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Yes I know, this post is pretty late considering Freshers week is now well and truly over and all the new students have most likely settled in... But still, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write a University post since now that I'm in third year I like to think that I have experienced enough to pass on a little bit of advice! So yeah, I decided to write a post sharing some tips about university that I thought were quite important to pass on, not only to the new freshers but also to anyone, whether you're in third year or thinking of going to uni in a few years. I also did a little University tag that was created by the lovely Alice Thorpe, aka ohhitsonlyalice (who's University videos I have been obsessing over recently - so if you're in the mood for some more University advice or vlogs that show a typical day at University definitely check out her YouTube channel here! Or you can check out her answers to the questions here!) I hope you find these tips helpful, if you think I've missed anything important feel free to comment down below and if you're a new student let me know if you're enjoying university so far! 


Organisation is key // I'm not going to lie and say that University is easy, trust me the workload is difficult to adjust to and it can all seem a little bit daunting to begin with! But with a little bit of organisation you can feel like you're more on track and on top of the deadlines and due dates. Get yourself a wall planer or a diary (or both!) and write down every single important date including deadlines, when your rent/bills are due, appointments and anything you think you won't remember! That way you don't need to stress about forgetting a deadline or forgetting to pay your rent on time. Particularly with assignment due dates a week before it's due I like to write a note to remind myself that it's due in a week so that if even if I completely forgot about that assignment I still have a week to get it done and handed in!

Get yourself out there and make friends // I know some people have just shrivelled up just reading that and trust me, I am 100% of those people too! But trust me, these uni friends are the people who will keep you sane throughout your time at university, haha! I don't mean that you have to make friends with as many people as possible, even just a couple of close friends is good enough.. it's completely personal preference! Just as long as you've got someone to remind you when a assignment deadline is, or someone to proof read your essay or someone to go and get pizza with at 3am after a nice out, then that's all you need! I definitely also recommend at least being friendly to a couple of people in your seminars and lectures too so that you have someone to help you out with certain assignments you might be struggling with, or someone to go with for group presentations and pair work in seminars! 

Save money // I sound like a complete nag, but it's so true and you know it! Yes it can feel like heaven when you first get your student loan through and by all means go and spend a decent amount in Primark on all the new going out clothes you're going to need for the year but just make sure you save a little bit for emergencies! Because you'll be wishing you hadn't bought that dress a few weeks down the line when you can't afford your weekly shop! Obviously parents are brilliant for moments like this and I like to think that most students parents will be willing to help out if you get stuck like this, but it's nice to be independent, responsible and adult when it comes to money so at least try and not spend it all in the first week, haha! 

Be yourself // Proabably my most important tip is just to be yourself! Especially when it comes to going out, If you're someone who prefers to have a cosy night in with films and friends rather than going out and getting drunk then don't feel pressured by anyone to go and drink. Always remember that it doesn't make you any less of a student if you don't want to go out and get drunk twice a week! It's completely up to you and you can always say no if you're not feeling up to it! 


1.Where do you study? // I study at the University of Portsmouth, I actually had only been to Portsmouth a handful of times before starting uni here and I've seriously learned to love it. It's right by the sea and that's definitely one of my favourites things about this place - I love being in walking distance of the beach so I can go and have a lush walk along the beach! The university is super spread out around the city here though, so I can say for certain that I wasn't prepared at all for the amount of walking I would have to do between lectures, haha!

2. What do you study? // I study Early Childhood Studies, which is basically studying children between the ages of 0 and 5 we learn all sorts about psychology, behaviour, issues like gender and poverty and just children's development in general! I have to say, I am loving it! It's weird because even when everyone was choosing what uni's they were thinking of going to back in school I still didn't really have much of an idea of what I wanted to study and now I've ended up studying something I really love - so I'm glad I went with my gut instinct on that one! This course also has so many different pathways, most people just assume that you have to go into some sort of teaching job once you finish the course but actually there are so many different things you can do afterwards - social work, child psychology, family support worker and counselling are just a few examples! I actually came to university with the intention of going into primary school teaching in a reception class however, now that I'm nearing the end of the course I have definitely considered other routes!

