Here's To One Year | Happy 1st Blog Birthday!

Okay, first things first I've been waiting to take that little cake picture for an entire year, I'm not even kidding! Honestly, I never really thought that I would make it far enough with my blog to be able to celebrate it's first birthday, but here I am one year in and still loving it! It sounds so cringey but having this blog has been kind of amazing, it's improved my writing, made me more confident and given me a community of lovely people who will always been there if I need them! Yes, it's been tough at times and I've definitely had moments when I wanted to just give up and forget about blogging but it's become part of my life now... I genuinely don't know what I would do if I didn't have to take blog photos and share bits of my life every other day! So to celebrate one year of blogging I thought I would do a bit of reflection on the past, I wanted to share a few of my old favourite posts with you lot (including my first ever post, which is the cringey-est thing..) and share a few memories along the way! Also, if you're here for the cupcake, I'm putting up a post on Saturday with the recipe and tonnes more pictures (I obviously made 12 just to be sure I had a good one for this photo... *wink*) so come back on Saturday for that, or keep updated on my Twitter!

It sounds so bloody cliche but it feels like only yesterday that I was writing my first post, its so embarrassing to look back but I love seeing how far I've come and how much I've changed even over just the space of a year! Everything is so different now, back then blogging was a way of me beating my boredom - I didn't have a job and I was in my second year of University but it was nearing Christmas so really there wasn't a lot to do and I genuinely just used to spend days on YouTube being super bored and mopey! A lot has changed though, I now have a job, I'm in my third year of University, I have a house and I'm hardly bored and I always seem to be busy with something or other - which I kind of like, but also.. please give me a break, haha! I actually started my blog on wix and pretty much posted all of my earliest posts over there, I also used my phone for photography, it wasn't the best camera for starters... and to top it off I used to use instagram filters on all my photos by uploading the photo quickly to instagram and then deleting it quickly so that it would be saved on my phone.. oh the good old times, haha! So if you really want to go back and reminisce on my really crappy photography you can read my first post over here.. oh god, don't though, haha! I also wanted to reminisce on some of my best and favourite posts over the year so here we go! 

I FEEL LIKE EVERYONE SECRETLY HATES ME // I can't really look back at my old posts without mentioning this one. It was my first blog post that really took off and got more views than any of my other posts, in fact I think it was my most viewed for around 6 months! It got such an amazing response and all the replies we're so lovely and comforting. I remember at the time it made me so so happy and it's kind of what made me want to be a blogger I suppose - being able to see such a response like that just gave me so much motivation to share more of my life! Not only that but it was also the first time I shared my anxiety story really with anyone who isn't super close to me and seeing those comforting replies and how it helped a few of my readers too made me so happy to be a part of this community!

DEALING WITH ANXIETY // My most viewed post to date is my 'Dealing With Anxiety' post where I gave you a few tips on how to deal with anxiety - it's not my most favourite post to be completely honest, I mean I wrote it back in April and I could do with writing a bit of an update, but still! Again, it was so lovely to see the response and read all the replies on how it helped you guys which is so lovely to see!

REVIEW | FIRMOO GLASSES // This post was my first ever review of a product that was sent to me! I remember this being so exciting at the time and as sad as it sounds, it made me feel like a real blogger. Not to mention I absolutely LOVED those glasses and wore them for the entire summer, until I sat on them and genuinely had a cry! I haven't really done many brand collabs since then though, so if that's something you guys like to read maybe I can do more?!

8 STRUGGLES ALL GIRLS WILL UNDERSTAND // Girl Struggles is my absolute personal favourite post, it was actually quite difficult to choose a favourite but I settled on this one because not only did I seriously enjoy writing it but the replies really cracked me up and I loved reading how all of you relate to my struggles, haha! I think I love this one so much because I can just tell from reading it back how much I enjoyed writing it.. oh the memories! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has ever stumbled across my little blog, whether you read every post or just happened across here accidentally, I seriously appreciate you all! I never thought I would hit so many milestones either, I mean I now have over 4,000 followers on twitter which I never thought I would EVER achieve! I've also had 43,700 page views which is insane and again something I never thought I could ever say I've achieved! I love blogging though, it's become a hobby that I actually genuinely enjoy and want to keep doing for as long as possible!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! My first Blog anniversary is in a few days and I agree with what you said. It feels like yesterday I posted my first post and I couldnt imagine not blogging now even though Ive been close to giving up a few times. I love your cake photo too! :)

    1. Awh! Happy blog anniversary to you too! :) Thanks so much lovely, completely agree with you on that one - could never imagine not blogging! x

  2. Happy Blogiversary lovely!! :) I definitely agree, blogging is amazing and even though it can be quite hard at times it's so worth it. I hope you get to enjoy your second year of blogging even more than the first one & I can't wait to see your upcoming posts x


  3. Happy Blog Anniversary ! Love the posts ! Blogging is hard at times, but it is definitely worth all the efforts ! Keep up the amazing work x


  4. yay Happy blog birthday!!! you should be so proud of yourself and your blog xx

  5. Congratulations! A year of blogging is a wonderful achievement!

    xo, Liz

  6. Yay for one year! I'm still under a year old over on my blog, and I'm pretty happy with how my blog is at the moment. I've just set up a schedule that I hope to pursue after blogmas (24 Days of Wanderlust Girl!) and that's every sunday and wednesday. Hopefully it helps get my creativity flowing :) Cute cupcake, too! x

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