October Favourites

It's finally Halloween and I don't know if I'm happy about that or not! I always put so much into Halloween (since it's my favourite time of year after Christmas!) that come November 1st I feel a bit empty, haha! I hope I'm not the only one who feels that way... is that weird?! Probably! I actually can't believe that it's pretty much November! It's getting colder, the heating is on pretty much 24/7, it's basically winter and that makes me sad because my favourite season is nearly over! I hope you've all had a lovely October though, full of pumpkin carving, Hocus Pocus and Halloween costume anxiety, haha! I have certainly had all of those things, actually as I'm writing this I'm very aware that I haven't fully sorted out my Halloween costume yet - you wouldn't think that I am one of those people that starts deciding their outfit at the end of September, would you!? Anyways, I've had a fair few new obsessions this month (as I do every month!) so here's my latest favourites! Let me know in the comments what you've been obssessed with this month! Also, as it's Halloween, let me know what your plans are for tonight and whether or not you're dressing up!


1. Lush - Lemony Flutter cuticle butter
I can safely say I have been obsessed with this cuticle butter this month! So, my job involves using my hands a lot (I pick peoples shopping for their delivery basically!) and I've really been noticing recently that my nails and cuticles seriously suffer whilst I'm at work, I don't know what it is but they get really dry and just end up looking gross! So I decided to keep an eye out for a good cuticle oil or hand cream that I could use whilst at work (I tend to use Soap & Glory's hand food - but it didn't really help too much) and I came across this one from Lush and oh my god I have been loving it! I can put a little bit on at the start of my shift and my nails just stay feeling so moisturised and looking as gorgeous as cuticles can look, haha! The best part is this cuticle butter smells really citrusy and lemony and this scent lingers for ages so it makes your hands smell so nice! You can also use this on different parts of your body that get dry - so I will definitely be using it on my elbows during winter, since I always tend to get dry elbows! 

2. Zoeva - Cocoa Blend palette 
This palette has made a total comeback for me this Autumn and I have pretty much used it non-stop every day of Autumn! All of the colours in this pallette are perfect for Autumn - you've got your gold shades, purple shades and neutral tones - all you need for the perfect Autumn look! My favourite colour in this pallette has got to be Freshly Toasted which is the brick red colour, I seriously love wearing this with a more neutral brown colour for a simple Autumn look! If you want to read more about the makeup I've been wearing this Autumn you can click here for a more detailed post... I basically just obsess over Autumn makeup and the transition from Summer to Autumn and all the berry reds and purples, haha!

3. Lush - Back For Breakfast shower gel
Now, I seriously wish I had bought the bigger version of the shower gel because I have certainly been obsessed with this and used it for every single shower! I might actually have to make a sneaky online purchase... Listen, if you're a fan of anything citrusy or zingy and basically want to end up smelling like refreshers sweets (in a good way?!) you need to buy this shower gel! I really love using this shower gel for morning showers because it's so zingy and is basically the perfect scent to wake up to, the scent also lingers for a lot of the day, which I love. If you want to read more about this shower gel and a few other bits I got from the Autumn/Halloween range you can click here! 


1. Chokers 
One trend I have definitely jumped on the bandwagon of is the choker trend! I love that this is making a comeback since it's actually a trend I finally suit and can take full advantage of, haha! I love pairing my chokers with most outfits, jumpers, strappy tops, low cut tops - you name it! I actually have built up a small collection now but my favourite has got to be my berry red one from New Look - it looks gorgeous with any black outfit to complete a vampy look; which is something I wouldn't normally go for, but I'm loving it at the moment!

2. Michael Bublé- Nobody But Me album
I have definitely been listening to music a lot more recently and my spotify playlist might be getting a little out of hand... (19 hours of play time is a lot, right?!) But one album that I have been listening to non-stop is Michael Bublé's new album - I seriously love all of his music and I've been obsessed with him pretty much forever! (Let's not even go down the Christmas album route because I might just explode into a cloud of glitter and snowflakes.. haha!) Some of my favourite songs on the album are obviously Nobody But Me, On An Evening In Roma (which gave me serious Lizzie McGuire movie feels - if you know, you'll know!) and Someday! If you haven't listened to this album yet, seriously give it a listen, there's a mix of the usual Michael Bublé swing music and more normal pop-style music so definitely something that everyone will love! 

3. Netflix! - AHS and Black Mirror 
Two series that I have been loving on Netflix this October to get me so in the mood for Halloween are Black Mirror and American Horror Story! I have been obsessed with American Horror Story for years now, so I was super happy to see that Season 5 was finally put on Netflix over here in the UK (they made us wait long enough!) and I am seriously loving it - the only problem is that I'm running out of episodes and I'll probably have to wait another year for the next season, the struggle is real! I actually really want to start the whole series over again when I'm finished, because I hardly remember watching Murder House since it was so long ago! Black Mirror is another one I am seriously obsessed with! I've actually only just discovered it, since it popped up on Netlix but apparently it was around on Channel 4 back in 2011. Me and Ethan have been watching it non-stop though and we both don't want it to end! It basically a series of stories, most of them focusing on a new piece of technology that usually ends up going wrong - I'm not very good at explaining it well, but basically it's amazing and every episode leaves you feeling a little bit weird and uncomfortable in a good way, haha! (It's also not as scary as we thought, so if you're put off because you think it's scary - it's not that bad!)


  1. I've only recently been buying Lush products and I've started with their shower gels. I'm a big fan of zingy scents so I may have to try Back For Breakfast. You may enjoy Happy Hippy which is quite a zesty scent.

    EL xx

    1. Ooh! I smelt that one a while ago and completely forgot about it - I definitely loved it! Thanks for reminding me! x

  2. I've heard so much about the Lush cuticle butter, I'm definitely going to have to treat myself to some now! My hands get battered at my job too, so it would be nice to have a little pampering. That Zoeva palette is stunning! Great post : )
    Steph x. Hello, Steph Blog

    1. Definitely do - it'll help you with your battered hands at work, trust me! :) x

  3. great picks lovely! I Really want to try some Lush shower gels - ive always been a bath bomb person xXx


    1. Thanks! :) Definitely try them, if you love Lush you'll love them! x