5 Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips (+ DIY Gift Bags)

The Christmas shopping rush is probably done and dusted now, maybe you still have a few little bits to get but you've officially started to think about the next task at hand - wrapping all the Christmas presents! Now, I'm no wrapping expert, but I at least like to think that I make an effort when it comes to making my gifts look good - even if the odd one does look like it's been wrapped by a 5 year old.. that's what ribbon is for right?! I actually really love wrapping presents though, I love just sticking on a Christmas playlist, grabbing all my supplies and wrapping for hours, haha! So today I thought I would share some of my favourite wrapping tips that I've learnt over the year to help you to make your gifts look amazing this year - forget the phrase 'it's what's inside that counts' because they won't even care what's inside when you give them a gift that looks this perfect! Let me know if you use any of these tips in the comments below, or feel free to share your own gift wrapping tips! 

RECYCLED LABELS // Never buy labels again because this tip is everything you need! Basically if you're on of those people who likes to keep all of their Christmas cards in a box from one year and you don't really know what to do with them you can actually cut them up into new labels for the next year! Look for pictures, patterns and unique shapes on your Christmas cards that you can use for different sized labels - you'll never want to throw away your Christmas cards again!

THINK INSIDE THE BOX! // For smaller items instead of using a gift bag I really like to use cute boxes that follow the theme of my wrapping paper and accessories! Sometimes I'll just put everything in the box without wrapping them and just wrap the box up itself or you could just wrap everything inside the box and just give them the box as it is or you could even wrap everything inside the box and the box itself - so many options! I think that wrapping boxes up looks so gorgeous though, especially when you tie them up with ribbon, they look like traditional Christmas presents that you'd see in movies! 

MAKE CUTE CHRISTMAS CRACKERS // One thing that me and my Mum love doing every year with our Christmas presents is making everything look like cute Christmas crackers, haha! You can do this really well with long thing presents, especially things like those tubes of sweets. Basically what you want to do is wrap the paper all the way around the present, making sure there is plenty of paper on either end. Once the present is securely wrapped pinch the ends of the paper at each side of the present and tie off with a ribbon on each side! If you're using curling ribbon make sure you curl it to make it look extra cute, or you could even use string. 

MAKE YOUR OWN GIFT BAGS // Something that I never really considered is the fact that you can actually make your own gift bags out of wrapping, this was actually introduced to me by my Mum who shared a video of someone explaining how to do this on her Facebook - as soon as I saw it I knew I'd have to share it with you lot! So here's how to make a super cute gift bag out of paper: 
1. Lay out your paper and cut off a piece big enough to cover the item/items you want to put in the bag - you might want to make it slightly bigger just in case! Then fold the two sides in so they meet in the middle (overlapping a little bit) and stick this down with tape.
2. Fold the bottom third of your rectangle up to form the bottom of the bag
3. Unfold and separate the two pieces of wrapping to form a diamond shape (this is easier to demonstrate in a picture, haha!) Then stick the paper that joins in the middle of the diamond together with tape.
4. Fold the top and bottom corners of your diamond into the middle and stick down both triangles with tape. 
5. Push out the bottom of the bag carefully with your hand and then pop your items inside.
6. Fold down the top of the bag to your desired height and use a hole punch to cut two holes near the top of your bag. Then use ribbon or string to hold it all together!

ACCESSORIES MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER // I can really wrap presents without including a few accessories... to be honest they also do a great job at hiding minor wrapping mistakes too, haha! I always love to wrap ribbon and string all around my presents, add a few bows here and there and you've got the perfect gift! You can get really creative with your accessories actually try adding Christmas tree ornaments or pine cones if you're feeling more extravagant this year!

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