Update #11 | Flushed Cheeks & Crisp Leaves

It's so cliche but Autumn has kind of been a blur and I don't want to say it but.. you know... the big C is pretty much just around the corner! I have definitely started thinking about Christmas presents already and I keep wondering whether it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music yet so I feel like Autumn is pretty much coming to an end already! Obviously Winter doesn't officially start until December but when you walk to work at 5:30am when it's freezing cold and cars are iced over - it definitely feels like winter already! I have actually had a pretty good Autumn filled with many chilly beach walks, plenty of toasted marshmallow hot chocolates from Costa coffee and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Not to mention, plenty of baths, burgundy nails and cosy evenings in with my blanket! So, I thought I would write a new update post where I could share a few of my favourite memories of this Autumn! Let me know what you've been up to this Autumn in the comments - I would love to know! 

So my autumn started off with a sneaky trip to Homesense, it was pretty exciting since, believe it or not, I had never actually been before - so you can imagine my face as I walked in that door.. and as crazy as it sounds, it is actually a memory that stick for me this Autumn. My intention was to buy new decor items for the house, but seeing as it was the first week of autumn the shop was filled with orange and pumpkin and Halloween everything so I got a bit carried away and ended up buying a little bit too much! My house did end up looking very cosy this autumn though, I have been loving lighting candles in the evening and just getting cosy with my fairy lights and my blanket. If you want to see what I bought on this little trip to Homesense you can click here to read this post where I tell you all about the decor I bought for Autumn this year! I must admit though, I definitely can't wait to get out the Christmas decoration box and switch it up a little bit, but even I'm not crazy enough to get the Christmas decorations out just yet - let's at least wait until December, haha! 

Autumn time is not complete without a little pumpkin carving so as an annual tradition between me, Ethan and my best friend we had a little pumpkin carving party! Me and my best friend went out and bought way too many sweets and chocolate (all halloween themed, no less - haha!) and obviously picked the best pumpkins we could find, lol! We had so much fun carving our pumpkins and every year we get way too serious with our pumpkin carving, but it's pretty fun! We also ended up watching some trashy horror films - but you can read all about the day in more detail and with more pictures of all our pumpkins (and our overly decorated buffet table) in this post here! 

Every year I get overly excited about Halloween, I just love everything about pumpkins and chocolate and dressing up - it's pretty much my ideal holiday, haha! Surprise surprise, this year I pretty much had my costume sorted by October 1st and I was prepared for the student night out - which I've loved going to every year at uni! I also had work Halloween morning so I actually ended up making myself a bat costume to wear to work which turned out pretty good to be honest! Obviously Halloween had to be the busiest day I've ever had at work and we ended up working so much overtime - so I was pretty much pooped by the time I got home that day! But I sucked it up and spent ages on my makeup, obviously perfecting that blood drip coming from my mouth... lol. The night was actually pretty good, we ended up going to a house party and I got way too tipsy and didn't really even make it out.. oops! Also,  I don't know what it is about vodka that gives me crazy anxiety so it was pretty clear that I wasn't going to make it out out! But I still had a good night and needless to say a pretty intense hangover to make up for it the day after, haha! 

I made sure this year to plan a night where me and Ethan could go and watch the fireworks, since we're always both busy and he works most evenings I made sure that he cleared up a night where we could drive out and go and see the fireworks! We went to a place nearby that ended up getting really packed out. (I had no idea how popular it was - that's what you get for going to a free firework display I suppose, haha!) We obviously ended up spending way too much money on food, as you always do at these kind of events, but we HAD to get the traditional hog roast baguette and obviously a hot chocolate to keep our fingers warm! The display itself was pretty good, I must admit it wasn't amazing, but regardless of how good the fireworks are you can't beat the atmosphere of firework night really, can you?! I also managed to get some good photos of the fireworks, so I was a happy bunny! 

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  1. Autumn is my absolute favourite time of year! Such a lovely post :) home sense always has the best home wear pieces! xxxx