Spooky Halloween Tag

Halloween is for sure one of my favourite times of the year, you get an excuse to dress up in really random clothes that you wouldn't normally wear, you can eat all the sweets and chocolate you want without the guilt and you get to binge watch Hocus Pocus over and over and no one can stop you! As you can probably tell I am getting pretty excited about Halloween now! I've already carved a pumpkin, (I've got an entire post about that out soon!) I've already got my two costumes made and ready, I've already eaten my fair share of chocolate and it's still a week until the actual day - oops! But anyways, to get even more into the spirit (not that I need it - also pun not intended, lol!) I decided to do a little tag post, I've made up all these questions myself but feel free to answer them all yourself in your own blog or answer a few in the comments below! Also, please let me know if you're as excited as me about Halloween - or am I the only one...? Probably!

1. What’s your favourite horror movie? // I'm really not a fan of horror movies, especially when it comes to paranormal stuff - I seriously can't take ghosts or demons or anything like that! I think the last paranormal movie I watched was actually paranormal activity when I was like 16 and I honestly didn't sleep for a week, so it goes without saying that I've avoided all movies that are vaguely ghostly since then, haha! I'm definitely more of a fan of gorey horror movies and weirdly enough I can definitely stand things like the Saw series - so honesly Saw is probably my favourite horror movie series (I don't think I can pick a single movie from the series though!) since they're definitely the type of films that you can watch over and over again and never get bored of. Me, my Mum and my step Dad actually watched them all in a row over a few weeks recently and it reminded me how good the films were - apparently there's a new one coming out next year actually, I think a binge is needed again!

2. What's your favourite non-scary movie to watch around Halloween? // When it comes to non-scary halloween movies I for sure love Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Rocky Horror (Rocky Horror is such a guilty pleasure, I love it so so much!) - all of those are watched non-stop around this time every year! I don't think I could pick one though, they're both just such cosy classics that I could watch over and over! Just chuck in some snacks, fairy lights, candles and I'm sold! 

3. Do you have any Halloween traditions? // A recent tradition that we've started over the last few years is a pumpkin carving party with my best friend and boyfriend! I never really carved pumpkins as a child but I absolutely love getting the carving tools out and carving pumpkins nowadays, haha! Me and my friend make a whole day out of it actually, we usually go shopping in the morning to grabs loads of snacks and to go and buy the actual pumpkins then we get home, spend hours carving the pumpkins (Ethan always says he doesn't want to carve one and then he ends up getting super creative and into it, haha!) while we listen to a Halloween playlist on Spotify! Then once we're stuffed on all the chocolate and sweets we turn off all the lights and stick on a scary movie - I seriously love this tradition and I hope we get to do it many more times in the future! I'm actually planning on writing a post on this little tradition very soon, so if you're interested in seeing some pictures of our pumpkins (apart from the sneak peek of mine in the picture above!) and seeing what we got up to then watch this space!

4. What are your plans for Halloween this year? // In case you didn't know, I'm a third year student at university, so for Halloween I'll be dressing up and going out clubbing to the Halloween student event! I've been twice already and loved it - everyone makes such an effort with the costumes and it's such an amazing atmosphere! I am also working Halloween morning at Tesco, so I'll be dressing up for that too! 

5. What are you dressing up as this year? // As I said, this year I'm not only dressing up for work, but also for going out in the evening so I actually have two different costumes to wear this year - I seriously love dressing up for Hallowen (if that isn't obvious, haha!) and if I could still go trick or treating and not look crazy I definitely would!! For my work costume I'm dressing up as a bat, I actually DIY-ed my own costume from black fabric and a t-shirt, I made some huge wings that are attached to my wrists and it actually turned out really well! For the student event I'm going as a vampire! At the moment I'm wearing lacy black shorts and a black strappy top with a burgundy choker - I just need to get some fangs and a cape! 

6. What’s your first memory of Halloween? // My first memory of Halloween is definitely the year we went to Disney Florida! I was quite young, but from what I can remember, Halloween at Disney was so so much fun - I do remember from pictures that I dressed up as a witch and I'm pretty sure that we went Trick or Treating which was amazing since I feel like American Trick or Treating is so much better than it is here in the UK! 

7. What's your favourite scary TV series? // This is actually such a difficult decision right now, mainly because two amazing scary series have popped back up on Netflix and I'm loving them both! American Horror Story is obviously one of them. I've been obsessed with that show for years - I remember watching Season 1 years ago and being so confused but I loved it, haha! Coven is probably my favourite season though mainly because Jessica Lange's character was freaking amazing (to be fair, she's amazing in every season!) and Emma Roberts is my spirit animal, haha! Also can we just talk about Evan Peters.. oh my lord, haha! But yeah, I'm half way through watching Hotel at the moment since it's only just come out on Netflix in the UK, so yes! Very obsessed. Another scary show that I'm loving at the moment is Black Mirror and although it's been out since 2011 I've only just been introduced to it since the third season popped on Netflix! Needless to say I've binge watched a fair few episodes over the last couple of days and I am hooked! If you're looking for a new darker series that seriously makes you rethink life I recommend this one, haha! 


  1. Aww I really enjoyed reading this tag! :D I'm going to have a go at it myself now. ^_^ I love Halloween, even if I'm not doing anything for it this year. :(