Update #10 | Pumpkin Carving Party!

We're finally on the run up to Halloween and obviously I am absolutely buzzing! As I mentioned in my last post Halloween is definitely one of my favourite times of year for so many reasons! One of those reasons being you get to carve pumpkins whilst eating all the chocolate you want and no one can tell you to stop, haha! I combined both of these things with little pumpkin carving 'party' that I organised for two of my close friends and Ethan, I know it's pretty early for pumpkins (and actually we did this more than a week ago!) but it's the only day where we all had a day off so! It's actually becoming a sort of annual thing since we've now done it three years running so hopefully we get to do it for many more years! Obviously pumpkin carving and a spooky buffet calls for so many photos, so I decided to share a couple of snaps from the day in this post and let you guys know what we got up to! Also, Let me know if you have any traditions that you love doing on Halloween, I would love to know. 

So first of all, me and my best friend Zoe were let loose in Asda, which in hindsight was probably a really bad idea, haha! We obviously spent way too long choosing pumpkins, because they all had to be perfect and we had four to pick so you can imagine how long that took. Now, obviously where there's pumpkin carving there must be food so we were also on the hunt for some snacks and we found so many cute spooky snacks like chocolate eye balls, spooky flavoured Haribo and giant marshmallows - I definitely recommend Asda if you're looking for spooky themed snacks for a Halloween party! Needless to say, we spent way too much money and then had to struggle back to my house with all the bags, luckily I don't live too far away but carrying four pumpkins and enough snacks to feed a family for a week is still a bit of a struggle! 

So then we set up our little buffet table full of snacks, we were obviously thinking all about the presentation for the instagram pictures and to make it look super cosy on snapchat.. haha, priorities! I think we did a pretty good job to be honest, and look all of pumpkins finally had a good use - I knew they would come in handy, lol! Zoe is also quite a huge Halloween junkie (but not as much as me *wink*) so we seriously couldn't wait much longer to start on the pumpkins and so we spent quite a while looking up images on Google for inspiration, we had to get it just right, haha! Then my other friend Ellie arrived and we got stuck into our pumpkin carving! As you can see in the picture below Me and Zoe both went for simple pumpkin faces (Mine is the Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas themed one and I swear I've done the same face for three years running now.. oops!) and Ellie and Ethan went for something a little more complex with their Star Wars themed pumpkins (I literally have no idea what they are... sorry Star Wars fans!) 

Then once we were done with being covered in pumpkin seeds and orange goo (and we had taken thousands of photos of all our finished pumpkins) we decided to make some nachos and stick on a couple of scary films - what better way to end the night?! We didn't want to watch anything too scary since we're all wusses... lol! So we decided to watch this weird horror film from 2005 called 'House of Wax', let's just say Paris Hilton was in this film.. and if that's anything to go by then you can probably work out how good it was! It was still a laugh though and we all had fun and ate too many snacks! We obviously had to end the night with a classic film though so we stuck on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging which is one of mine and Zoe's favourite films, haha! 


  1. This looks so cool! I can't carve pumpkins for shit hahaha


  2. They look adorable!!! Pumpkin envy here!

    Mal x

  3. Your pumpkin party looks like so good - such a fun idea!