes without saying that I will spend most of Autumn in my bath with a lush bubble bar and youtube... now that I've stocked up on Christmas lush products I will for sure be getting in the bath most evenings! 

6. Halloween - Although I don't necessarily go out trick or treating anymore (although I would if I could haha!) I still do dress up for halloween and go out to the student events, this year I've decided I'm going as a vampire and I am super excited! 

7. Burn candles - I have so many spice and pumpkin scented candles to get through this Autumn and I absolutely love making my house smell like I'm baking a pumpkin pie every day..haha! I actually also really love the smell of wood and tobacco smelling candles too, so I think I need to stock up on those! 

8. Cosy jumpers - I can't wait for it to get really cold so I can chuck on an oversized jumper and be super cosy and comfortable! I am seriously loving mustard coloured jumpers this year and the colour kind of suits me so I think I need to go and make a little order.. haha! 

9. Meals out - You can't really beat going to a cute pub and ordering a real heart-warming meal during Autumn so I definitely think we need to go and get a sunday roast out at some point this season! 

10. Reading - Although I read a fair few books during summer I haven't really had the time since then to get into reading again but I am definitely determined to read more this season! I desperately need to get my hands on The Girl On The Train before I watch the film! 

11. Cooking comfort food and warm meals - I can't wait to cook (and eat!) loads of hearty, cosy and warm meals this Autumn, I absolutely love casseroles and stews and roast dinners during this time of year so I can't wait to get the slow cooker out and cook some meals! 

12. Hot chocolate making - You can't beat a proper hot chocolate in Autumn with whipped cream, marshmallows, grated chocolate, maybe even a flake; the whole she-bang! Just give it to me! 

13. Movies! - Autumn is such a good season for movies, and not just the scary kind! Just get the blankets out, get those candles burning and grab yourself some warm popcorn and you've got the perfect movie set-up. I definitely plan on watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, Hocus Pocus and maybe even some scary movies this Autumn, even though I'm not the biggest scary movie fan! 

14. Pumpkin patch - Me and my best friend were both saying the other day about how we both seriously want to go to pumpkin patch, take a few instagram pics... revel in Autumn's greatness, you know, haha! So hopefully we can actually arrange that so we can feel super Autumnal! 

15. Dissertation - As much as I'm putting it off it needs to get done eventually so as much as I don't want to I hope to get more of my dissertation written this Autumn... ugh.

16. Decorate - Although I've already kind of decorated for Autumn with a couple of pumpkins dotted around I definitely want to pop a few halloween decorations around once we start getting closer to the end of the month.. if I can sneak them past Ethan that is, haha!

17. Bake more - I haven't really had time to bake since we moved house so I definitely hope to bake more this Autumn, I'm feeling cookies, brownies.. anything warm and comforting! 

18. Hair! - Hopefully if all goes to plan I will be getting my hair dyed back to brunette next week! I can't wait to have dark hair again ready for Autumn! 

19. Sort out the house - As we just move this September our house is still a litttle bit of a tip! So I definitely hope to sort it out at least a little bit this Autumn, when I have a bit of spare time! 

20. Berry nails - I definitely plan on wearing and rocking berry nails this Autumn! It's really the only time of year I actually spend time doing my nails and keeping them looking nice so I like to stock up on those berry and burgundy colours! 


  1. I love autumn - especially getting out all of my candles x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. This bucket list is so fab. Me, my boyfriend and best friend all carved pumpkins together last year, and now that me and my boyfriend has moved away, she's coming up on Halloween to do it with us and I can't wait!

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  3. I am very excited that it's already October, autumn is my favourite season by far. I just love sitting inside, drinking a hot chocolate, burning all the IKEA candles and going for long walks outside. And there is nothing better than cosy jumpers xx


  4. I love your list! A lot of the same things would be on mine :)

    xo, Liz

  5. Your whole list is my absolute favourites too. I really want to go to go pumpkin picking this year but I know that I'll probably just take a trip to ASDA and buy one x


    1. Hahha! This made me laugh so much because I genuinely did just go to ASDA to buy my pumpkins this year.. lol!! x