It's All Essentials, I Promise! | BooHoo & ASOS Haul

I've made a couple of purchases recently... that's definitely something that I'm loving about having a job this year at uni, I can actually afford things that I want. But I'm probably going to have to stop that soon since (not to worry anyone or anything) but there is only one more paycheck until Christmas... this hasn't quite sunk in yet for me I don't think (she says, after just buying a new pair of boots...) but yes, I will definitely need to get into the spirit of buying present now and stop buying things for myself, oops! Anyway, the damage is done so I thought I would share a few of my recent clothing purchases - most of it is very cold weather based and I really like watching/reading clothing hauls this time of year to see what cosy, oversized jumpers people have bought, so I thought I would return the favour, haha! This is also a brilliant excuse by the way - buying more jumpers is definitely essential as I wouldn't want to get cold this Autumn, right?!  I'm always kind of put off by clothing hauls because it takes me like 5 years to figure out how to take a good photo of all of my purchases (let's be honest, laying clothes out on the floor never turns out well - unless you're a professional clothing layer outer.. haha) that's why the photo for this post turned out the way it did and I couldn't really give you much insight into what I've bought! BUT I've set it out pretty much in the same style as my last boohoo haul post (which was way too long ago by the way!) so if you want to actually see each item instead of just reading my crappy explanation of what things look like just click the links.. this is also a great way of you being able to buy it straight away.. because I'm such an enabler.. hehe! Let me know what your favourite item is from this haul in the comments below and here's the haul! 

1. LENA CHOKER V MARL OVERSIZED JUMPER // Starting off with my little risky purchase, I was actually drawn to this jumper mainly by its colour because grey jumpers are everything to me, but also because of the choker that's attached to the jumper itself. (As I said, click the link for a picture... I can't explain to save my life, haha!) I'm seriously living for the choker trend at the moment since as I said in my What I'll Be Wearing This Autumn post I'm not really a jewellery fan and as weird as it sounds I don't like the look of jewellery on me, so chokers are a good way for me to accessorise that actually suits me and doesn't look weird! So basically this jumper is everything I love all in one go - however, it was a slight risk because of the way the back is A LOT longer than the front. I don't normally tend to go for this type of jumper since I've tried them in the past and I didn't really like the way they looked on me, but I decided to take the risk! I've actually only worn this jumper once so far I do kind of like it on the only problem is the slit up the side comes up quite high for my liking, so I was pretty self-concious whilst wearing it! But other than that, it looks pretty nice on and its super comfy and warm too - perfect for the colder weather! 

2. LAURA V BLACK OVERSIZED JUMPER // This one is just a fairly standard black jumper. I actually only picked this one up because I realised that I didn't actually own just a plain black jumper that isn't crazily oversized or itchy and I wanted something I can just chuck on with a pair of jeans and boots now that the weather is colder! I really love this particular jumper because its v necked but on the back (I don't even know if 'v necked' is the right term.. I told you I'm bad at explaining, haha!) so it shows off a little bit of skin and makes it something a little more than a plain old jumper! I also like that because the back is v necked you can pull it off of one shoulder if you feel like it - which is something that I love doing with my jumpers since it suits me quite nicely! But yeah, fairly standard black jumper, nice and comfy and definitely not itchy at all! 

3. RUBY ZIP BLACK JUMPER // As always, I was on the hunt for slouchy, casual tops that I can just throw on with jeans (I use the phrase 'chuck on with a pair of jeans' too much.. I promise I dress nicely sometimes, haha!) and I came across this cute little top! I was immediately drawn to this by the cute little zip on the back actually since I don't own anything like it... and I mean that's a good enough reason to buy it, right?! You can actually wear it with the zip undone slightly or completely done up (or completely undone... if you're feeling risky, haha!) so it's a very versatile top that you can wear in so many different ways! I must admit I didn't realise how high the neck comes up and I tend to not go for anything that's high neck as it doesn't really suit me that well (I stay away from turtle necks for sure!) but I do still really like this top as a slouchy top! I got mine in black but it also comes in charcoal and grey. 

4. PLUS ADDY CHOKER NECK DETAIL RIB TOP // As a girl who is obsessed with oversized clothes I do sometimes tend to stray into the plus sized area of boohoo and whilst on my little journey I came across this top which is once again slouchy, black - you get the gist! It also once again has the choker detail built into the top itself which we all know I love! I actually used to have a top similar to this (without the choker) which I wore all the time TO DEATH, it had holes in the sleeves and it was seriously battered, but I loved wearing it and I loved the way it looked on me with pretty much any outfit - skirts, shorts, jeans! So when I came across this top I had huge nostalgia and had to buy it - clearly I'll be wearing this every day, haha! The fit of this top is so lovely, its comfortable and oversized without drowning me and I absolutely love the ribbed detail too - it just gives it something else, you know! Oh! This one also comes in different colours; I got mine in black but you can also get silver or rose if you like! 

5. CAT OVERSIZED PANEL DETAIL BATWING SHIRT // Now, if you read my last boohoo haul post you might remember me getting very excited about a white, batwinged, oversized shirt. Well, here I am buying it in another colour! I've basically worn that top as often as possible - I love wearing it with every outfit and the bat wings are just gorgeous, gah! They actually made the top available in a whole new colour since I last bought it so I got in the new shade 'mocha' which to be honest doesn't look a lot different to the 'stone' colour on their website and looks like a lavendery purple colour. In person it definitely is more of a light, grey, brown which I like a lot - it's definitely a colour and style that suits me! So you can bet I'll be wearing this a lot! 

6. NOISY MAY DEEP V-NECK OVERSIZED KNIT JUMPER // This is the sneaky little purchase I made from ASOS, I've actually really been enjoying shopping from ASOS recently - normally I'd just go straight to boohoo since I always end up loving tonnes of things on their website but ASOS has really been good recently and I'm loving it! So I picked up this gorgeous oversized jumper because I wanted a jumper I can wear easily with leggings (that covers my bum basically!) and this one pretty much does the trick! Its super duper comfortable and the material is gorgeous, definitely a jumper that'll last me a long time! The v neck is also perfect, again I can pull it off of one shoulder or wearing it as a normal v neck and I love wearing it both ways! The colour was also a surprise to me, on the website it looks like a pale grey and it's called 'high rise' so I wasn't really sure what to expect, haha! In person it's a very pale blue and I don't own anything in that colour but I do really love it a lot! Definitely a happy and very cosy bunny!


  1. I always find it really difficult to take pictures of clothes too, it's not easy haha! I do like the look of that last jumper though, it looks so comfortable! Surprised that you say it's actually light blue though, it definitely looks grey online! Great post x

    1. It's a pain in the bum, isn't it, haha! Thanks so much, I love it too! :) x

  2. Oooh I love your choices! You have such good taste!

    Love, Amie ❤
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