Christmas Decorating Haul (feat. John Lewis, Matalan, Asda)

All of my autumn decorations have well and truly been stored away.. which makes me a little sad, but it's okay because we all know what that means.... the Christmas box is out! Buying decorations for your tree and to make the house super festive is definitely just as fun as putting it all up and actually decorating the house in my opinion! Unfortunately, I bought a lot of my decorations for Christmas last year so I didn't have to go on a full Christmas shopping spree like last year, but that definitely did not stop me from buying a little bit too much... but who doesn't want to full on decorate their house and make it into a grotto at Christmas?! I have to say, I am so happy with all the decorations I picked out this year and how they all fit with last years decorations so I thought I would do a quick little haul to share a few of the bits I picked out this year (and a few of the bits from last year too - I did do a haul on this last Christmas but it's so outdated and cringey.. you can read it here if you really want to!) So yeah, here is my little haul -  annoyingly I've forgotten where most of the bits are from (it was a while ago that I bought it!) but most of it is from Asda, Matalan and John Lewis so if you're still looking to make your house a winter wonderland, look no further than all those places, haha! 

So, starting off with the Christmas tree decorations, I bought a couple of these cute star hanging tree decorations, since I really wanted to bring in a bit of white and gold onto my tree. I seriously love the look of white and gold decorations on a tree, but annoyingly I went out and bought red and gold last year - so I thought if I bring in just a little bit of white and gold this year then I can go all out and buy a whole new set of white and gold baubles next year, right?! I really love the look of these cute star ones though and they go really well with all my old decorations! To go with these I also picked up a couple of those plain circle hanging decoration that say 'Noel' on them in gold, these also go so well with my old decorations - I just wish I had picked up a few more! One of my old decorations that I bought last year from John Lewis, is a adorable little hanging nutcracker. You get three mini nutcrackers in a set and I just think they're so cute and the perfect addition to any red themed tree! I also obviously had to go out and buy some candy canes to go on my tree too - since what's a tree without candy canes, am I right?! To be honest there aren't many left so I might have to go out and buy a few more... oops!

I also went a bit mad with the room decorations this year, since last year we just kept it to a minimal and basically just did a tree I wanted to make the house a proper grotto this year! It also didn't help that the only decorations we really have at the moment are Autumn themed (because we moved into this house in September!) so I kind of had to go a bit mad with the Christmas decorations... at least that's my excuse, haha! On our fireplace mantle we have a bit of a forest to be honest! First off, we have a really adorable tea light holder from Asda, it's in the shape of a Christmas tree and when it's lit it looks so cute. I also bought a fake mini Christmas tree from Matalan, which to be completely honest I thought was going to be a little bit bigger, but it works for the mantle piece! Then there's also our gold and white wooden Christmas tree, just to bring in that white and gold theme a little more. Also on the mantle piece we have this incredible glitsy gold reindeer ornament from Tesco, again to bring in that gold theme that I love - it's also just the most festive thing ever so I had to get him! And obviously to top it all off we have some really cute tiny fairy lights draped over the mantle too, although those stay out all year round since fairy lights are a must for all seasons, haha!

On our coffee table I've also tried to bring in a bit of festivity! In the middle we have a tray which is out all year round and I tend to just put any decorations on top of that - I seriously love the look of it! On top of the tray we have two more trees (surprise surprise!) they're both glass and one lights up, so I love turning that on in the evening for some cosiness! Also on our tray is a glass bowl with some of my homemade potpourri in, which is something that I definitely recommend for anyone who's looking to not only make their house look super festive but also smell festive too! I actually wrote a post on my DIY potpourri if you want to learn how to make it yourself, it's actually so easy and I felt super festive doing it, definitely recommend it! We also have a little jar that is used to be full of Heroes so that we can have a little festive snack while we watch Christmas films and get all cosy.

You obviously can't really have a festive grotto without a few candles, so you can bet that I have a few constantly burning! On my mantle I have a cinammon and orange one from Asda, which to be honest I completely picked up because of the cute little gingerbread man on top of the lid! As I mentioned in my favourites post the scent isn't the best thing I've ever smelled, but I'm willing to let it slide for the cute packaging! On my coffee table I have a Pecksniff candle in the scent Festive Spice which I bought from TK Maxx, now this one does smell delicious and Christmas-y and I definitely burn it most evenings, the only thing I will say with this one is that it has burned down super quickly since it is a four wick candle - but I must say, it's worth it because of the gorgeous scent! On my window sill I have an old Yankee candle in the scent cosy by the fire, I must admit I don't burn this candle often, but when I do I definitely love the scent and it does bring a bit of festive cosiness to my house! 
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  1. This are such cute christmas decoration, I love all you got!! Especially that candle

  2. I love your picks! The candle looks especially gorgeous, I love the little gingerbread man on top x

    1. Thanks! The gingerbread man is super cute, haha! X

  3. That candle sounds great lovely!

    Ella xx