6 Struggles All Autumn Lovers Will Understand

I've said it enough this season already but I am a huge Autumn lover a it's not winter yet, so I am desperately holding onto the last seconds of Autumn before everyone goes Christmas crazy. Okay fine, I have gone a little bit Christmas-y already and I do end up getting a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate from Costa pretty much daily! But yeah, as I've said about a million times over the past 3 months, I love everything about Autumn, the cosiness, the colours, the candles! .... Well ALMOST everything, because there definitely are some struggles that us Autumn lovers have to go through every year when our favourite season comes around! So I thought I would share a few of these struggles with you lot today, let me know if you relate to some of these too, since even though we all love Autumn so much, we do have to admit that there are some stresses that come along with the season too! I also have a new tag for all of my 'struggles' series where I share all my posts where I talk about all of the relatable struggles we go through - you can click here to go to the tag if you haven't already read my other 'struggles' posts!  

1. IT'S OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! // Autumn feels like one of the fastest seasons for me, I don't know if it's because I love it so much and don't want it to end or because Christmas pretty much takes over the last couple of weeks of it - but Autumn always comes and goes in such a blur! Doesn't it feel like Summer is the longest season ever and then you blink and it's already Christmas?! Or is that just me?!  There's just not enough time to do all of the seasonal things us Autumn lovers want to do. How am I supposed to visit a pumpkin patch, drink a psl every day and appreciate crunchy leaves in this limited time!  

2. THE BLOODY WEATHER // Okay, listen. We said we love the season not the weather, alright! Yes, Autumn is an amazing season for cosiness when you're inside you can cuddle up under a blanket, with your candle and just enjoy it and be snug! But the second you have to venture outside it's another story... First of all you have to spend a good amount of time trying to work out how cold it is, there is genuinely no way of telling during this time of year how cold it actually is outside - the sun can be out and it looks glorious but you get out there and it's freezing or it can be raining and super super warm! So you have to be prepared for ALL weather. And that means potentially carrying a coat.. and your scarf.. and an umbrella because the weather is seriously unpredictable. 

3. CHRISTMAS. // Yes, I love Christmas... but I love Autumn more! And Christmas always seems to just take over, especially since I know people who start listening to Christmas songs as soon as Halloween is over! Not only this but the stress of Christmas at the end of November and the fact that you really should start thinking about present shopping means that you can't enjoy the end of Autumn as much as you would like to! 

4. TURNS OUT, YOU CAN HAVE TOO MANY HOT DRINKS // Us Autumn lovers love to show our love for Autumn by posting an obscene amount of pictures of our pumpkin spiced lattes, hot chocolates and any other hot drinks we love to drink during this season - obviously all paired with a gorgeous Autumn tree, fairy lights and/or the sleeves of your oversized knitted jumper! But, taking so many pictures of hot drinks means that we do end up drinking rather a lot of hot drinks and as it turns out, there is a line that you can cross when it comes to drinking hot drinks! Even we can admit that we do end up getting a bit sick of pumpkin spiced lattes eventually! 

5. WHEN IT GETS SO COLD THAT YOU CAN'T SHOW OFF YOUR CUTE OVERSIZED JUMPER // We've all been there. Where it's absolutely freezing out but you genuinely think about leaving the house without a coat, purely because you're wearing a new, super cute oversized jumper and no one will be able to see it under your coat! I'll be the first to say that I love when it gets colder because some days I just can't be bothered with an outfit so I love hiding under a coat, but I must admit I've definitely had this moment where I think about leaving without a coat... I probably have actually left without a coat before, knowing me! 

6. GETTING THE PERFECT SHOT IS STRESSFUL // Hot drinks aren't the only way we love to show off our love of Autumn though, we also love throwing in a bunch of pictures of crunchy leaves, pumpkins, cinnamon sticks and basically anything orange - it's our aesthetic this time of year! But getting these perfect pictures is actually more stressful than it seems. This was something that I definitely found out earlier on in the season, where I decided to drag my poor boyfriend out on a walk so that we could find some fallen leaves to take some cute pictures of... as it was early in the season not many leaves had actually fallen yet and we ended up walking for HOURS just trying to find the perfect shot. Stressful. 


  1. I agree that summer drags and autumn speeds by! I wish Autumn would last a little longer.

  2. Autumn goes by so fast! Great post x


  3. I can definitely relate to getting the perfect shots ha. Grim wet weather doesn't make for pretty autumn pictures. However, I completely disagree with getting sick of hot drinks, that will never happen! Danielle // missdanielle.com

    1. Very true! Haha, maybe it's just me with my toasted marshmallow hot chocolates - they can get a bit sickly after a while!! x