New Homeware & Decor | Decorating For Autumn

So, as you guys may or may not know, I moved house last September - if you missed it you can read all about that here if you like. Obviously, the best part about moving house is getting to decorate and go shopping for all the homeware and knick knacks and when we lived in the flat we never really decorated the place properly, so moving into this house was like a completely fresh start...So you can imagine the excitement I felt when it was time to go shopping for all the homely bits! Also, I was very lucky that it was just coming up to Autumn when I went shopping for these bits so a lot of my decorations at the moment are very Autumnal and seasonal! My first port of call was obviously Home Sense (aka: the!) so a lot of the bits I picked up are from there but also we stopped in Asda because they actually have some really lovely bits in there too! So yeah, here are a few of the homeware pieces I've bought recently, I obviously haven't taken pictures of everything because that would've just taken bloody ages, but I've tried to add a link to something that's at least similar if you're interested in seeing what the bits actually look like!

Starting off with something a little boring, but still a staple piece in my house at the moment are the coffee and sugar pots that I have in my kitchen! Now, I've owned way too many coffee and sugar pots for a person who's lived away from home for only 3 years and honestly I was really struggling to find something that I really liked since I'm super fussy and I get bored really easily of things! Our kitchen is quite modern too with grey cupboards and light wooden table tops. So I decided to look for some plain, clear jars instead since I really love the simple look of mason jars as coffee and sugar pots so you can see what's in each jar, I think it's such a cute look that obviously would suit any kitchen! We actually picked ours up from Asda and they had the ones that click shut so that everything is sealed up nicely and stays fresh! We got the completely clear ones but they also did jars with coloured lids (here) if you're looking for something with a little more colour! 

Moving onto our living room which is directly next to our kitchen - I've seriously decked out our living room to make it look really festive and cosy since we definitely spend the most time in there and nothing beats watching a bit of Xfactor in the evenings with some cosy fairy lights and candles burning! Speaking of candles, we actually bought some pumpkin scented pillar candles from Homesense and oh my lord these smell delicious! The brand is called Chesapeake Bay and I definitely recommend checking them out because they do some amazing scented candles, especially for this time of year! The candles look gorgeous now that they've burnt down a little bit, I really love the look of melted pillar candles, I think they look so cosy and festive! These candles are sitting on our glass coffee table on top of a little wooden tray  that we also got from Homesense and I seriously love this tray, I think it just completes the whole look of the room and is perfect for sticking some candles on. Next to the candles is also a little tiny aloe vera plant that I've named Wilfred, haha and also a huge wooden, gold pumpkin from Homesense that I absolutely love - I'm kind of obsessed with pumpkins right now as you might figure out... 

We also have a gorgeous wood mantle and brick fireplace in our living room - apparently the chimney is actually clear so we could definitely have a fire burning under there, but I'm not so sure haha.. I think what I'm actually going to do instead is pop a load of pillar candles under there as a sort of faux fire since I've seen that on pinterest before and it does look quite amazing to be honest! In our fireplace at the moment tho is a big glass jar that we bought from Tesco a while ago with some cute fairy lights inside - which definitely adds to the cosy feel of the room! On top of the mantle we have some Autumnal fake flowers from Asda, (link) the flowers are super festive in red, yellow and orange, so super Autumnal and I love it! Next to those is a small glittery pumpkin from Asda which was a bit of an impulse purchase from when me and a friend went browsing... but for £1 you can't really go wrong! On the otherside of the flowers we also have a yankee candle in the scent 'cosy by the fire' which just smells like Autumn to me! I also have yet MORE fairy lights draped over the fireplace just for some extra cosiness... you can never be too cosy! 


  1. i love this post! there's nothing better than making your house feel extra cosy for this time of year! I moved into a new flat 3 months ago so I think I'm going to get some new autumnal homeware this weekend! x

    1. Thanks so much! Yes! That sounds perfect! :) x