Beauty Haul & Honest Review | feat. Morphe, Makeup Revolution & Lush

I don't very often spend money on beauty bits and bobs, so I thought it was about time that I had a little beauty splurge! As I mentioned in my recent post (Every Day Makeup | Autumn) the transition in makeup from Summer to Autumn is the best time of year for me, so I went out with the intention of finding a few eyeshadow palettes that had a lot of burgundy colours, berry reds and purples. After trying and failing to get the Kylie Jenner burnundy palette (surprise, it's out of I ended up on Superdrug and went a bit mad, haha! So I definitely couldn't pass up doing a little haul for the blog! (Definitely my excuse for spending too much money, haha!) It's also sort of turned into a review post too, since I've  put off writing this post for almost a month and I've ended up using everything! So here you go! Here's a few bits that I've bought recently, from Lush, Superdrug and Morphe! Also, let me know in the comments if you know of any eyeshadow palettes that feature a lot of berry reds and purples because I am definitely still on the lookout - you can never have enough, haha!

LUSH -  LEMONY FLUTTER CUTICLE BUTTER // I talked about this briefly in my last favourites post since I have pretty much been obsessed with this stuff and I've used it every day since I've bought it, haha! So basically this cuticle butter works wonders on dry or cracked cuticles and just smooths them out and makes them feel super moisturised and nourished and I desperately needed it because my cuticles have been seriously struggling recently! As a short review I must say that this particular cuticle butter is definitely more of a short term treatment and it won't really keep your cuticles feeling nourished as long as other products would. But if you're look for a little pick-me-up for your hands and nails this stuff is definitely amazing and with a tub this big you can afford to use it daily. (Especially considering the tiny tiny amount you need to use for ten fingers!) But ending on a good note, this cuticle butter smells delicious, it has a very citrusy, zesty scent which I always go on about loving - it's very lemony, so if you want to smells like lemon sweets this stuff is for you! You can also use it on other areas of your body that need a little nourishment, so my elbows and knees with for sure be benefiting from this butter this winter!

MAKEUP REVOLUTION - BRUSHES // I am terrible at cleaning my eyeshadow brushes.. I know #relatable. But still, I am pretty much notorious for it! So I went a bit click-happy with the brushes on Superdrug, and as I had heard so good things about the makeup revolution brushes despite them being so affordable, I thought I could justify buying a few of these - that way I don't have to clean them as often, right - haha! I decided to go for 2 blending brushes (basically just fluffy brushes - perfect for blending) 2 contour brushes (which have more of an angle to them) and one 'ultra pointed crease brush' (which has a gold handle and is a more dense fluffy brush, again perfect for blending!) As a completely honest review I wasn't quite as happy with these brushes as I thought I would be, the bristles are really not the best quality and to be honest when I try and put product onto these brushes it just ends up creating a bit of a dusty, chalky mess (even when I use palettes that are well know for having good forumlas and are in no way dusty or chalky like the Morphe palette and my Urban Decay palettes!) so I can't say I was too happy about that! The blending brushes and the crease brush aren't terrible and actual do a good job at blending the eyeshadow nicely so that is one good side of these brushes, but if you're looking for something to apply product with I would definitely recommend buying something that's slightly more pricey, as the quality of the brush is definitely reflected in the price! 

WELLA PROFESSIONALS COLOUR RECHARGE CONDITIONER // So, for those of you who don't follow me on twitter (*shameless promo* you should >> link here! Haha!) I've just had my hair dyed back dark for Autumn! It's only semi-permanent, which I was pretty sceptical about before but now I'm kind of glad because I'm thinking of going for different tone when it fades. (But that's a whole other post - I might write a full post on my new hair if you would like it?) But anyways, its semi permanent which means that you really do need to take care of it in order to prolong the colour for as long as possible. I picked up the hair conditioner that was recommended by my hairdresser as she said it should help to keep the colour for longer without it fading! Obviously I haven't used it long enough to give an honest review but so far after maybe 2-3 washes my hair has obviously not dulled or faded in any way (as it shouldn't haha!) I definitely hope that this stuff lives up to its expectations as the months go on but I've heard some really good reviews so I'm definitely hopeful! You're supposed to just use this as a normal conditioner but I was told to use it as more of a treatment type of conditioner, using it every two washes and leaving it on for around 10 minutes on damp hair so that the colour pigments can absorb into the hair. I have so say after both washes using the conditioner my hair has felt in amazing condition, it leaves it feeling so soft and nourished, so I definitely look forward to seeing if this keeps my hair looking bright and shiny!

MORPHE - 35 COLOUR TAUPE EYE SHADOW PALETTE (35T) // Now, I've never ordered a palette from Morphe before, but after lusting over their brushes for years and seeing all the hype over their palettes for ages I decided to go for this palette - the 35T palette! This palette looked like the perfect Autumn palette, it features brows, purples, plum, taupes and some berry reds - which are all shades I was on the hunt for and all in one place too, perfect! I'd also heard some amazing things about Morphe palettes online and all reviews say that the formula is ''buttery'' and ''pigmented'' which I would definitely have to agree with. I must admit on first peek of the palette I was pretty bummed about the colours of the eyeshadows. Although on the website (I ordered from the colours looked pretty brights and varied, with the brick red being pretty red and there even being a few shimmery pink colours thrown in there, but when I first opened the palette there was an awful lot of brown feautured and every shade just seems to be another shade of brown (you can see this quite clearly in my own photo of the palette!) However, when I first used the palette and swatched a few of the colours I was a little bit more impressed, I was able to create a nice makeup look with the colours and the pigment and the consistency of the formula made up for the lack of colours - don't get me wrong there is still plenty of variety when you actually look at the colours individually and you do get a mixture of shimmer and matte shades, there's just not as much colours as I was expecting! 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION ULTRA 32 SHADE PALETTE FLAWLESS MATTE // Another pallette that I went for was this Makeup Revolution palette and since I have loved Makeup Revolution's  eyeshadow palettes in the past (especially their Fortune Favours the Brave palette which I reviewed here ages ago!) I was definitely excited to receive this one! I went for this palette in particular as it features a lot of those plum and and burgundy colours that I am on a serious hunt for this Autumn and as a huge lover of matte shades 32 matte shades was definitely a huge seller for me! On opening this palette I was definitely impressed with the range of colours you get for such a good price (definitely more impressed that the Morphe palette funnily enough!) there is a such a range from light to dark and a very good range of neutral colours that you could definitely create a variety of looks with this one palette! The pigment is also amazing and is definitely something that I love about makeup revolution palettes, far above other drugstore quality shadows - but for the same sort of price! My favourite shade is definitely that brick red in the bottom row and I love using this with a dark brow shade to create a dark, Autumn look! 


  1. That Morphe palette is gorgeous!

    xo, Liz

  2. Oooh! I definitely need to get that cuticle butter from Lush! Totally putting that and the sleepy lotion on my wish list :)

    Rae //

  3. You picked up some great things! That Morphe palette is absolutely gorgeous:)

    Emily xo