3. What year are you in? // I have just started my third year, which is definitely a scary thought to say the least! We actually had an induction lecture the other day that completely brought me back to the reality of how soon everything is coming up - our dissertation (the huge end of year 10,000 word assignment) is due in 6 months and I'm graduating in 9 months!! How scary is that! I'm not too scared about having to leave like most third year students though because I think I want to stay and do a PGCE which will give me the qualifications needed to go into teaching!

4. Do you live at home or at uni? I live away from home but in a house with my boyfriend, so I guess you could say I like at home in a weird way! (I never really know what to call what when it comes to houses because Portsmouth is my home but also my Mum's house is still my home, right?! haha!) During my first year I did actually live in a student house with 3 other first year students, it basically proved to me that the student life was not for me at all - I didn't really get on with the people I lived with at all and to be honest by the end of the year we never even talked.. which isn't the best environment to live in haha! So now I live with my boyfriend and everything just feels so much better, I can be comfortable and be myself without having to creep around a messy mouldy house! Don't get me wrong though, I am definitely glad that I had that experience so I can say I did it, it was something to get me out of my comfort zone and I survived so yay me! (Also, I'm not saying that all student houses are like this! So if you're thinking of going to uni and this is putting you off, don't worry!! I have friends who are so happy in their student houses and they are loving it, so don't worry at all.. it's all personal preference!)

5. How old are you? I am 20, which is the average age for my year group since I came straight from sixth form into university!

6. What are your 3 uni essentials? Wall planner - honestly get yourself a HUGE wall planner and write down every assignment due date! It will 100% keep you organised and on top of your workload.. also seeing the due date creeping closer and closer will stop you from procrastinating, trust me! Decoration-y bits -  just buy a few little bits to make your uni room seem a bit more homely or you can even bring some bits from your old room at home! These will genuinely be a life saver for you, I found that during my first year, just having some cute quotes around the place and fairy lights seriously made my room feel more comfortable and like home. Dress up clothes - it sounds really odd but honestly bring anything fancy dress that you have ever owned! Anything from past Halloweens or any fancy dress event because you will definitely need it all for some kind of dress up night out, haha! This will save you when you realise you need a costume for next weekend and you have no money to go out and buy one!

7. What is your favourite meal to cook? I suppose now that I live in my own house I have more time and space to cook meals than a typical university student, but during my first year my favourite meal to make was tuna, pasta salad and I genuinely ate it like 3 times a week, haha! It was such an affordable and easy meal and I could easily save leftovers for tomorrows lunch!

8. What is the latest you’ve been to the library? I actually much prefer to do my work at home on my own laptop than do assignments in the library, so the latest is genuinely something like 3 or 4, haha! Unless you want to count recently actually, because me and Ethan had to go and sort some bits out with our old flat and we ended up staying until the library closed at 12 so I mean that was pretty late haha! I think we would've stayed longer if they weren't pestering us to leave so much!

9. Ever done an all nighter to finish work? Nope! Which is quite surprising actually since I am definitely the type of person who leaves all her work to the last minute... I guess I leave it as long as I can until I panic and that's usually 2 or 3 days before the due date! But I've never left it completely till the day before because I know I'd get too stressed for that, haha!

10. Your favourite university moment so far? My favourite university moment so far is probably when me and my best friend Zoe had a weekend long sleepover at my flat while Ethan was away! We moved my mattress into the living room and made it all cosy and cute.. then we actually ended up going out with friends and we were all jumping on the mattress, which was so much fun when you're drunk, haha! Then the next day me and Zoe watched 'Home' and napped for the entire day! ... Of course my favourite memory involves napping.. lol!!

11. One piece of advice for a fresher - At the end of the day remember that university is all about making memories and making life-long friends, so take up every opportunity that comes your way and see them as ways of creating new memories and just generally having an amazing time at uni! Obviously it's not always going to be sunshine and roses but as long as you're really trying to have an amazing time and get yourself out there you'll seriously have the best time of your life, I promise!

- Something you worried about for no reason - Absolutely making friends! As a completely socially awkward human being I 100% worried the most about making friends and having to socialise with new people! But just remember that everyone is in the same boat and honestly, on that first day, every single person is nervous and scared about making new friends and fitting in! Trust me, you will end up with at least a few friends that you'll learn to love and trust and come weeks 3 and 4 you won't even know why you were so worried in the first place!
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  1. Love your tips for uni! Organisation is definitely key :) Just realised we're on the same course too!xo

    1. Oh wow! How funny!! :) I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am! x