30 Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Not to worry you but Halloween is in two days... what?! You still haven't decided what you're dressing up as?! Don't worry, I've got you covered! If you're not like me and you didn't have your Halloween costume picked out and made/bought before the 1st of October (I just get too excited okay.. lol!) you don't need to worry, there are plenty of amazing last minute costumes that you can probably make using clothes you already have in your wardrobe! So, for all you last minute people out there I've made a list of 30 DIY costumes that you can definitely put together before Halloween - now you have no excuse to not dress up! I hope you enjoy this list of costumes, let me know in the comments what your favourite costume from the list is/what you're being for Halloween this year - I'm going as a vampire! Also, if you're feeling Halloween-y be sure to check out my other Halloween posts including the Halloween Tag post, where I talk about Halloween memories and my favourite scary movies and my Pumpkin Carving Party post where I show you the little party that I hosted for my friends where we carved pumpkins and did all things Halloween-y! 

1.Cat // Grab anything black - black top, black skirt/trousers/shorts and add some cat ears and whiskers. You can even make a cute tail out of one leg from black tights if you're feeling creative.
2.Vampire // Wear anything black or deep, berry red, pop on a choker for a more vampy look! Draw on some fangs and add some fake blood. 
3.Minnie Mouse // Wear anything red, black, white or spotty. Add some mouse ears with a matching spotty bow and pop on some white gloves. 
4.Nerd // Wear a white shirt with a skirt or trousers. Add a bow tie, bracers and glasses and pop your hair
into bunches! 
5.Mime // Wear a black and white striped shirt with black trousers, add some black bracers. Paint your face white and do some 'mime makeup' using black eyeliner (you can find inspiration for this makeup on google!) 
6.Harry Potter // Wear a school uniform with a long black cape, add a striped scarf (preferably yellow and red!) glasses and a wand - don't forget to draw on your scar! 
7.Mouse (duh!) // Wear anything grey! Then make some ears from grey felt and headband and draw on some whiskers with eyeliner. 
8.Princess // Wear any fancy dress you own and add a tiara! 
9.Vlogger // Wear a cute top with pyjama bottoms and slippers and add a camera! 
10.Unicorn // Wear a white top with a coloured tutu (preferable pastel coloured and sparkly!) then make a unicorn horn from card and a headband! 
11. Regina George // Wear a black skirt with a strappy white top and purple bra (or a purple top underneath), cut two holes so that your bra shows through! 
12.Wednesday Addams // Pair a black dress with a top that has a white collar and put on some black tights. Then plait your hair into two with a center parting. 
13. Rosie The Riveter // Wear a denim shirt with jeans and black boots. Add a red bandanna and look badass, haha! 
14.Mary Poppins // Wear a white shirt with a black skirt, pop on a red bow tie and add a black hat - you can carry an umbrella with you too! 
15.Angel // Wear anything white or sparkly and add a halo and/or wings! 
16.Scarecrow // Wear jeans with a checked shirt and simply add a floppy hat!
17.Rag doll/puppet // Wear a cute dress then put on loads of blusher! For a puppet add two lines coming down from each corner of your mouth to your chin with eyeliner.
18.Witch // Wear anything black, purple or green and add witches hat and a broom! 
19. Pirate // Wear a stripy black and white top with either a bandanna or a pirates hat, add an eyepatch and a parrot if you fancy it! 
20.Deer // Wear anything brown and then you can either make deer antlers with sticks or buy one (if you're not feeling as creative, haha!) then add some 'deer makeup' - again go to google for inspiration! 
21. Devil // Pop on anything you have that's red and simply add red horns! 
22. A (from Pretty Little Liars) // Literally just throw on a black hoddie and black gloves with an all-black outfit - make sure the hood is up! 
23. Holy Golightly // Wear a black dress, pearl necklace, cat eye sunglasses, black gloves and a tiara!
24. Minion // Wear a yellow top under denim dungarees! If you're feeling creative/have time you could could make the goggles too.
25.Flapper // Stick on a pretty dress, preferably with sequins or fringing. Add a feather to your hair and a feather boa! 
26. Robber // Wear a black and white striped top with a black beanie, black gloves and a black mask, you could also carry around a sack/tote bag that says '£' on it! 
27. Fruit // Wear a long top in the colour of the fruit you choose to be - add seeds or pips using felt if you need to! Then make the stem or stalk of your fruit and pop it onto a headband. 
28.Social butterfly // Buy some wings and then print pictures of different social media icons and stick them on the wings, add antenna if you want! 
29. Where's Wally // Wear a red and white striped top with your choice of bottoms, add a matching striped beanie and glasses! 
30. The classic lazy costume idea // If you're really rushed for time or are just super lazy you could wear a top that says 'this is my Halloween costume' or 'error 404 costume not found' 


  1. Love that this post was so straight to the point, and some cute ideas too! ♡

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