10 Signs You're Shamelessly Obsessed With Christmas

It's officially almost Christmas! I know I know, us Christmas obsessed elves have already been excited since Halloween ended, so we are more than ready for Christmas to happen now. Genuinely though I am a huge Christmas-aholic and I feel like if people would just accept my festive self and let me be my inner Christmas elf, my tree would've been up since November! I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who's this obsessed with Christmas too... yes I'm talking to you, I know you've already watched Love Actually three times this year, not to mention eaten your fair share of mince pies! So yes, scrooges should stay away from today's post because I am sharing ten signs that you are obsessed with Christmas - I'm pretty sure that I can relate to every single sign, which practically makes me buddy the elf right?! Let me know if you can relate to any of these things in the comments below and feel free to add your own ideas, I would love to have a read! 

1. YOU'RE A CHRISTMAS SHOPPING PRO // Only Christmas obsessed elves would have their Christmas shopping done as early as possible, we're smart like that so we don't have to put up with the Christmas rush! Not to mention you can bet we've not only got a spreadsheet that shows what we're planning on buying for everyone, we also have a spreadsheet that features our own Christmas wish list (including links to each item - no less!) We've probably also been planning these spreadsheets for weeks.. out of excitement and anticipation for Christmas!

2. HALLOWEEN IS NON-EXISTENT TO YOU // Yes, I admit I do love Halloween a fair bit but it's definitely always taken over by Christmas for me. While people are out deciding what they're going to dress up as this year, I'm already figuring out what Christmas decorations I want to put up and figuring out whether it's socially acceptable to listen to Christmas music already! You can bet that us Christmas obsessors are happy dancing when November 1st rolls around - finally we can start properly thinking about Christmas! 

3. YOUR HOUSE IS BASICALLY A GROTTO // As soon as December rolls around (or maybe even before!) your house may as well be opened to the public because it's a grotto - even Santa himself would be jealous of your decorating skills and the festivity in you house! You have Christmas trees in multiple rooms, there are fairy lights and garlands everywhere and obviously there is constantly a candle burning somewhere called something like 'cosy by the fireside' or 'gingerbread and peppermint' so not only does your house look like the definition of Christmas it also smells like it too! 

4. YOU WATCH CHRISTMAS FILMS ALL YEAR ROUND // Who says Elf has to strictly be watched in December? You definitely have a strong belief that Christmas movies aren't just for Christmas and can most certainly be watched all year round, no matter what those Christmas haters (our boyfriends... ) say, I mean they're just so cosy and heartwarming! Even if that does mean you've shamelessly watched Love Actually in August - who cares right?! 

5. YOU SQUEAL AT CHRISTMAS THEMED THINGS // Shopping in December is a little bit dangerous for you, mainly due to the fact that you squeal at anything that is remotely Christmas themed... mug that looks like santas face *squeal* ...socks that look like cute reindeers *squeal* and you definitely have a secret stash of Christmas themed items that you get super excited to get out every December - you can bet you'll be wearing those reindeer socks every single day up until Christmas, haha!

6. HOT CHOCOLATES ARE NO JOKE TO YOU // You laugh in the faces of people who think it's okay to just pour boiling water over some chocolate powder and call it a hot chocolate! When you say you're going to have a hot chocolate you go on a full on mission to make the most perfect hot chocolate you have ever tasted - and I'm talking ALL the trimmings! Cream. Marshmallows. Flake. Candy cane. A full on gingerbread man... you'll accept nothing less!

7. CHRISTMAS MUSIC IS A WAY OF LIFE...  // Much like Christmas movies you live for Christmas songs and you definitely have a playlist that is completely full of all the best Christmas songs! You have to admit too, you don't just listen to it during Christmas time... and when it a certain Christmas song pops up on shuffle you don't dare skip it! 

8. YOU HAVE A CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN APP // Need I say more?! Admit it, you definitely have that app that tells you exactly how many days, minutes and seconds it is until Christmas... and you don't just check it in December either! 

9. YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE HAS TO BE PERFECT // Your Christmas tree is like an art project, you not only spend hours buying the perfect decorations that fit with a theme, but every bauble and ornament needs to be placed absolutely perfectly! You stand back and look at the tree at least fifty times during the very crucial 'putting the tree up' time to make sure that the tree looks amazing from all angles.. this is no joke people! 

10.  EVERY PLAN IS A CHRISTMAS PLAN // When you make plans with friends they aren't just plans they're 'Christmas-y plans'... baking with friends turns into Christmas baking with friends, watching a movie with friends turns into watching a Christmas movie with friends and your friends just have to live with it! You're lucky if, like me, you have a friend who is equally as obsessed with Christmas as you are because you can bet that all our days spent together are not without hot chocolates, fairy lights and a whole lot of singing along to Christmas songs! 

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  1. Hahah number one is perfect for me. Great post!


  2. Christmas films all year round - Hell yeah!

  3. 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Pretty much all of them sum me. I feel that I plan my entire year around Christmas. I really want to start a countdown for next years Christmas. Is it too early? Haha!

    Great post! :)