November Favourites

Um, It's December. When did that happen?! My brain hasn't actually registered the fact that I need to start feeling Christmas-y yet so the past few week has just been me planning Christmas posts for December whilst also being in denial about the fact that those posts are literally being published in like a week... it's insane! My Christmas tree is up though - I wasn't planning on putting it up until December, but my Facebook memories showed me that I put my tree up a year ago and I couldn't resist, haha! But yeah, you can obviously expect so so many Christmas posts coming up including, my Christmas decorating, Christmas baking and gift guides with some collaborations from lovely companies that I can't wait to share with you, so get excited for all of that and be prepared to feel festive! But anyway, back to today - this months favourites is very winter-y actually, I guess I have been getting into the spirit of winter and Christmas for the entire month of November.. sorry Autumn! So I hope you enjoy these favourites and let me know what your favourites have been this month in the comments! 

40 Blogmas Post Ideas

It's about to get all Christmas-y on the blog! It's that time of year again... where the bloggers of the world start to gather all things festive and red and sparkly and start planning their post ideas for Christmas! It is honestly just around the corner and I can't believe how fast it's coming up - I'm even starting to get panic-y about my Christmas shopping, but I'm also getting very excited and the Michael Buble Christmas album is well and truly out! (But strictly through headphones so my neighbours don't think I'm weird, haha!) So I've spent quite a lot of my November brainstorming some ideas for my Christmas posts, unfortunately I won't be able to Blogmas because of work and my dissertation... I mean and the fact that I definitely could not do it! Like serious respect to all the bloggers out there who do Blogmas because you deserve it! So I though for today's post I would share a few of my favourite Blogmas post ideas, because Bloggers help each other out, right?! So for all of you out there who are taking part in Blogmas or for the ones like me, who can't commit to a post everyday but will for sure be writing tonnes of Christmas posts in December here's a few ideas for you to pinch! I hope you enjoy, also feel free to add your own ideas in the comments.

Birthday Cupcakes

So, my blog had a birthday! In case you missed that exciting post, you can click here! I obviously had to be a cliche blogger and make a cupcake (or 12... haha!) and stick a candle in it for the blog photo, but I'm super happy with how that post turned out.. as soppy as it was! And as promised in that post here I am sharing the recipe with you lot! Because birthday cupcakes aren't just for blog birthdays. They're perfect as an alternative for a big birthday cake, you could even pop them onto a cake stand for ultimate cuteness - haha! I don't know, there's something about a single candle in a cupcake that's super cute and I think I'd be pretty happy if someone made that for me, so you should definitely go out and make them for all your friends, haha! But yeah, I haven't done a baking post in a REALLY long time, so this is long overdue - I actually have a few planned baking posts coming up, including a savoury meal which I am super excited to share, so get excited for that. And obviously Christmas is coming up, so you can definitely expect some more baking in the next month... Look at me sticking to my goals I made in my Sh*t I Want To Get Done post! 

Here's To One Year | Happy 1st Blog Birthday!

Okay, first things first I've been waiting to take that little cake picture for an entire year, I'm not even kidding! Honestly, I never really thought that I would make it far enough with my blog to be able to celebrate it's first birthday, but here I am one year in and still loving it! It sounds so cringey but having this blog has been kind of amazing, it's improved my writing, made me more confident and given me a community of lovely people who will always been there if I need them! Yes, it's been tough at times and I've definitely had moments when I wanted to just give up and forget about blogging but it's become part of my life now... I genuinely don't know what I would do if I didn't have to take blog photos and share bits of my life every other day! So to celebrate one year of blogging I thought I would do a bit of reflection on the past, I wanted to share a few of my old favourite posts with you lot (including my first ever post, which is the cringey-est thing..) and share a few memories along the way! Also, if you're here for the cupcake, I'm putting up a post on Saturday with the recipe and tonnes more pictures (I obviously made 12 just to be sure I had a good one for this photo... *wink*) so come back on Saturday for that, or keep updated on my Twitter!

You're So Shy.

''You're So Shy'' is something that I've heard a lot throughout my life, as a socially awkward and anxious person. In the past this would make me feel really quite bad about myself and sometimes really hurt me . Actually, in most cases it makes the situation ten times worse - like what do they think, they can say 'you're so shy' and then I'll suddenly start being so confident and outgoing, sorry that's not how it works! I guess it would make me feel genuinely hurt because society paints such a negative picture when it comes to shyness, being shy is something to feel ashamed about, we're made to feel like we're just socially awkward and like the one who isn't making an effort or be outgoing. But, recently I've been trying to take a different approach to shyness because being shy shouldn't  be seen as a negative thing, it's just a part of my personality and it makes me who I am. When you actually get to know a shy person you begin to realise that there are actually so many amazing things that come with being a shy person, so I thought I would share some of those with you today. If you're a shy person like me after you read this I hope that in the future if you hear those words 'you're so shy' instead of feeling hurt or ashamed you can just smile and be proud, because shyness is actually a pretty amazing trait to have! 

