November Favourites

Um, It's December. When did that happen?! My brain hasn't actually registered the fact that I need to start feeling Christmas-y yet so the past few week has just been me planning Christmas posts for December whilst also being in denial about the fact that those posts are literally being published in like a week... it's insane! My Christmas tree is up though - I wasn't planning on putting it up until December, but my Facebook memories showed me that I put my tree up a year ago and I couldn't resist, haha! But yeah, you can obviously expect so so many Christmas posts coming up including, my Christmas decorating, Christmas baking and gift guides with some collaborations from lovely companies that I can't wait to share with you, so get excited for all of that and be prepared to feel festive! But anyway, back to today - this months favourites is very winter-y actually, I guess I have been getting into the spirit of winter and Christmas for the entire month of November.. sorry Autumn! So I hope you enjoy these favourites and let me know what your favourites have been this month in the comments! 


1. Lush Peeping Santa bubble bar 
I've spent quite a lot of my time in the bath this November, since it's got so much colder and I've been so much more stressed with uni work and dissertation (ugh..) so I am so glad I stocked up on these! I absolutely fell in love with this cute little bubble bar last year so I knew to stock up this year and I'm super glad I did, haha! I don't know really what it is about this bubble bar but it's definitely my favourite out of the Lush Christmas range and it's always the one I pick out if I'm looking for a bath to make me feel festive! If you want to read my full review of Peeping Santa and see a bit more of the Lush Christmas range you can click here to read my Lush Christmas haul! 

2. Lush Big shampoo 
Once again another Lush product (#notspon lol) ...I swear I'm a walking Lush advertisement sometimes! But this shampoo is pretty much amazing and I have been loving it again this month. It's weird because I go through stages with this shampoo, some months I love it and I'll use it religiously every time I wash my hair, but other times I prefer to go for my normal shampoo - I guess it just depends on whether I'm feeling like I need extra volume or not! But this shampoo really does work and it's called Big for a reason, haha! It has little chunks of salt in it to give your hair extra volume and to give it that texture that you need (and that my hair always lacks after I wash it!) 

3. Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave palette
I've definitely been using this palette a lot this month and it seems like every time I do my makeup I always reach for this palette. I guess I've started to move away from my Zoeva palette now and the orange and berry tones and I'm starting to go for a more subtle look so I tend to go for the more natural colours in the Makeup Revolution palette, mainly sticking to the browns. You can read my full review of this palette here


1. Slow cooker
As I said, it's been so much colder this November and we are well and truly getting into winter now - and this coldness calls for hearty winter meals, so you can bet that we have had the slow cooker out a fair few times this month... in fact I think we've had a slow cooker meal every week this month! I can't even describe how much I love slow cooker meals, they are super easy to do (you literally just chuck everything into a pot and let it do it's thing for 7 hours!) and what is there not to love about casseroles and stews - they are just so heart warming and comforting and they make me feel super festive! I actually have a post coming out soon where I show you the recipe to one of my favourite slow cooker meals (and the picture above is a little sneaky peaky!!) so if you're interested you should definitely come back for that! 

2. Orange and Cinnamon Candle
I've been doing just a little bit of Christmas decoration shopping... okay maybe I went a bit overboard, but you can be the judge of that in an upcoming Christmas decorating post, haha! But this candle is by far my favourite piece that I've bought, which is super surprising given the price! I bought this little cutie online from Asda and I was actually so surprised by how gorgeous it was - I mean the packaging, that little gingerbread man, I love it! I was also really looking forward to the scent since I always love cinnamon and spice scented candles this time of year and whilst you can definitely smell the cinnamon, I wouldn't say it's the strongest cinnamon scented candle I've ever smelled. It does definitely give the room a gorgeous, festive scent when it's burning though.. and it just looks so cute on my mantle, haha! 

3. Blowfish Boots 
Can you believe I went to my shoe cupboard to pull out some winter appropriate shoes at the start of November and realised that I all I actually have is some patterned wellies?! I was getting super fed up of getting wet feet from having to wear my ballet pumps and plimsoles out in the rain too so you can imagine how quickly I got on the hunt for some new boots! I was immediately drawn to these ones since I was looking for some cute boots with a fur back on them, I've always loved the look of that (even if they aren't so good in the rain!) As you can imagine I've been wearing these non-stop for the whole of November, they are super comfortable with socks and they definitely keep my feet warm and dry, haha!
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  1. I love the boots, they definitely do look super comfortable! :) Perfect for winter & I really like the colour of them too x


  2. The lush santa bath bomb is so cute!! Nice post :) My November favourites are over on my blog if you fancy taking a look. Have a great December , Rachel x