20 Things To Do This Winter | My Christmas Bucket List

It's winter and I am stressed. I feel like Christmas just brings stress, it's inevitable really - my bank balance is low, work is getting super busy and the dreading uni deadlines are all approaching rapidly! But Christmas is a time to feel festive and I definitely don't want to dwell on the stress so the best way to take your mind off of the stress is to do Christmas-y things and start feeling festive again. So I've complied a list of 20 festive things I want to do on the run to Christmas in a effort to feel Christmas-y and forget about the stress. I did one of these for Autumn too actually, so if you want to have a read of that bucket list you can click here! Is it just me though or has this December been one of the quickest months ever?! Like Christmas is approaching at top speed and I've only just adjusted to the fact that it's December... let alone the fact that it's pretty much 2017 soon! Anyways, enough of that, haha! Here's my bucket list, I hope you enjoy! Also, feel free to add your own bucket list ideas for Christmas in the comments below.

1. Put up my Mum's trees - Every year I go back to my Mums for Christmas and put up her Christmas trees and all the other decorations! This year I have like zero time off work so I won't be able to stay long, but I obviously still have time to go back for a few days and help make the house festive - wouldn't miss it!

2. Hand make some cards - I handmade some Christmas cards years ago and I really loved being creative with it. I always feel like handmade cards are so much more appreciated too - my boyfriend actually still has the one I made him and this was 3 years ago, at least! So I might hand make a few this year... maybe!

3. Bake and cook more - I love Christmastime mainly for all the baking and food, haha! So I definitely want to bake LOADS this winter. Shortbread and gingerbread is already on the agenda. Me and my Mum actually have a bit of a Christmas eve tradition where we make mince pies and sausage rolls and loads of other bits, so I definitely can't wait for that!

4. Have a Christmas movie night - The best way to feel festive is to stick on a Christmas classic like The Holiday, Love Actually or Elf and get all cosy and Christmas-y! We actually sat down to watch Arthur Christmas the other night, which I haven't seen for years and I seriously felt so festive!

5. Sing loudly in the car - The best thing about living far from my Mums is driving there for Christmas, I actually really love it! (Probably because I don't drive and I'm the passenger, haha) Me and Ethan stick on some Christmas songs and have a proper sing along to all the classics - especially Driving Home For Christmas!

6. Make the ultimate hot chocolate - Hot chocolates are the best way to get cosy at Christmastime and I definitely want to experiment with peppermint or white chocolate this year.. I might even make a cheeky post about it!

7. Board game night! - Board games are the perfect festive family fun! I love getting Monopoly and Scategories out at Christmas and I definitely can't wait to get them out this year!

8. Go for loads of cold walks - Going for an evening walk all wrapped up warm in hat, scarf and gloves with a delicious toasted hot chocolate from Costa is one of my favourite ways to feel festive! I'm so lucky that I live near a beach because winter beach walks are the best!

9. Have a cosy pyjama day - I definitely need to get to Primark and buy some new jammies and have a cosy pyjama day where all I do is eat junk, snuggle under a blanket and watch Christmas movies, doesn't that sound like heaven?!

10. Have a mini Christmas with my best friend - I'm actually having my own mini Christmas with my best friend tomorrow, so I can tick this one off the bucket list very soon! We're basically going to have the most festive day, with Christmas movies, Christmas music, a little gift exchange and a mini Christmas dinner - I can't wait!

11. Sparkly glitter nails - I will definitely be wearing sparkly glitter nails throughout the whole of winter, I love how festive it makes me feel... even if it's super annoying to get off, haha!

12. Buy more Christmas jumpers - Believe it or not, I actually only own two Christmas jumpers.. I know I'm letting the team down! So I'm planning on making a quick trip to Primark and H&M to pick up some more - they both have some amazing ones in!

13. Tonnes of Christmas shopping - I've already done a big bulk of my Christmas shopping but I'm waiting to get paid again so I can finish off the rest! I've actually done loads more Christmas shopping in town this year, compared to last year when I bought most of it online.. I have to say, despite the stress I think I prefer town!

14. Christmas present wrapping - I always go overboard with my Christmas wrapping and I have to have all the little bows and string to make my presents look as pretty as possible! I've actually placed a cheeky gift accessories order with Paperchase so I'm patiently waiting for that to arrive!

15. Watch Christmas specials over and over - You can bet I've already watched the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special way too many times this winter... oh and the behind the scenes, haha! I also really love the Outnumbered Christmas special too and I can't wait to watch that over and over as well!

16. Have tonnes of baths - it goes without saying that I will be found in the bath pretty much 24/7 this time of year, haha! I've already had so many and that won't change - I just need to make a trip to Lush to stock up on bath products!

17. Family time - Although I don't have much time off this year I'm definitely going to spend as much time with my family as possible, especially since I hardly ever see them now that I live 2 hours away! I can't wait for loads of family time with board games and food... especially food, haha!

18. Eat loads of food... - Speaking of food, I will for sure be eating tonnes of food this Christmas - bring on the Heroes and the pigs in blankets, I want it all!

19. Ice skating - I don't have any plans to go ice skating yet this winter but I always find that it makes me feel so festive! Especially the outdoor ones.. it's a shame there isn't a rink near where I live!

20. Shop after-christmas sales - Last but not least, once this is all over you can bet I will be shopping those after-Christmas sales... at home, in my pjs, in bed.

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  1. Your list is absolutely great and best of luck completing it! The Gavin and Stacey Christmas special is the best. It's a must a Christmas!xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I'm so down with number 4! xx