When You Run Out Of Ideas

I feel like every blogger has been there at some point, you know that moment when you sit down to write your next blog post and you're just empty, you have no ideas and you don't know what to blog about. Before you know it you're post is due to be published and you're still too busy browsing BooHoo or watching vlogs! Don't get me wrong though, there are definitely times when I've got ideas coming out at all angles, luckily this seems to be me at the moment and I've planned most of my posts up until the New Year! But I've definitely been there and it can be so frustrating when you run out of inspiration because I always feel like it makes me want to avoid blogging altogether - if I'm all dried up when it comes to ideas, why bother?! But we shouldn't feel this way, since at the end of the day blogging is supposed to be fun, so I've decided to share a few of my own tips for when you've run out of ideas. If you're feeling like this at the moment, don't let it get to you - just keep going and you'll get over the slump and ideas will come to you again soon enough, trust me! Let me know in the comments if you do any of these things too and also feel free to add your own tips.

6 Struggles All Autumn Lovers Will Understand

I've said it enough this season already but I am a huge Autumn lover a it's not winter yet, so I am desperately holding onto the last seconds of Autumn before everyone goes Christmas crazy. Okay fine, I have gone a little bit Christmas-y already and I do end up getting a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate from Costa pretty much daily! But yeah, as I've said about a million times over the past 3 months, I love everything about Autumn, the cosiness, the colours, the candles! .... Well ALMOST everything, because there definitely are some struggles that us Autumn lovers have to go through every year when our favourite season comes around! So I thought I would share a few of these struggles with you lot today, let me know if you relate to some of these too, since even though we all love Autumn so much, we do have to admit that there are some stresses that come along with the season too! I also have a new tag for all of my 'struggles' series where I share all my posts where I talk about all of the relatable struggles we go through - you can click here to go to the tag if you haven't already read my other 'struggles' posts!  

Picture Perfect | My Picture Collage Wall

After three months of blank bedroom walls (who am I kidding our entire house has blank walls right now... apparently we're both too busy to put up a few pictures.. just don't question it!) I finally made Ethan get out his tools and put up the picture wall (I have zero DIY skills, so...) I've been dying to get up since we went to Brighton and bought the first couple of pictures for it. (that was back in July... like seriously?! - you can read the post where I did a haul of some of those pictures here) Well, it's FINALLY up and I posted a little picture of it on my Twitter and people seemed to like it! So I've decided to do a little post about my picture wall - a tour if ya like, where I tell you a little bit about each print and let you know where I bought them.. blah! I really love it and I'm so happy with the way it turned out.. I just keep staring at it every time I walk past, it's kind of creepy actually! But I hope you like it too and find this post interesting, there's a little story that goes with most of these to be honest - so hopefully this post will actually be a bit interesting at least, haha, it also means that not only does the wall look really cute but I also get reminded of some of the cute memories too! Let me know what your favourite picture is in the comments below and I hope you enjoy! 

The Truth About Being An Adult

I've been an adult for almost 4 years now (first off, ew! I hate calling myself an adult, since I definitely don't feel like one!) and although it's kind of gone by in a blur we all know it's not easy! As children we can't wait to grow up, we want to move out, become independent and most of all make out own decisions on how we live our lives - we don't want to answer to our parents anymore! But being an adult isn't all fun and games, you realise being able to make the decisions isn't always as good as it sounds and sometimes we all want to be looked after by our parents again! Since moving out 3 years ago I definitely came across a fair few of these adulting struggles that made me change my mind just a smidgen on wanting to be responsible for myself.. okay it's not that bad! But there are definitely times where I wish I was younger again and I could just worry about homework and the little dramas we all used to have about boys, haha! Anyways, for today's post I thought I would share a few of the truths about being an adult, hopefully some of my fellow adults out there can relate to some of these! Let me know if you agree with any and also add your own struggles in the comments below! Also, I've had to type this out twice because stupid blogger deleted it the first time and I've also got a huge case of the Monday's so bare with me!!

Sh*t I Want To Get Done By The End Of The Year | 2016

I hate to wish away the year (especially since I have such a love for Christmas and I never ever want it to end!) but truth is, the end of the year is coming and there's nothing we can do about it! I'm not really one for resolutions, mainly because I'm terrible for sticking to things, I mean this year I vowed to go running three times a week which lasted around a week, then I said I would get fitter by using my cross trainer for 30 minutes a day, that lasted around 2 weeks! There was also that time that I drank a smoothie a day and tried to cut chocolate out of my diet - but you can imagine how that went! Basically, I'm not really the goal type, since I always change my mind on what I want to achieve and what I want to actually succeed in... I just get bored easily! Also, that's not to say that I haven't achieved loads this year that I should be proud of, I mean I just hit 4,000 on Twitter so that's definitely something I should celebrate! But regardless, there are still things that I need to get done by the end of the year - whether I call them 'goals' or not, and I obviously would love to say that I've achieved things by the end of this year! So I've decided to share some of these 'not goals' with you lot, since writing them down is the first step to helping me get them done basically, also it might inspire some of you out there to make your own list of sh*t you need to get done this year, haha! 

Update #11 | Flushed Cheeks & Crisp Leaves

It's so cliche but Autumn has kind of been a blur and I don't want to say it but.. you know... the big C is pretty much just around the corner! I have definitely started thinking about Christmas presents already and I keep wondering whether it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music yet so I feel like Autumn is pretty much coming to an end already! Obviously Winter doesn't officially start until December but when you walk to work at 5:30am when it's freezing cold and cars are iced over - it definitely feels like winter already! I have actually had a pretty good Autumn filled with many chilly beach walks, plenty of toasted marshmallow hot chocolates from Costa coffee and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Not to mention, plenty of baths, burgundy nails and cosy evenings in with my blanket! So, I thought I would write a new update post where I could share a few of my favourite memories of this Autumn! Let me know what you've been up to this Autumn in the comments - I would love to know! 

How To | Manage Your Time (+ be a blogger, student and part time worker!)

Okay, yes. I understand this post is kind of ironic because of the fact that I'm literally writing it on the day that it's due to go up but no ones perfect and I guess it just shows that we all have times where our time management isn't at its best, just like how at times we are completely on the ball with our to-do lists and we have the most productive week! The main reason why sometimes my time management isn't at it's best is because I'm genuinely busy - I work part time, I'm a student, I at least try to have a social life and I try and get up posts every other day so in reality I do have quite a busy schedule... That's not to say I don't spend my days off slothing about and procrastinating because I definitely do have those days! But anyways, I thought for this post I would share a couple of time management tips, not only for people who are juggling a job and a blog or students who also have part time jobs but basically for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs a couple of tips to get them through this busy time! I hope you enjoy, feel free to share any more tips you might have in the comments below! 

It's All Essentials, I Promise! | BooHoo & ASOS Haul

I've made a couple of purchases recently... that's definitely something that I'm loving about having a job this year at uni, I can actually afford things that I want. But I'm probably going to have to stop that soon since (not to worry anyone or anything) but there is only one more paycheck until Christmas... this hasn't quite sunk in yet for me I don't think (she says, after just buying a new pair of boots...) but yes, I will definitely need to get into the spirit of buying present now and stop buying things for myself, oops! Anyway, the damage is done so I thought I would share a few of my recent clothing purchases - most of it is very cold weather based and I really like watching/reading clothing hauls this time of year to see what cosy, oversized jumpers people have bought, so I thought I would return the favour, haha! This is also a brilliant excuse by the way - buying more jumpers is definitely essential as I wouldn't want to get cold this Autumn, right?!  I'm always kind of put off by clothing hauls because it takes me like 5 years to figure out how to take a good photo of all of my purchases (let's be honest, laying clothes out on the floor never turns out well - unless you're a professional clothing layer outer.. haha) that's why the photo for this post turned out the way it did and I couldn't really give you much insight into what I've bought! BUT I've set it out pretty much in the same style as my last boohoo haul post (which was way too long ago by the way!) so if you want to actually see each item instead of just reading my crappy explanation of what things look like just click the links.. this is also a great way of you being able to buy it straight away.. because I'm such an enabler.. hehe! Let me know what your favourite item is from this haul in the comments below and here's the haul! 

The Ultimate Autumn Playlist

Back in July I wrote a post where I shared some of the songs I was listening to during the summer and it seemed to go down pretty well, so here I am sharing my Autumn playlist and showing you what songs I will be listening to this Autumn whilst snuggled up with a blanket, a candle and a hot chocolate haha! So I have devised a list of songs that I have been loving so far this Autumn, I've tried to add a few that have that cosy vibe that we're all looking for when it gets colder, but there are also a few Halloween ones in there as I'm not quite over Halloween yet, haha! And to be honest I have been listening to those Halloween songs since the end of September! I added quite a few from the charts at the moment as I have been loving the charts recently but as with my Summer playlist there are definitely a few throwbacks in there too, so I'm hoping there'll be something in there for everyone! Let me know what you favourite song on this list is and also, if I've missed any of your favourite songs this Autumn - I would love to add more to my Spotify playlist! 

Beauty Haul & Honest Review | feat. Morphe, Makeup Revolution & Lush

I don't very often spend money on beauty bits and bobs, so I thought it was about time that I had a little beauty splurge! As I mentioned in my recent post (Every Day Makeup | Autumn) the transition in makeup from Summer to Autumn is the best time of year for me, so I went out with the intention of finding a few eyeshadow palettes that had a lot of burgundy colours, berry reds and purples. After trying and failing to get the Kylie Jenner burnundy palette (surprise, it's out of I ended up on Superdrug and went a bit mad, haha! So I definitely couldn't pass up doing a little haul for the blog! (Definitely my excuse for spending too much money, haha!) It's also sort of turned into a review post too, since I've  put off writing this post for almost a month and I've ended up using everything! So here you go! Here's a few bits that I've bought recently, from Lush, Superdrug and Morphe! Also, let me know in the comments if you know of any eyeshadow palettes that feature a lot of berry reds and purples because I am definitely still on the lookout - you can never have enough, haha!